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Flag Replicators

What Is the Point?

There are main three reasons for implementing this idea: Spices up gameplay once every month, gives players more reasons to buy rubies, and also gives players another way of earning rubies.

The Idea

A new camp will appear around once a month. I’m sure names for the place can be thought of, but personally I would rename the Spy’s Camp to Scout’s Camp and call this the Spy’s Camp. The people in the camp are flag replicators. This camp will give you the option of attempting to duplicate a flag. (If you succeed, a drop down box should appear by your coat of arms in the attack menu with your name, as well as the name of the castle lord whose flag you duplicated, to choose from, when you click on their name, your banner changes to their coat of arms.)

How It Works

First a player will choose a castle lord’s flag they wish to duplicate. The more you pay the flag replicators, the more accurate their duplication, causing the flag to fool your enemies for longer periods of time. So to start, the costs:
(NOTE, these are just placeholders and are easily changeable! The cost really depends on whether the event is used too much or not enough.)

30 minutes = 500 rubies
90 minutes = 1,000 rubies
3 hours = 1,500 rubies
6 hours = 2,000 rubies

These are the only 4 options because even one day of running around with your enemy’s banner could result in too much chaos; the event itself should only last for 24 hours. The part about gaining rubies is also affected by the amount of rubies spent. If the flag replicators are caught, they give 1/5 of the rubies paid to them to the player whose flag they attempted to duplicate. So if Prince John pays 1,500 rubies to duplicate Robin Hood’s coat of arms but fails, then 300 rubies goes to Robin Hood.

Next, the chance of success or failure:

The percentage of success is normally 90% with of course 10% chance of failure, however for each guardhouse in the opponent’s castle, the percentage changes.

Guardhouse level 1 = +1% chance of failure
Guardhouse level 2 = +2% chance of failure
Guardhouse level 3 = +3% chance of failure
Guardhouse level 4 = +4% chance of failure
The number of guardhouses is stackable, so if Ivanhoe has one level 4 and four level 3 guardhouses, the chance of success is reduced to only 74% (10+12+4=26.) Also if the replicators are caught, it is revealed who sent them.

Moving on, what happens if the duplication is a success.

The player who successfully replicated the flag then gets to send out as many armies under that flag as they wish, until the time limit runs out. (And yes, they can attack a castle lord with his/her own banner, civil wars do happen.) However if a player defeats an attacking army using a false flag, it is shown who really sent the army. Meanwhile the loser, the player who duplicated the flag, can no longer send armies under that flag, unless they buy more replicators and duplicate the same person’s flag again. So if Sir Lancelot replicates Gawain’s banner, attacks King Author, and loses, he then is no longer able to use Gawain’s flag, despite the time limit not being reached.


Here are a couple of things I want to clarify before they are asked.

  1. If someone loses a battle under another player’s flag, the original owner of the flag still does not know that someone duplicated his/her flag (unless, of course, they are the ones attacked.) Only the player that wins the battle knows who replicated the flag and whose flag was replicated, they can either give out the information or keep it secret, it is their choice.

  1. If someone replicates another player’s banner and then attacks that player, the army will behave very much like shadow mercenaries; as soon as they are detected, they will randomly appear from any direction. (I think that’s how shadow mercenaries work, I haven’t used them much.)

  1. If a player successfully duplicates a flag and attacks a different player, then the player’s army will march to the castle whose flag they replicated, and then to the castle they wish to attack. The army cannot be detected until they reach the castle they pretend to come from, this may be an advantage to the attacker - when the castle they replicated and the castle they wish to attack are close - but if otherwise, the whole idea is ruined.

  1. You can only duplicate one flag at a time; no running around with 12 different banners.

  1. The speed of the flag replicators would probably be close to that of sabotaging agents, however this also depends on whether that speed makes them too disastrous or too useless.

  1. You can only attempt to replicate players in your bracket; levels 11-20 can try to duplicate each other’s flag, however a level 12 cannot try to duplicate a level 32’s flag, and a level 70 cannot try to duplicate a level 27’s flag. It should work almost exactly like the nobility contest: 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, and 51-70.

  1. The success/failure percentage should also change between level brackets, the example given earlier on should apply to levels 50-70, so I would expect it to be something like this: level 11-20 = 70% of success, level 21-30 = 75% of success, level 31-40 = 80% of success, level 41-50 = 85% of success, and level 51-70 = 90% of success; the reason for this is, of course, because lower levels do not have nearly as many leveled up guardhouses as higher levels.

  1. One last thing, levels 1-10 are not able to participate in this event, as many new players would probably leave after getting sacked by several annoyed people they never even attacked.

Alright, thanks for reading! I hope it wasn’t too long or boring. I’m sure many of you can think of reasons why you would want this implemented, and I’m also sure many of you could give reasons why this idea is flawed and wouldn’t work, so please leave comments, suggestions, questions, or criticism. By the way, if this idea has been posted before and shot down, then I’m sorry, but I could not find any thread relating to it. Peace.

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  • Lightning_RiderLightning_Rider Posts: 5
    edited 10.06.2014
    Sorry about the messed up numbering, the copy and paste apparently did not work.
  • mayankrulemayankrule Posts: 297
    edited 10.06.2014
    Why not just change your flag for 2500 rubies forever?
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  • dreamtree (US1)dreamtree (US1) US1 Posts: 1,366
    edited 10.06.2014
    A very well written bad idea. This shouldn't be implemented.
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  • Highness Ho (GB1)Highness Ho (GB1) Posts: 2,763
    edited 10.06.2014
    from the looks of it it sounds like you want to attack a castle under a false name. Its not a good idea because it would cause massive hasstle for the persons whos flag has been dublicated
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  • KingWhiteFangKingWhiteFang Posts: 120
    edited 10.06.2014
    this will result in pure chaos, plus even if you change your flag the person who you attacked can still see your name, castle name and coordinates, so there is no point in just changing your flag. I suggest you play the game for a few months more to get a bit more experience
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  • MegWantstoSayHi (US1)MegWantstoSayHi (US1) Posts: 1,104
    edited 10.06.2014
    Not a good idea, but well written.

    What would happen if somebody who duplicated a flag stole an RV?

    aidan952 wrote: »
    I'm not talking about those butterflies, I'm talking about THE butterflies.

    You need to watch out for THE Butterflies!
    elita-12 wrote:
    what do you mean by you need to watch the butterfiles

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    edited 10.06.2014
    Brilliantly written but terrible idea.

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  • Lightning_RiderLightning_Rider Posts: 5
    edited 10.06.2014
    I don’t think you read the whole thing through. Your troops will march to the player’s castle whose flag you successfully replicated, and then to the castle you wish to attack, so that it appears that player is attacking them. I realize that this could cause a lot of chaos, A LOT. However if it appears only once a month and last only 1 day, then there isn’t a whole lot of time to take advantage of the event; I mean some players would completely miss it.
    The main reason I posted this idea is because if I really want to attack a player, or if it’s for Shady Character, but he’s in a large alliance, I can instead just duplicate even one of his fellow member’s flag and attack under that banner. Of course if you fail, they know you were trying to duplicate that person’s flag, however they don’t know what you planned to do with it: as far as they are concerned you just want to look powerful by pretending to attack from a big alliance, so your punishment would probably be smaller than if you outright attacked the castle (plus if you fail, the guy will be more than happy to receive a couple hundred rubies.)
  • MegWantstoSayHi (US1)MegWantstoSayHi (US1) Posts: 1,104
    edited 10.06.2014
    Even after reading that last post, I still feel it is a bad idea.

    Also, you didn't answer my question about the RVs.

    aidan952 wrote: »
    I'm not talking about those butterflies, I'm talking about THE butterflies.

    You need to watch out for THE Butterflies!
    elita-12 wrote:
    what do you mean by you need to watch the butterfiles

    abt. 27% insane
  • jollyjack82jollyjack82 Posts: 6,105
    edited 10.06.2014
    never gonna happen
    Astar for text tho
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  • Lightning_RiderLightning_Rider Posts: 5
    edited 10.06.2014

    The flags at your castle, outpost, and RVs don’t change, just your army’s. So if I tried to steal an RV, I’d march to the castle that I pretend to come from, then to the RV; however if I won the battle, the flag flying over the village would be mine, not another player’s.
  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 11.06.2014
    This idea could be used for transferring rubies, so no. Build enough guesthouses so you have a 100% chance of failure, and you can send over hundreds of rubies at a time.


    (Mix of ruby/armorer tools)


    GGE is always trying to get players to buy rubies, and to do that, comes up with horrible updates. Put this in your siggy if you agree.
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  • Daniel DegudeDaniel Degude Posts: 1,645
    edited 11.06.2014

    You have NO IDEA the implecations your idea would have.
  • JeethBOSSJeethBOSS Posts: 26
    edited 11.06.2014
    it would be WAY to much chaos, but it was well written, but it would be unfair, cause i'm level 20, and the last thin i want is a level 30 guy duplicating a level 70 guy's flag, an attacking me and i would only think im being attacked by the masters of the game!
    JeethBOSS @ usa 1
  • Lightning_RiderLightning_Rider Posts: 5
    edited 11.06.2014

    You actually make a really good point. Although there is no way lower levels could build 79 guardhouses, level 70s could easily get rid of most their PO items and fit 23 level 4 guardhouses in their castle. A solution is to limit the bonus percentage to only 10 guardhouses. However your argument is still pretty much valid since people will be betting on a 50/50 chance instead; last thing I can think of is raising ruby price with level, while lowering ruby income. So like level 41 would be: 5,000 rubies for 90 minutes with only 1/50 of that going to the castle lord who caught the replicators (or lower if needs be.)

    @Daniel Degude

    You’re right, I do not know what this might cause, but neither do you. If it was implemented, I might hate this idea more than anyone else, but people who were opposed to it may end up loving it. I’ve had this happen before: an idea that I thought was beyond terrible was implemented with such perfection that I ended up loving it.

    @Everyone reading

    As I said before, the reason I posted this was to have a way that people could attack without fear. Seeing as most alliances have something like “if you attack one of us, you attack all of us! (and we’ll beat the living daylights out of you!)” I figured that this could fill in the role. Even if you failed, the person didn’t even know what you planned to do with his flag, and he’s happy to receive a couple of rubies. You may be saying, “SM?” However the cost of buying an army of SM to defeat a good defender is quite a large sum. (And BTW, this is in no way a replacement of SM; with SM you are 100% certain that your enemy does not know who sent them, while this is more of a risk vs. reward idea.)

    I realize that this has received about 0% support and 100% criticism, so I’ll be done posting and trying to defend this idea, even though Billy was the only one that put out an argument. Ironically enough, I wasn’t even the one that came up with the original idea, it was actually a friend; instead I wrote and expanded it. That’s the primary reason I thought it’d get at least some support. Anyways, thanks for reading and have a good day. Lightning out.
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