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The First Ruby Buyer



  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited 20.10.2013
    kole8 wrote: »
    how did u win a battle with less offence then the others defence?

    It's a story.
  • Warrior_Lord (US1)Warrior_Lord (US1) US1 Posts: 2,225
    edited 26.10.2013
    keep writing
  • EJAS (AU1)EJAS (AU1) Posts: 49
    edited 02.11.2013
    I am eager to know what happens next
  • shirsadeepshirsadeep Posts: 22
    edited 05.02.2014
    amazing story
  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 05.02.2014
    I can't take the time to actually write out the ending, but I do know how it was supposed to go. Terence went off on his own after the ambush, and the soldiers from Dominus were somehow winning (maybe the citizens of Generso had come out and given aid). Kendrick caught up to Terence in a courtyard where the people of the castle were being put to work building a statue of Kendrick. Only the base had been completed.

    A glorious one on one battle ensued, eventually ending up on the base of the statue. Kendrick slices across Terence's stomach, but the sword only cuts clothing. Kendrick thought this would be the fatal blow, so when it went unnoticed for the most part he was unprepared for Terence's counter. He brings his hammer down in an overhead smash, but before the blow lands there is a great red flash.

    The ten remaining rubies had fallen out of Terence's cut pocket and activated. They finished the statue the citizens had started, but instead of it being a "magnificent" representation of Kendrick it showed the two combatants in their final positions. Terence and Kendrick were encased in red stone.

    The statue would be moved to Dominus, which became a very prosperous village after all was said and done. A new king would be found and all had been put right again. Macala and Marcus kept the secret of the ruby cavern, never venturing down to "buy" any more. So ends the story of Terence the First and Last Ruby Buyer.
  • NationConquerorNationConqueror Posts: 2,273
    edited 06.02.2014
    Even though it wasn't written out, incredible story! It was a great read Elfangor.
  • joseph719joseph719 Posts: 55
    edited 11.02.2014
    that was very good! I am loooooving it! I wish I could write like that! I have written a few star wars stories, but they are PATHETIC compared to you! keep it up:)

    joseph719, level 39, proud member of dark palidins, sub of ghost riderz, sub of LOF:doom legion.
  • thomasthetankthomasthetank Posts: 1,024
    edited 11.02.2014
    sounds good keep going
  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 11.02.2014
    I'm done writing the story. It's over...
  • king matt IIIking matt III Posts: 286
    edited 27.02.2014
    Elfangor wrote: »
    Part 4 coming this week! Just to tease you guys, i'll say that there will be a couple of new characters introduced! A big thank you to everyone (a really big thank you to king matt lll for putting this on the ultimate story list!)!!

    your welcome!
  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 17.03.2014
    That took a while didn't it?
  • edited 28.03.2014
    Spent the next two hours reading this story. Missed my 10 mins tax timer and only got 17 coins but you know what, I really think it's worth it, because this is one of the complete stories (not counting that last bit, would've been even better if you did write that out too) and this story's got a really nice plot and all as well! Since the story's ended, I can't urge you on with this one, but you know what? KEEP WRITING! THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!

    PS: Took the next hour figuring out how to register on forums just so I can post my feed back, which I really felt like doing. Only reason it took me an hour is because I didn't know you'll need to go in-game and click on the link there in order to actually log in :P
  • nathan372nathan372 Posts: 466
    edited 30.03.2014
    Can you use paragraphs please?
  • tielerdtielerd Posts: 33
    edited 10.04.2014
    try geting 234% for the 1st on ruby buyer
  • SageKey2SageKey2 Posts: 92
    edited 14.04.2014
    Epic Story! Too bad you couldn't write the rest.

  • edited 15.04.2014
    nice..... story :):):);)
  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 24.05.2014
    I'll bump this so people see it and read it.
  • edited 24.05.2014
    this is great cant wait for more!!
  • ElfangorElfangor Posts: 3,974
    edited 24.06.2014
    There will be no more. Story is over. Bumped so people see.
  • lordzacharylordzachary Posts: 11
    edited 26.06.2014
    Hey now I have been copying this to read to my brothers ya can't just give up on a story and say this is how it is supposed to end.


    its great so far

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