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Rhyme competition

RaymondGarcia (US1)RaymondGarcia (US1) Posts: 598
edited 07.10.2014 in Alliance News & Diplomacy
I'm hosting a competition but I will not make it one of raw power cause I don't want to be 1 sided
it would be base more on the creatively of a person.
This will be a rhyming competition
1st place will get 25k materials
2nd place 10k materials
3rd place 5k materials
1 Only one person per alliance can participate also one entry per person(so don't spam this thread or you will be disqualify) .
2 You are limited to 5 lines because I don't want to spend to days reading someones entry.
3 Have fun (this is created to get people mind of war.)

;)( The game pasted something similar to this about a mouth ago where they gave 10K gems.So i wanted to create it myself see how it goes. also I am aware that this not the right place for this I'll re-post it in its proper place but lets face it this the most view place in the forum.);)
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RaymondGarcia is usa 1

fing game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2luhwy3KAE0

I'm leaving this game  may you please listen to my freestyle



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