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Discussion: New Gem Changes + More Veterans



  • D1237 (US1)D1237 (US1) Posts: 193
    edited 21.08.2014
    Its a good question. Will the old gems have permanent effects or will they continue to be chance based???

    It was also said the old gems could continue to be upgraded, which is a corollary to my first question - I would assume they will be upgraded on their old path - probably obvious but Ive learned there is no such thing with GGS.
    D1237 @ usa 1

  • coolman1012coolman1012 Posts: 257
    edited 21.08.2014
    I like the update, don't think its bad. I feel bad for alliances that worked so hard for capitals though. They basically aren't worth the effort anymore.
    coolman1012 @ usa 1
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  • lionidas2lionidas2 Posts: 576
    edited 21.08.2014
    well i think that the vetrans soldiers will be expensive for the players who didnt acheive the title of a king
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  • Cho Gath (GB1)Cho Gath (GB1) Posts: 670
    edited 21.08.2014
    More veterans sounds awsome :) Still unfair only level 70`s can resarch them :(
    You can upgrade resarch tower to lvl 2 when you reach lvl 47 and to lvl 3 23 levels later ?!

    But at the end very good update :)
  • dreamtree (US1)dreamtree (US1) US1 Posts: 1,366
    edited 21.08.2014
    I wish the gem upgrading system would be fixed.
    I'm going to stop forging gems because I want to keep as many of the old type as possible.
    I still look forward to finding out how powerful the new gems will be.
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  • KeenanxboxKeenanxbox Posts: 1,640
    edited 21.08.2014
    amazing update..bravo but damn that level 70 thing... geez has to go im thinking at least level 55 is great
    Keenanxbox- War Marshall @ Free Kingdoms

  • deepfriedcat (GB1)deepfriedcat (GB1) Posts: 250
    edited 22.08.2014
    as aweful as it sounds having gems that are 100%, its probably a good thing. I say that because really, who actually trusts GGS percentages? Im sure its easy enough for them to make adjustments to favour some outcomes over others.

    I just hope that it doesnt take even more skill out of the game.

    Also, with these new vets, how will the vet swordsman fit in with this new army? Will it become completely redundant as it was at low levels before vets? Have you made plans for a vet version of the archer too?
    deepfriedcat @ EPICNESS en1

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  • RZA (ASIA1)RZA (ASIA1) Posts: 65
    edited 22.08.2014
    +X attackers to be used at the front
    +X attackers to be used on the sides
    +X spots on the castle wall
    I think this could turn into a serious game-changer... or a game-breaker. I just hope you guys did your maths well. Let's see how it goes.
    3MAJ @ WWW 2
  • icebob99 (US1)icebob99 (US1) Posts: 155
    edited 22.08.2014
    I like the update. I have to agree with some players about devaluing the capital, but I think perhaps that was intentional, to make people a little less protective of their capitals maybe? I doubt it though. I like the vets a lot (because i'm level 70 lol) and the gems are very, very good. The only other thing I could want is for the quests to be updated!
    icebob99 @ usa 1
    Level 70, LL 32

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  • Faran2 (INT2)Faran2 (INT2) Posts: 239
    edited 22.08.2014

    The old one was getting really old.

    But the new vets please say its level 50-70 ranged group not just 70's

    ... That's right level 49 DUKE FARAN2 THE SHADOW MASTER!- Current legend 10THE TERRIBLE!-

    Proud Generol of asylum, level 50 capitol alliance
  • Parc Clape (US1)Parc Clape (US1) Posts: 157
    edited 22.08.2014

    Basically the only purpose in having a capital would be for an alliance member to have an extra castle to recruit units in if the strength gap between the KG & vet units is going to be closer together.

    Also, we do NOT want anymore "temporary" event kingdoms like Storm Islands, Berimond, Blade Coast, Thorn, Nomads, etc. I believe there are enough of them at this time. We need another new kingdom similar to fire, sands, ice, etc., where the NPC employs all the defensive aspects of a castle(wall, gate, and moat). Storm Island kingdom does this, but I hate having to rebuild everything every time the event resets.
    Parc Clape
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  • coolman1012coolman1012 Posts: 257
    edited 22.08.2014
    We do need more events, cause most of the old ones need to be taken behind the barn and shot (that's right storm islands, and berimond I'm looking at you).
    coolman1012 @ usa 1
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  • deepfriedcat (GB1)deepfriedcat (GB1) Posts: 250
    edited 22.08.2014
    This game is lacking muffins. Can we add muffins as an option?

    My other advice would be something relating to glory, you have not mentioned it. Glory stats are something I consider using instead of attack power or other useful things.
    deepfriedcat @ EPICNESS en1

    "Ive been sent here to annoy you" - Emunem
  • SlanderDoom (US1)SlanderDoom (US1) Posts: 860
    edited 22.08.2014
    wow, i really like this update.....a lot. Now to get to level 70............
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  • DarkLord V79 (INT1)DarkLord V79 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 97
    edited 22.08.2014
    This update is good, as i see new vets you can have when you are lev70.
    But my qestion is will GGE put new KG in Capitel, becose all this leads to that.
    veljko1979 @ de 1
  • dragons sword 3dragons sword 3 Posts: 72
    edited 22.08.2014
    hi all
    lets us have a look at this update

    THE NEW GEMS: well , the good thing about them is that they always have effect . that Is cool but they are from weak to strong so that is making it hard .but it is fair and I don't see any reason to complain . so I should say it is awesome for now

    NEW VETS: it is cool and I hope it is strong . I am really happy that it doesn't cost ruby's to upgrade the research tower and it is good but it is a big difference maker since after this the level 69 players wont be able t battle the level 70 players easily . and it is overall good.

    MORE LEVELS FOR THE ALLIANCES: doesn't have a big effect because the big alliances will get to it in a few days. but what are the rewards ? that may make a big difference !!!!!!!! so we cant judge it for now .

    THE SPEED OF MOVING CASTLES HAS BEEN INCREASED : cool but useless for most the players but it is good for the new players but it is over all good but it is kind of bad too since some one can suddenly move his castle and attack and that is the bad news but its good.

    NEW BACKGROUND MUSIC: it totally rocks .

    this update is good and it doesn't destroy the game like the last times so GGE , thanks for the fair update
    really happy
    dragons sword 3 @ WWW 2
  • NoticiaNoticia Posts: 76
    edited 22.08.2014
    Are you guys planning to fix the gem upgrading system or not? This is the third time I've asked this question, I'd appreciate an answer.
  • Seibo (GB1)Seibo (GB1) Posts: 90
    edited 22.08.2014
    Good afteroon :)

    What would be really useful: warning sounds of incoming attacks - this was already helping players in other games: Dune2 in 1992, Warcraft in 1994 lol

    Currently if you go to kitchen to make lunch there is only red/blue horn advising of incoming, but if we had a warning "from" watchtower personnel - "our castle is under attack" it would be easier .

    This can be worked out as pop up dialog box so when you come back to game and acknowledge the message it is switched off. This can be made optional like a red outline of screen.

    cheers :)
    Quis ut Deus !

    Maximilian, Leader of Crimson Guard 2 @en1
  • killdavies (GB1)killdavies (GB1) GB1 Posts: 581
    edited 22.08.2014
    Still not returning unique equipment to villages :(

    If gems work 100% of the time and i have 4 gems that have a chance that 150 TKs will come fight for me in the keep and all 4 work thats 600 TKs fighting in the keep thats half of a army that is very op

    Proud General Kill Jun Davies And Stripper Of Pugnare admort2 Also The Rightful King Of Pugnare Admort2 - We Are Out Of Oil For Massages...Sorry Lou Lou

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  • triangletriangle Posts: 425
    edited 22.08.2014
    Due to analysis of the system as a whole and the constructive feedback we received from you guys, Gems will now grant permanent bonuses (e.g. +5 attackers at the front).
    Since there are different effects, the strength also varies. There is everything in there from weak to strong.
    The chance that these new gems are activated is always 100%.
    Excellent! I am very pleased with this portion of the update. Making gems give a permanent bonus will improve their reliability in battle, and thereby allow players to more successfully strategize with them. I see no downsides to this.
    You will no longer be able to obtain the old gems in the game anymore.
    All old gems that you still have in your inventory or currently attached to equipment will remain.
    You can still improve your old Gems.
    I'd also like to say that I very much like this part of the update. Although I doubt that many people will want to keep their old gems, the fact that GGS is making an effort to ensure that our previous investments of time, coins and rubies are still worth exactly what we agreed to, is an excellent step forward, and something that I would have liked to see a long time ago.
    +X attackers to be used at the front
    +X attackers to be used on the sides
    +X% combat strength in case of a fight in the courtyard
    +X% caused fire damage
    +X looting capacity
    +X% travel speed on the way back
    +X% increased chance to find valuable gems or equipment
    +X spots on the castle wall
    +X% combat strength in case of a fight in the courtyard
    +X% less fire damage
    +X safe storage
    Again, I'd like to say that I am particularly happy with this part, not so much because of any particular bonus, but rather because the fact that GGS is now giving us this information, upfront, from the start and without any particular nagging on our part, is a significant step forward in the development of trust between GGS and it's fan-base. Do you guys have a new manager or something?
    +X spots on the castle wall
    erm... This, is the only bonus that concerns me. If it becomes possible to put an additional 100, 50 or even 20 troops on the walls, it would seriously change the dynamics of battle. I hope you guys thought this through.
    Players in the high-level range (Level 70) can now upgrade the Research Tower to level 3 using resources.
    With level 3, the veteran version of the Two-handed swords, Halberdiers, Heavy Crossbowmen and Longbowmen will be unlocked.
    These research options can be executed with resources and do not require the Event-Researcher.
    Strength-wise, these new veterans are in between the old veterans and the Kingsguard units.
    Well, you are offering new and better troops to high level players for resources. Frankly, I think that's great. It represents a clear and deliberate step in the direction of making the gap between ruby and none ruby players smaller, and allowing lvl70 who don't have a capitol, who don't have full demon armies, and who don't have castles stuffed full of armorer tools, to nevertheless compete to a somewhat greater extent with such players.
    The maximum level for Alliance's has increased. This means that you can now unlock new rewards for the alliance funds.
    Are these rewards special in some way? Or will they simply be additional rubies, resources and coins for the alliance fund?
    The first move with your main castle lasts only a few minutes instead of 24 hours. The waiting time for all other moves also has been reduced from 24 hours to 6 hours.
    Erm, why exactly is this being done? Doesn't this simply make it more easy for small, inexperienced players to accidentally move their castles to some distant place, without any possibility of returning to their previous spot?
    You can now enjoy new background music!
    Aaaahh, the icing on the cake. Really, I must congratulate GGS on this update. It is not only well designed, but will also have a significant and hopefully positive effect on the game. Again, do you guys have a new boss or something?

    The only real complaint I have is that the gems upgrading system has not been readdressed. The thing really is as good as unusable to anyone without a massive ruby supply, and even then it's a dubious question as to if all that is worth while.
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