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When is password sharing ok?

Mario999 (GB1)Mario999 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 142
edited 09.10.2014 in Players ask Players
I have just left an alliance (and yes will get hammered out of alliance) because i don't agree with password sharing, a number of the alliance basically turned on me saying its ok when people are on holiday or sending res or ill? i disagreed and got told politely to leave by the leader of harvesters saying "even BSK do it" PM's, copied below which i find really out of order but will bow to the knowledge of the masses on what they think, ps, anyone got space lol

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Would like views as i don't share and don't agree with it but am i wrong for this?
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  • Raymondmay11 (US1)Raymondmay11 (US1) Posts: 18,376
    edited 08.10.2014
    Password sharing isn't allowed.
    Raymondmay11 @ usa 1


  • Si PPSSi PPS Posts: 97
    edited 08.10.2014
    I agree and have reported this to GGE

    I denied this player the chance of OP's and promotion he tried to then blackmail me with photoshopped PM's I have contacted support about this and asked them to investigate my alliance and my account.

    Nothing to hide here just one petty player with a grudge. Believe who you want but I don't agree with multi-account's or pass sharing in any way. I have always been an advocate of fair play ask anyone I have attacked or gone to war with.

    This person really isn't even worth discussing!
  • classicgal (GB1)classicgal (GB1) Posts: 1
    edited 08.10.2014
    Password sharing isn't allowed at all. We've come across players with multiple accounts and booted them for it
    classicgal @ en 1
  • Honnypod (GB1)Honnypod (GB1) GB1 Posts: 4
    edited 08.10.2014
    Sounds like Mario has other issues with his ex-allaince than just password sharing.
    You should just move on mate, bit weird that you have screen shot messages, sounds like a grudge here rather than any genuine concern
    Honnypod @ en 1
  • XxDa MeRgExXXxDa MeRgExX Posts: 16
    edited 08.10.2014
    I am a proud member of Harvester Clan! Multi accounting is not OK nor is password sharing but the fact that Mario can accuse us of it when he even admitted on chat that he had 3 accounts is unbelievable. Don't believe a word he says people he is just TROUBLE waiting to happen. He got kicked out of Dark Union for arguing with a member and has left forcibly from us for the same with me, the war marshal. CORDA DRACONUM have been brave enough to take them on and I hope they don't have the same grief we had of him. I deeply recommend considering him before you let him in, god knows what he would do if he had a rank. Merge
    XxDa MeRgExX @ en 1
  • Mario999 (GB1)Mario999 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 142
    edited 08.10.2014
    lol, no grudge at all only there 2 days, then found this out today, and also strange bhoneypod you esp me as soon as i dropped? mmmm me thinks, and classicgal, never said once anyone had multi accounts

  • Mario999 (GB1)Mario999 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 142
    edited 08.10.2014
    merge, one account is all i have, if you have proof gge will investigate no issues, did you not see the pms by your leader admitting password sharing? just asking lol and I left The Dark Union myself, yes i fell out with a player but was not booted. just for info lol

  • Mario999 (GB1)Mario999 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 142
    edited 08.10.2014
    and sipps says he denied me ops, you seen my ops, really i mean really, and TDU can vouch i have always denied promotion, keep digging boys, the pms are in my inbox for gge

  • Highness Ho (GB1)Highness Ho (GB1) Posts: 2,763
    edited 08.10.2014
    if they have bought rubies, I don't think GGE will be able to ban them due to the fact that they can take them to court and say that GGS took their money and banned them. That law would outweigh the "multi accounting" law, probably as long as its not identity theft...
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  • Mario999 (GB1)Mario999 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 142
    edited 08.10.2014
    i never said the multi accounted and why do people keep saying it lol, pass sharing, not multi accounts

  • Honnypod (GB1)Honnypod (GB1) GB1 Posts: 4
    edited 08.10.2014
    ha, ha, ha - Mario your response to me about spyng you and then being linked to harvesters had me in stiches. mate you are too paranoid... it's normal to spy someone with no allaince and shed loads of honour, has not everyone done this in this game - i'm an opportunist!
    Get real mate - if you have a beef with harvesters, sort it and move on - I'm bored with this whole thing, u make a poor case, u admit you have multiple accounts - it's suppossed to be a game mate, your getting too stressed about it
    Honnypod @ en 1
  • Honnypod (GB1)Honnypod (GB1) GB1 Posts: 4
    edited 08.10.2014
    by the way if GGE really wanted to they can write software that links a user name to an IP address and stop multiple accounts -it would be easy to do
    I agree with Highness Ho, good point well made mate, whilst everyone is buying rubies, they will not care. It would be easier for them to dump the complainer rather than an allaince full of rubie buyers
    As I said before Mario, get real, smell the coffee and just move on mate
    Honnypod @ en 1
  • Mario999 (GB1)Mario999 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 142
    edited 08.10.2014
    when did i say i have multiple accounts lol, re read, i said i close an account before i ever start another, hows that having multis, if you mean concurrent fair enough but each one was closed before the other was open, again i say reread.

  • marc58 (GB1)marc58 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 836
    edited 08.10.2014
    Will not take sides on this as only know what ive read here, But the question on the first thread is the important part
    " Password sharing" Is wrong, those that do it know its wrong.
    So many accounts get lost They say ive been hacked " when they should say I password share" now they have stole my account.
    Password sharing is wrong and spoils the game, But will never stop as so many advantages for those that do it.
  • Mario999 (GB1)Mario999 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 142
    edited 08.10.2014
    Totally Agree marc and that's why i disagree with it, to many people have lost accounts due to it.

  • Mond77Mond77 Posts: 4
    edited 08.10.2014
    Has it every dawned on you mario, that having three concurrent accounts is why you can't be taken seriously - u wind everyone up, get booted then have to start again as you get destroyed !
    Give up on the password sharing stuff, as I've said on your duplicate thread, I've been in Harvester Clan for about 4 monds - have never shared my password nor have I been asked too - I'm a L70, so people would want my account when I'm away on holiday.
    It's clear with your three accounts, you just can't get on with people and are not a team player
    sorry mate - time to face the truth here
    Just to be clear PASSWORD SHARING IS WRONG you have never been asked to....
    Mond77 @ en 1
  • Mario999 (GB1)Mario999 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 142
    edited 09.10.2014
    Last word from me mond, i was never asked to share myself , it was said in chat and then confirmed in pm. say what you will, the PM's are there for GGE if they want to see them.

  • Jman1234 (US1)Jman1234 (US1) US1 Posts: 102
    edited 09.10.2014
    Honnypod wrote: »
    by the way if GGE really wanted to they can write software that links a user name to an IP address and stop multiple accounts -it would be easy to do
    I agree with Highness Ho, good point well made mate, whilst everyone is buying rubies, they will not care. It would be easier for them to dump the complainer rather than an allaince full of rubie buyers
    As I said before Mario, get real, smell the coffee and just move on mate

    The problem with that idea is some people have siblings/parents/children that play the game so if you have 2 people playing the game from same house/computer they would think its a multi acount

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  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,120
    edited 09.10.2014
    I think this an important issue and something a lot of players feel strongly about myself included. This isn't so much one questions as a lot of questions springing out of one issue. Since we were asked for our views these are mine and given I don't fully understand the situation I am talking in general terms about game mechanics and rules rather than individual behavior.

    Is password sharing okay?
    No according to the rules of the game you shouldn't share your password with anyone else if you do so you and the player with whom you share it risk suspension. If you share your password you put your property in hands of people you barely know it's a bit like giving someone you've just met the keys to your house the rules in part as I understand them are their to protect you in case relationships break down or the friend you thought was a friend turns out not to be the person you thought they were.

    Is it okay for a leader to remove a player from an alliance who refuses to share their password?
    Alliance leaders are given the power to remove players for an alliance and to decide how they use or abuse that authority so technically they are given the power when elected by their alliance to make that decision. Morally is it right to remove a player from your alliance who refuses to break the rules and take an unfair competitive advantage, in my view no, I would view that player as showing greater strength and leadership qualities.

    Is it okay to share your password so someone can look after your account whilst you are on holiday?
    No technically it is a breach of the rules and you both could be suspended, players have been suspended in the past, recently and will be in the future. The game provides an option for players who will be away for a period to put their accounts into protection without needing to share their password. The trouble is that option requires rubies aka real money which for resource players makes it unobtainable. My feeling is for holidays there should be an equivalent option to rubies in terms of reduced production upon a players return, resources or an equivalent. I think removing the temptation here to share would reduce the risk of password sharing. I do think retaining a cost for going into protection whilst still playing isn't an unreasonable charge though as that's a strategic choice.

    Is it okay to share your password to protect a players interests in the event of them being unable to play due to exceptional circumstances?
    Technically that again breaches the rules so in theory no it isn't okay but I suspect GGE if they investigated would not enforce a penalty in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances could be technical - loss of connection, physical - serious illness or accident or act of god -flood or fire, they would be a one off occurence not a regular pattern. I believe the rules should be changed to allow, in those circumstances, for whoever is the senior officer in an alliance online at the time an issue occurs, to contact a CM or Moderator to ask permission to access an account. They would then take steps agreed with the CM or Moderator to make the account safe until or if the player or the players next of kin can retake ownership of the account. At the point that happens the account password should be required to be automatically reset. I would willingly accept a sanction or suspension for seeking to protect a players property but I would wish to do it with the knowledge and consent of both my alliance and the CM and Moderators whose judgement I trust. I believe that this could be a convention adopted by players in this circumstance a voluntary code rather than necessarily a rule change. Part of being a leader is making sacrifices for those you lead not expecting them to sacrifice themselves for you.

    An account in my view is a player property in which time, effort and real money has been invested, I view the vandalism of one EN1 players account where his password was allegedly used to access and sell supercommander and castellan equipment which cost roughly £1,000 as theft of property. It's like walking into someone's house taking their TV System and then selling it after they have given you the keys to get in. As a community we have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our property but equally if someone steals from or damages our property we should have the right to expect appropriate sanctions to be brought against them.

    Do players password share and is it a widespread practice?
    In my experience yes they do the practice is commonplace and the rule is widely abused. Have I witnessed players password share in alliances I have played in, yes I have. Do I believe the sanctions and rules in place are effective in tackling the issue, no I don't. I believe the penalties for multi-accounting if proven should be much more severe and I believe the alliance as well as the player should be penalised as leaders have a responsbility to ensure their players follow the rules. I believe any player found guilty of password sharing should suffer an automatic level reduction of 5 levels and of mutliaccounting a drop of 15 levels back to zero if necessary. I believe the alliance should suffer a 5 level drop in their alliance level and a 5% drop in every alliance stat attack speed, support speed etc. That would create an environment in which there were real consequences for rule breaking and where peer pressure would encourage changes in player behaviour. A day suspension makes no real difference 60 days levelling back up would.

    Do BSK password share?
    There is no hard evidence presented here or elsewhere on the forum other than speculation that I've seen that demostrates that they do. They have from the time I have played the game had a stated position that their players should not do so, to my knowledge that has not changed but if any player has evidence to the contrary then they shold in the first instance present it to the BSK leadership and give them the right to reply. If the response does not satisfy you report it to a moderator and CM for them to deal with.

    Do the Dark Union password share?
    There is a thread on the forum in which individual players appear to openly admit to password sharing in the past, but the thread also suggests that the leadership is seeking to tackle that issue that doesn't mean every past and present player is guilty of the practice. The players named should have the right to reply to the allegations and I'm sure given the allegations have been made publicly CM's and moderators will investigate them and advise the community accordingly of any action arising from those investigations.

    Did Black Harvester players password share?
    Reasonably the leader of the alliance has stated that the alliance has nothing to hide and that he is happy to cooperate with an investigation of the allegations made. Again I'm sure the moderators and CM's will as the community, the player making the accusations and the alliance concerned has a right to expect will investigate take action and advise the community of any action to be taken as appropriate.

    It is particularly concerning if younger players are being pressured into sharing personal information such as passwords GGE does in that sense as do players have a duty of care. It is an important issue and one that I think is worth an open and hopefully constructive discussion.
    Batten @ en 1
  • Barnacleez (US1)Barnacleez (US1) Posts: 2,833
    edited 09.10.2014
    Password sharing is never a good idea. Even if KoN (not saying that they do, just using you guys as an example) does it, you still should never, ever, ever do it. Make sure that your password is a secure one. Here is a list of bad passwords:
    Qwerty555 (which was my password until I think July)
    Your username

    Good passwords:
    Please note that these are not real.


    [email protected]$567
    I like trains58

    Also, if your password is shared, someone could change your password to get ahold of your account. It is, after all, a dangerous world.
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