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raymaremeraymareme Posts: 4
edited 11.08.2014 in Player Introductions
I'm R

I'm not really sure how to play this but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

I play way too much Civ and thought this would be a nice break from that. I dislike warfare but am good at it...

I once read that the reason women shouldn't fight in battle is because they are ruthless and without mercy... I guess we'll find out. ;)

Feel free to message me. I've joined an alliance of some sort. Not exactly sure what that means but whatever, friends are welcome.

Also, I need food...
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  • Akhil50 (IN1)Akhil50 (IN1) Posts: 4,347
    edited 05.08.2014
    Welcome to the Game and the Forum!

    Well,Alliances can help you in different methods such as by Trade or Support etc.
    They are quite useful if you get a good alliance.

    There are many ways to get food:
    Loot other castles i.e Attack them
    Ask other players for food
    Increase the number of your Decorative Items (Signpost,Pillory etc.), this will increase the production
    Increase the number of farmhouses and upgrade them
    Build a bakery if you can and Flour Mill too
    You can also get them from the Travelling Merchants, and possible from Login Bonus(m not sure of that)

    And mainly don't over recruit soldiers.

    That's it
    Hope it Helps
  • DiamondeDiamonde Posts: 1,314
    edited 05.08.2014
    Hiya, welcome to the forums and games!!!

  • Neamhain (US1)Neamhain (US1) Posts: 3,504
    edited 05.08.2014
    Welcome to the forums, R. What's your avatar picture?
  • JackelKight (US1)JackelKight (US1) Posts: 533
    edited 05.08.2014
    Well it always nice to see new players join the game, especially when they have some initial attitude and fire along with experience player these types of games. You'll last a long time.
  • MegWantstoSayHi (US1)MegWantstoSayHi (US1) Posts: 1,104
    edited 10.08.2014

    I'll send food when I get around to it.
  • onlylilolme (US1)onlylilolme (US1) Posts: 45
    edited 10.08.2014
    Welcome and good luck. I'd send you food, but I'm 511 miles/km/clicks? away from you and it would be moldy by the time it got there.
  • MegWantstoSayHi (US1)MegWantstoSayHi (US1) Posts: 1,104
    edited 11.08.2014
    How much food do you need? I am 738 away from you, (a bit more than 2 days of travel there and back). If you need some explanation about alliances, I'd be happy to help.

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