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Fix the Net Nanny

MerlinMedicMerlinMedic Posts: 19
The Net Nanny is out of control still! X( While we all acknowledge that there is bullying and it is wrong, why on International Heraldry Day (6/10/14) does the Net Nanny consider this link


inappropriate? I am sure the American College of Heraldry would be mortified if they knew. Along the same same though, why can't we use the word "kill" in this game, as in in: all my troops were killed in that attack?

Lets get real, this is a war game and war terms will be used.

MerlinMedic @ usa 1
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  • Highness Ho (GB1)Highness Ho (GB1) Posts: 2,763
    edited 10.06.2014
    what difference does kill and defeat make?

    and btw its a strategy game. well now its a ruby game but it used to be a strategy game
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  • MegWantstoSayHi (US1)MegWantstoSayHi (US1) Posts: 1,104
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    You can't send messages with links in them, don't ask me why. Put a space between . and org and ask the recipient to remove it.

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    what do you mean by you need to watch the butterfiles

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