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My Ticket To GGS

Your mail:
Please describe the problem.
Hello there,

I'm mailing GGS with the following issue.
In my humble opinion you've already given the attackers way too much advantage. You
might not believe me but as a player from a top alliance I have to defend against
Super commander + armorer tools + horrors + Invincible glory title attack bonus +
Prince of War title attack bonus + 45% more troops on the flanks + 10% more troops on
the front. Can you please figure out a way to defend 1 flank successfully with a
normal castellan and armorer tools please? I know I have the option to buy a super
castellan, what if I can't afford it? Am I doomed to burn or lose thousands of
defenders every time?

Yes I do loot, very decently - at least 12million loot a week,yes I do loot
intensively for castellan gems. Can you guess the result? I get more and more
commander gems, my commanders(made from looted/forged pieces, not bought) are better
equipped than my castellans. What do I do then? I loot more, hoping to get more gems,
at least some of which will be castellan gems at at least decent level. But the truth
is while I loot a few lv3 castellan gems here and there I get lv4/5/ gems for
commanders with a lot better bonuses.
So to summarise:
The attackers have the following advantages:
- Higher level gems for commanders are easier to loot (we know the failing rate on
forging gems is horrendous, commenting on that is pointless)
- Invincible title attack bonus
- Storm title attack bonus
- Super commander (we both know people 1st buy the commander, then the castellan, and
those who can't afford either, as GGS puts it, can burn eh?)

So compared to that the defender gets:
- Super castellan
-............. nothing else I can think of

Please do something about it,Im surely not the only one unhappy with what's going on.

Yours Faithfully,
The Stupid Customer, who pays your salary.

Game: Goodgame Empire (12)
nick: Lady Marmalade

Just making it public in case good old GGS do nothing about the issue as usual......
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Lady Marmalade @ en 1


  • paulo72paulo72 Posts: 13
    edited 05.09.2014
    Absolutely lucy
    3 years of building up your casts and comms , only for them to move the goal posts , yet again ,, I think they may of found away for me to leave this game I once loved ,, but the last few weeks have just turned the game on its head !! its all about gge greed ,, working on how they can get you ta buy more rubies ,, turned in to a farce and if it isnt going ta change I will leave !!! gge jokers !!!!
    paulo72 @ en 1
  • Obelix.Obelix. Posts: 31
    edited 05.09.2014

    they have made it SO hard for non ruby buyer that it is laughable :(
  • Lady MarmaladeLady Marmalade Posts: 22
    edited 05.09.2014
    For about 2weeks I’ve managed to loot 4 lv5 castellan gems and 6 lv4 castellan gems, which are useful, yet I’ve managed to equip half of my commanders with gems to break walls like paper – funny!
    Lady Marmalade @ en 1
  • VoidstormVoidstorm Posts: 1,303
    edited 05.09.2014
    I guess we need some title that gives defensive bonus now.
  • sir-g2sir-g2 Posts: 25
    edited 05.09.2014
    HI all

    GGS don't want non rubies and less or middle rubies players they want just high rubies and who are free 24/7 for play game

    i am not a high rubies as well but why i am keep playing because of friends not for game fun
    this game go out of fun last one year as GGS keep doing useless and unfair updates
    sir-g @ en 1
  • fujiwara (GB1)fujiwara (GB1) GB1 Posts: 647
    edited 05.09.2014
    The gem drops do seem a bit biased towards commander gems -- not sure what this has to do with greed or rubies though? Gems are almost entirely based on activity and looting.
    fujiwara @ en 1

    Author of the Empire alliance management studio web app - contact me if you want to try it out

  • ErsioErsio Posts: 1,039
    edited 05.09.2014
    fujiwara wrote: »
    The gem drops do seem a bit biased towards commander gems -- not sure what this has to do with greed or rubies though? Gems are almost entirely based on activity and looting.

    What do most people use more, castellas or commanders?

    I'm so thankful more commander drops are there over castella
    Ersio @ USA1 Serv
    Official Sammich Quality Control Taste Tester of KON
    Official Spokesperson for JJ-5792
  • fujiwara (GB1)fujiwara (GB1) GB1 Posts: 647
    edited 05.09.2014
    Ersio wrote: »
    What do most people use more, castellas or commanders?

    I'm so thankful more commander drops are there over castella

    Yeah, I agree, you only need one great commander, and you really need at least 7 gemmed up castellans. It's all I've been doing for the last week, heavily looting for castellan gems.

    I suppose my feeling is still that it gives highly active non-ruby guys more ways of becoming competitive.

    My opinions on the existence of super comms and super casts are rather less cheery...
    fujiwara @ en 1

    Author of the Empire alliance management studio web app - contact me if you want to try it out

  • Lady MarmaladeLady Marmalade Posts: 22
    edited 05.09.2014

    My loot since 14:23 today :)) nice isn't it lol
    Lady Marmalade @ en 1
  • Giselle3Giselle3 Posts: 243
    edited 05.09.2014
    Super commander + armorer tools + horrors + Invincible glory title attack bonus +
    Prince of War title attack bonus + 45% more troops on the flanks + 10% more troops on
    the front.

    While I do agree that Andrew took out an impressive amount of troops, it should be noted, he doesn't have super commander, he used the do it yourself mini-super comm kit that anyone can make via looting.

    Was it a stupid amount of defenders he was able to take out... absolutely. Do I think it's much easier to completely deck out one monster Commander than it is to deck out 8 castles worth of castellans? most definitely.

    But in the case of Andrew's attack... it wasn't even a super comm... just sickeningly strong.
    Giselle @ en 1
  • Lady MarmaladeLady Marmalade Posts: 22
    edited 06.09.2014
    Giselle, I was visioning the worst case possible :) It wasn't even intended as a dig at Andrew,
    Please have a look at this : http://prntscr.com/4k4ybu http://prntscr.com/4k4ye6
    GGS.... Let's play the "Count how many castellas gems we see in my list" game , please? ;) not many eh? Im an average looter, currently at somewhere around 10mill, the logs you see in my list are what I looted since 14:23 yesterday, It bugs me how much crap I looted - nothing useful for castellans, yet I talked to someone with lv9 premium and do you know the answer? "Whoa you're truly unlucky I loot nearly half castellan gems haha" Lol yeah I don't have premium... and won't buy it, what then? The hours I spent looting are wasted? If I can't loot them how do I forge good gems with your horrendous failing rates?? Wake up... The new update unbalanced the game, a lot.
    Lady Marmalade @ en 1
  • Lady MarmaladeLady Marmalade Posts: 22
    edited 06.09.2014
    Hehe, still no reply from GGS about my ticket ;) I keep looting and keep writing down every piece I loot :D the results, Dear GGS, are hilarious, "pay up or burn" is what I got told by a friend of mine, who is rather lucky in finding gems, I think I'll burn ;)
    Lady Marmalade @ en 1
  • fresh8fresh8 Posts: 101
    edited 06.09.2014
    we have all been saying for some time that these bonuses are getting a bit over the top.
    the game has swayed so much towards heavy ruby buyers that the game will almost certainly run non ruby players out of town
    super coms + gems bonus on flanks extra strength ect attacking a non ruby lv 70 with no moat no watch tower min ruby defense tools = burnt, even with support they will not do well.

    without lv 5 watch towers attacks are becoming ever more difficult for alliances to support which in turn runs players out of the game as angry players feels the alliance lets them down when even with max stables and full ruby speed members still cant get close to support.

    then it brings up my point i made some time ago when you add all this together and alliances and players realize they will swap passwords because there will be no other choice but even then they will get burnt and left in flames IF a ruby players is attacking with ruby tools, horrors or kgs etc.

    in a min it will be just a couple of alliances as the smaller ones will not be able to progress quick enough to a level to defend or attack, as attacks start flying in normally for 60+ if they have decent honor

    that's no way to progress, play or even compete within the game
    fresh8 @ en 1
  • daveandchelldaveandchell Posts: 75
    edited 06.09.2014
    The gems are a game changer without doubt, alongside some players with multiple super comms and casts the drive is geared towards buying success and forgetting about the skill in building your strength over time and knowledge. Yes I understand that the "free" game we all play needs to raise funds but the pressure to buy your solutions now has become all consuming by GGS. I admit I have a super comm but no super cast, however having been a heavy ruby buyer previously I stopped buying 6 months ago and will not buy until there is some balance restored

    It is beyond doubt that the reason the bias for being able to loot gems suitable for comms more so than casts is to promote more attacking. Yes it is a war game and therefore attacking is all part and parcel so no issues with that, thing is if you want to attack well undertaking more damage you need armourer tools, simple fact is for GGS their profit lies in selling these and their all consuming drive is to get us all attacking more, where the profit is. That along with the new master level of the underworld which I certainly won't be taking part in hearing how high the costs are

    GGS need to try and regain some balance because the way they are pushing the game there will be few non ruby or middle spending ruby players left because they will all be fed up with being uncompetitive no matter how skilled they are, we are already seeing many leave over the last few months. Thing is when there are just the ruby whales left most consolidated into a small number of alliances what interest remains for them how long before they say enough, some are already saying they have had enough and most will say what is the point if there is no competition remaining

    Certainly if I were to join the game now I would se the cost to play and would not be staying around for long, there are always players joining and leaving shortly after that number of early leavers will only increase exponentially

    In short GGS to need to bring parity back to the game so people can build, defend and attack with some degree of equality and you need to make the game affordable again for the majority, if you don't take these steps you will destroy the game simple fact
    daveandchell @ en 1
  • edited 06.09.2014
    GGS I hope you take note and act upon the suggestions made on this thread, players aren't being unreasonable when asking for the game to be more balanced. If no action is taken more players will leave the game, surely it is better to have a large player base and new people joining and staying than a small group of large spending players. Spreading the risk makes more sense than relying on a few for your income. What happens when the few eventually leave?

    People will only put up with so much and you need to address the problems.
    Iron Bollox @ en 1
  • risesheena (GB1)risesheena (GB1) Posts: 524
    edited 06.09.2014
    gems strength are way out of proportion .. you cant hold walls or gates with them now.. and for troops loss on keep .. i am seeing insane numbers.. this is not in the right direction.
    risesheena @ en 1
  • Lady MarmaladeLady Marmalade Posts: 22
    edited 07.09.2014
    GGS won't you reply to my ticket? How long till you at least send a decent answer to me?
    Im sorry to say it but you show total incompetence and lack of care towards your customers.....
    Oh Damn forgot... it's Sunday ahaha
    Lady Marmalade @ en 1
  • maverique (GB1)maverique (GB1) GB1 Posts: 126
    edited 17.11.2014
    Lady m send them a few pictures.

    I am sure bert will get out his pogo stick and reply promptly then.

    maverique @ en 1

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