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Competition: An Empire Poem!



  • SnazzyBrazzSnazzyBrazz Posts: 22
    edited 26.07.2014
    I Got my tax collecter to get money recuited troops today was war i fought and i defended and we won
    they just attacked more but no matter what we kept winning.

    im not to good oh welll it short a stroy realy im not good when it comes to stories lol i half expecting last place :D
    SnazzyBrazz @ en 1
  • LOLoBRAWL (US1)LOLoBRAWL (US1) Posts: 236
    edited 26.07.2014
    Firepeaks are Red
    Everwinter Glaciers are Blue
    The knights are mighty
    The swords are sharp and shinny
    With archers on the walls
    All other empire games will have a great fall
    To all the kings men just count to ten
    Goodgame Empire always wins

    You stole my idea! And yours is not even as good as mine!
  • knightlyjordanknightlyjordan Posts: 226
    edited 26.07.2014
    I don't see any rhymes in his so I vote you lolobrawl
    I am a person.
  • KingMcNuggetKingMcNugget Posts: 1,079
    edited 27.07.2014
    1.I have myself a wonderful kingdom
    2.with troops, swords, and arrows, that are all in England
    3.My enemies beware, I have lots of troops to spare
    4.Burn them down to the ground and cheer as victory approaches
    5.They'll be plenty of loot and gold even some for the coaches
    6.Warm up the Black smith fire and set out to sail we are traveling to other kingdoms without fail
    7.Once we arrive we shall raise our banner to let everyone know that we mean business
    8.We shall remain united, strong, and happy for everyone knows of our realness!

    There are 8 lines it's just the words at the end where long.
    So I numbered them, obviously the numbers aren't in the poem.
    " This isn't the tale of the great Pharaoh.Everyone has his own story. This story may be ending, but my story is just beginning."
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  • InsaneDuckling (GB1)InsaneDuckling (GB1) Posts: 19,271
    edited 27.07.2014
    This seems fun . . . I wanna have a go!

    Their violet flags raised,
    The Foreigners have came.
    A rush throughout the land,
    Things won't be the same.
    From a great laze,
    The Lords are awoken.
    A struggle to stay?
    Nay, their defenses are broken.
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    Um . . . I don't have enough titles. I must brainstorm!

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    One of those weird old players who became all sentimental after leaving the game before they could see dear old Empire rot away even more. 
  • edited 27.07.2014
    My poem :
    Once upon a time surfing the internet i found a goodgame called empire .
    I was on holidays on that time .. when i had no friends or power .
    Now i am the center of power ....
    When i got bored gge makes me happy ..
    I onced tried to buy rubies ...Then buyed again and again .
    Now i am the stronghest player of my server with lots of royal towers and a good metropolis ....
    Then we had a war i almost lost it but the allies helped me and made me happy ...
    Now i can say i love u goodgame em-pi-re
  • King DooooooomKing Dooooooom Posts: 2,015
    edited 27.07.2014
    A poem by Doom, there are 8 lines but the sentences are long but correct I think. Anyways, I call it

    Apparent Darkness

    As Twilight falls my Kingdom glows with the light of flames.

    My people are groaning with the pains of hunger, the soldiers are weary from another day of intense training, even I am starving.

    We’ve been attacked relentlessly, and there is another attack coming soon.

    I told my men to travel to the nearest outpost, Patches, there they would be safe till dawn and I’ll be able to recruit more men to join them.

    Though the times are dark, I know that someday my Kingdom will rise out of the ashes that bury it.

    There will be enough food for all again, and the fires will all be vanquished.

    I am their King, their selected sole leader, I give my people the hope they need, I am their light.

    For what kind of a King would I be if I let myself fall into Darkness?


    King Dooooooom! lv. 68! @ INT 2.
  • Seeker Returns (US1)Seeker Returns (US1) US1 Posts: 283
    edited 27.07.2014
    The Attack

    As we march towards the enemy our banners unfurl
    Many arrows and stones our men began to hurl
    Some of us fell, but we pushed on
    Ladders went up as we had planned and drawn
    We scaled the walls and took 2 of the flanks
    A second wave of men crushed the survivors like tanks
    The courtyard was easy, the battle already won
    And we left the castle burning, at the break of dawn
  • edited 27.07.2014
    The subtle wind of hate draws near
    The snow blasts the empire with fear
    The sands steal life with cruel irony
    The strange oil of the desert cooks bravery
    The mountains neither stand nor listen,
    The death clear by the bounty of the dragons.
    The least brave are the barons of the great empire
    They have nothing, no stone, no sand nor fire.
  • knightlyjordanknightlyjordan Posts: 226
    edited 27.07.2014
    Its so tense who will win :p
    I am a person.
  • ladykailea (US1)ladykailea (US1) US1 Posts: 24
    edited 27.07.2014
    Dawn Approaches
    Radiant Sun rising in the sky
    Battle results fill our thoughts
    The horns begin to wane
    A night of glory cheers the clan
    Friendships like branches of a tree shelter us
    Roots grow stronger and deeper
    Sleep Awaits.... Content..... Our best was given today
    ladykailea @ usa 1
  • deathsweeper (US1)deathsweeper (US1) Posts: 2,251
    edited 27.07.2014
    The Mighty Enemy

    As the enemy marched on

    We stood our ground

    Even if they were the mighty KoN

    We got ready to pound

    As we saw their king

    Shining at the front

    We knew he would feel our sting

    As we made our reason blunt
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    Deathsweeper at USA1! Founder and Co-leader of Vae Victis!!
  • hunter544hunter544 Posts: 2
    edited 27.07.2014
    here i sit all broken hearted
    a foriegn lord has shortly departed
    the fires are raging , my temper flares,
    but never fear, in defeat i stare
    anew day dawns the fires are out
    an attack i plan was well thought out
    with a smile on my face i venture forth
    to bring the feel of defeat to another lord
    hunter54 @ usa 1
  • LOLoBRAWL (US1)LOLoBRAWL (US1) Posts: 236
    edited 27.07.2014
    Lol I hope you guys like mine.
  • CM MargoCM Margo Posts: 806
    edited 28.07.2014
    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the submissions, we've enjoyed reading them :)

    The thread is now closed and we won't accept any more entries, the winners will be announced tomorrow! (Tuesday 29th July).

    ~CM Margo
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