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New to game and Forum

ladystormladystorm Posts: 4
edited 10.08.2014 in Player Introductions
Just thought I would stop in and say hi to everyone. I had never heard of this game until one day I seen it advertised on TV, that was the day my life became revolved around a game. I have been playing for about a week and I'm on LVL 14 almost 15 and a Baronet and I have to say I am totally addicted. It's not a good thing as I should be doing other things than sitting here at the computer..like cleaning house, etc.

Not tell you my age but I am totally to old to be addicted to an online game...LOL Feel free to drop in and say hi!
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  • Muqsit (INT1)Muqsit (INT1) Posts: 1,433
    edited 27.07.2014
    Hey ladystorm..

    Your condition is common.
  • ladystormladystorm Posts: 4
    edited 27.07.2014
    Hi Muqsit, it's nice to know I am not the only one and I have a common condition. :) I sort of figured it was a common condition...I just can't believe how much I got sucked into this game..he he he. :)
  • deathsweeper (US1)deathsweeper (US1) Posts: 2,251
    edited 31.07.2014
    I didn't know GGE had TV ads. Also you leveled up quite fast. You can join my alliance if you would like to. You would just have to move by me.
  • SlanderDoom (US1)SlanderDoom (US1) Posts: 860
    edited 31.07.2014
    I didn't know GGE had TV ads.

    Wow, they have TV ads? sure, i know they have online ones all over, but never have seen one on tv
  • Neamhain (US1)Neamhain (US1) Posts: 3,504
    edited 31.07.2014
    Me neither. I've seen tv ads for other empire games, though.

    Welcome to the forum, ladystorm. People never get too old to play, people get old because they don't play. I saw that at a lazer tag place once.
  • docstheman (US1)docstheman (US1) US1 Posts: 6
    edited 31.07.2014
    You would be surprised. Most of my friends in the game are age 25 to 55 and all are addicted too lol. Don't be ashamed of it. It isn't a kids game.
  • SlanderDoom (US1)SlanderDoom (US1) Posts: 860
    edited 01.08.2014
    I lot of the best players are older folk
  • ladystormladystorm Posts: 4
    edited 01.08.2014
    Well, I am sure glad to hear I am not the only older one in the bunch..lol. I can see how this is not really a kids game because if you want to really work at it you got to put a little money into it..ugh. :)
  • SlanderDoom (US1)SlanderDoom (US1) Posts: 860
    edited 01.08.2014
    I have stuck money into, but you don't have to, it's free to play after all. Anyone think $200 was to much?
  • AdventurerAbby9AdventurerAbby9 Posts: 7
    edited 02.08.2014
    Have you read the Warriors series? If so join my ForestClan!
    Also congrats on being so highly leveled! I've been playing almost a year and am still on level 9!
  • JackelKight (US1)JackelKight (US1) Posts: 533
    edited 05.08.2014
    I only put $10 into it, and that when a 200% bonus aligned with a 100% alliance bonus. how could I resist?
    but robber barons are the free way to get rubies, more rubies higher level and in other kingdoms also.
  • MegWantstoSayHi (US1)MegWantstoSayHi (US1) Posts: 1,104
    edited 10.08.2014
    Welcome to the forum!

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