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The First Ruby Buyer



  • edited 28.06.2014
    keep writing it was awesome
  • wert855 (IN1)wert855 (IN1) Posts: 758
    edited 29.06.2014
    wht hapened in last part the ten rubies made them red stone
  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 29.06.2014
    They "completed" the statue the castle folk were building. The statue was never really planned so the power of the rubies just used what was available to it.
  • deathsweeper (US1)deathsweeper (US1) Posts: 2,251
    edited 29.06.2014
    I read the first few parts. Good story but I cant read it. When I read I don't like reading paragraphs that are 20 lines long. Put a few more indents and there and I would give it a try. Makes a HUGE difference.
  • daxter91daxter91 Posts: 1,606
    edited 30.06.2014
    you should make this into a paper copy
  • lordzacharylordzachary Posts: 11
    edited 30.06.2014
    please finish it
  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 25.07.2014
    So it may be read...bump.
  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 07.09.2014
    Once you get here, click the link in my signature to start over.
  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 29.11.2014
    Boom! At the top!
  • edited 29.11.2014
    Awsome story bro keep it up
  • TitoUltimatum (US1)TitoUltimatum (US1) US1 Posts: 1,590
    edited 05.12.2014
    continue good sir
  • R.C3R.C3 Posts: 105
    edited 10.12.2014
    Amazing i need 3rd part what say?
  • Anonamous (US1)Anonamous (US1) Posts: 74
    edited 17.04.2015
    Amazing story.
  • Emperor SpectraEmperor Spectra Posts: 104
    edited 17.04.2015
    5 stars please continue it one of the best stories I've read in a long time

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