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Discussion Thread: The New World Map



  • kirdnem (AU1)kirdnem (AU1) AU1 Posts: 20
    edited 04.06.2014
    I disagree that the new maps are nicer as you put it , the Everwinter map especially is harder to work on the coloring makes it very hard to discern features , also main castles appear now smaller than RB castles making the whole map a whole lot more difficult to negotiate
    Please consider at least getting rid of the Blue tinge as it is hard on the eyes
    kirdnem @ au 1
  • BigRich898BigRich898 Posts: 6
    edited 04.06.2014
    I don't like the new visual update everything seems to be much more cramped. I say change it back or give us an option to have it the old way like you did with the chat window
    BigRich898 @ en 1

    Long Live BSK
    Long Live AO
  • powerrrpowerrr Posts: 32
    edited 04.06.2014
    Map actually looks worse imo. Winter and Sands actually irritates my eyes. Difficult to dicern things. Hard to find stuff. You left out the "improved " part of new and improved graffics. I have noticed it becomes a hair more tollerable if you zoom in all the way. What's with the different stripes of colored sand background in Sands? If it's there to help us, then you should have realized you made things worse and not better. I would appreciate an option to go back to the old graphics please.

    Now to the spy reports.....Man, didn't you guy just get through quelling a rebelllion on this not that long ago with all the meaningless attack numbers and no stack of tools in the reports? Once again I'll vote with my wallet. No mas ruby purchases for me.

    I agree with an earlier poster, if you want more constructive critisim, quit moving our cheese in the live game. Beta test this or something. It's also tough to block out being critical when the change is so abrasive to your playing. It just sucks the "fun" out of the game. Why would I pay, or play, a game that is not fun(or is visually tough to look at)?
    powerrr @ usa 1
  • USACyberMonkey (US1)USACyberMonkey (US1) US1 Posts: 389
    edited 04.06.2014
    This update wouldn't have bothered me except for the tools stacked on the walls not showing the depth/how much there is on espionages anymore. People will send tool burners anyway and when supporting each other in case of masses, it's even tougher thinking they only have one of each tool on the wall.

    Better tell your members to put as much tools and to check it twice.

    Something that questions me is why would GGE not show tools in depth anymore? If someone saw that they have like 12 each ruby tools on all 3 flanks, and sent 3 separate sacrifice tool burners, wouldn't GGE be making money when the victim/defender buys more tools to replace them?

    #GGE LoGic
    USACyberMonkey @ usa 1
    FU Recruiter
  • KingWhiteFangKingWhiteFang Posts: 120
    edited 04.06.2014
    I guess their is one advantage of this update, many people will leave and thus the rest will have more villages ;)
    KingWhiteFang WWW 1

    Proud Deputy of HA~COBRA Venom

    I am against the new spy reports + NEW MAP and constantly buggy updates. Please revoke. Also if you are against this too add it to your Signature so that GGE will realize that we don't want it! GGS please talk to the Community before doing future updates and get their opinion on things first.

    Experience: more than 2 years of playing
    Maximum level achieved: was 56 before went on a vocation without internet.
    Current level: 48
  • FlameHawk82FlameHawk82 Posts: 1
    edited 04.06.2014
    I cannot stand these graphics! I liked the old, cartoony graphics! Theyre original!!!! Please ggs, change it back!!! I also hate the fact that you can see the certain positions of the enemy men with the espionage!!! I hate this update!
    FlameHawk82 @ usa 1
  • Chris2307 (GB1)Chris2307 (GB1) Posts: 944
    edited 04.06.2014
    I want to give my constructive feedback on the graphics part of the update. I think it's a step in the right direction but could be improved with some tweaks.


    1. The actual individual drawings of the castles, OPs and RBs are cool.
    2. I like having a more 3D feel to the map.


    1. It is quite difficult to navigate and search properly. I think this is down to the OPs and RBCs looking fairly similar and also similarly sized. I think to solve this, it would be nice to see the main castle scaled up so it is physically much bigger on the screen. I think OPs need to be scaled up too so their size fits nicely in between the size of a main castle and a RBC.

    2. I can no longer see castles I have spied on. That symbol, for me, has gone from the map and I am not sure whether that is a bug or intended.

    3. I think the flags (both free and ruby) are too small and would suggest that scaling these up would make players more distinguishable and therefore making search easier.

    4. For me, shiny OPs still need to be shiny. A raised hill that is the same green colour as the rest of the map doesn't distinguish it and makes it look less appealing. Why not give these a nice glow around the top for example?

    5. For me, the green/blue/red/yellow symbols which show off who the OP/Main Castle belongs to would look much better along the new sprites positioned in the top left. I think it could then be moved closer to the castle/OP sprite without overlapping the sprites. This could make the map look tighter and more distinguishable.
    Chris2307 @ en 1
  • edited 04.06.2014
    when designing a map you need to keep a balance between readability and graphics.

    readable map : just a green background without any trees, rivers, mountains, birds flying around or otherwise unnecessary details only castles , RBC , names , ranks , and flags

    map with nice graphics : lots of mountains trees and rivers that have flow animations maybe even fish jumping out occasionally and birds flying around just like civilization 5 for example (although the did manage to keep the balance somehow)

    what you've done is to reduce the readability considerably in favor of graphics.
    Fun Fighters
    International 1
  • syshopesyshope Posts: 2
    edited 04.06.2014
    everyone can see why ggs take away the numbers of the def tools from the spy reports. it is to increase the difficuty to offset the tools therefore to increase the usage of the tools for the attackers. more tools means more rubies and more income for ggs. but thing is when it is an 100% report it means 100%, you can spy 100% soldiers' numbers on the wall. and can't detect how many tools used on the wall? does it make sense to you, gge?

    every company needs to make money, but you don't make money by changing some feature in the game years and simply call it as a "bug". you are fooling your customers, and don't think any customer will like it. but you guys has repeated doing so many times.

    you guys can make money by increasing more fun into this game, and providing more features. so customer who can afford can spend more on it. like the super commander or super castellan. that is something good i would say, but really... not the way you are doing now. it is only show your inferior marketing skill.

    the disqualified marketing sale skill is slowly killing the game, i think you guys should know this.
    syshope @ 1
  • BigRich898BigRich898 Posts: 6
    edited 04.06.2014
    as per my last comment the map is too cramped. NPCs are too big my special flag I paid for is tiny now! and when you do an espionage on robberbarrons it doesn't have a little symbol next to it so you know you have a report on it! if you keep the change in appearance make NPCs smaller, flags bigger, show esp symbol next to NPCs and no mountains!
    rant over
    BigRich898 @ en 1

    Long Live BSK
    Long Live AO
  • kirdnem (AU1)kirdnem (AU1) AU1 Posts: 20
    edited 04.06.2014
    FAIL on the new maps

    I don't think i'm the only one now getting eyestrain and headaches from looking at the insane new backgrounds and straining to to find castles from the clustered mess you have left us
    Do us a favor and bring back the simple backgrounds that weren't so hard on the eyes
    Also didn't anyone ever tell you the old but true adage " If it isn't broken , don't fix it "
    kirdnem @ au 1
  • txy (GB1)txy (GB1) Posts: 10
    edited 04.06.2014
    GGS have learned nothing from the Great Autowar rebelion of 2014.

    Graphics are horrible and are giving me a migraine, going to cost me a new pair of glasses.

    Seriously, you have got to restore the full information about the tools. That was a key piece of information for strategic players and we shouldn't be reduced to sending blind full tooled waves.

    Haven't the developers got better things to do - like develop Big Farm and stop messing with Empire without consulting committed players
    txy @ en 1
  • Eagle PrideEagle Pride Posts: 103
    edited 04.06.2014
    I'll admit that you guys have created a really nice game overall, and dont always want to be critical when so much good stuff is incorporated. But the new graphics are really bad for a user to figure out. The designs themselves are fine, so kudos to the graphics team, but they are really hard on the eyes as I navigate around the map. My biggest issue is why so much time went into changing the graphics when so many other issues would appear a priority? Also, I did a quick search and found no posts complaining of the old graphics, so I really have to wonder what the thought process was behind the change? Unlike a new car, the appearance of the game rates very low when compared to gameplay, techniques, rules, etc. How about giving us an option to change back to the "old" style that I think 99% of the people were perfectly fine with? Thanks!
    Eagle Pride @ usa 1
  • max2323max2323 Posts: 3
    edited 04.06.2014
    I love the new map graphic. Looks very nice :D
    Good update
    Also why does everyone hate the new map?
    max232 @ usa 1
  • joost321 (NL1)joost321 (NL1) Posts: 52
    edited 04.06.2014
    About the new World Map:

    It's nice to have some new graphics, but these graphics make it very difficult to see the diffirence between castles, outposts and robbercastles.
    The robbercastles are far to big !! please scale them seriously down so te map will be readable again.

    of a have dona an espionage it is no longer visible on the map, this is very annoying because when Isend spies to for instance the robbercastles I can't keep track which ones Ihave done and which I have to spy on.
    The difference between a 6 or 8 food outpost isn't visible anymore.

    The graphics as they are now make it almost impossible to play, it is not something you can get used to, because a lot of information we had on the old map is lost and al the castles look alike.
    On a map with so many castles it is neccesary you have a clear impression wath is going on in that piece of the kingdom, and now its dazzling and not playable.

    I dont need the old map but this one MUST be improved alot before it is playable again..

    GGE please give us back the old map and gie us the new map at the moment it is usable for the game to play with!

    At this moment The map isn't fit to play the game on, it's just there to be nice. let the developers play the game on the new map before we are confronted with another useless update !!!
    joost321 @ nl 1
  • Chris2307 (GB1)Chris2307 (GB1) Posts: 944
    edited 04.06.2014
    max2323 wrote: »
    I love the new map graphic. Looks very nice :D
    Good update
    Also why does everyone hate the new map?

    I don't hate it :-)

    I think it's more about placement and the scale of sprites which is an issue.
    Chris2307 @ en 1
  • gunja99gunja99 Posts: 66
    edited 04.06.2014
    When spying a castle the report shows which tools are on a wall section, but no longer show how many are stacked in each slot. For example, you will see that the opponent has on the left flank two slots with throwing stones, but cannot see how many are in each slot. This can complicate the targeted reduction of tools with mini- attacks.

    This will complicate the game, that's the quote? Please, what is the real reason for this?! It'#s just silly. Seems the feedback has been mixed on the maps, but NOT ONE PERSON has said YAY reports are no longer 100%. So please just revert that. As G has said you changed this before (without notice, at least you did give notice this time), and put it back. Please explain why at least, but preferably revert it so we get the numbers. Otherwise whats next? Lose the number of troops on a wall?!?!?!
    gunja99 @ en 1
  • triangletriangle Posts: 425
    edited 04.06.2014
    Right, I've thought it over, and would now like to present my arguments against the spy report changes.
    Firstly, I'd like to say that although putting up additional barriers to prevent suicide attacks is a good, this one will almost certainly prove ineffectual. There are many, many players who don't use ruby tools in attack, and the psychology of the game is such that if they don't know the exact number of cleaning attacks required, the next best solution will be to simply send one or two before EVERY attack. Not just those in which it's necessary.
    Secondly, I feel that this update would remove a tactical element (how to deal with suicide attacks) without adding anything. Amongst the major alliances, the game has already been dumbed down to simple variations on the same attack and the same defense, turning the game into "who can get a better commander" competition. Removing another tactical element is fine, but if you're going to do so then you better add one to replace it. The game is boring enough as it is.
    Thirdly, and for me most importantly, this update would render resource tools obsolete. Using only resource tools (as I do) is difficult at the best of times, but now that it isn't even possible to cancel out, let alone gain an advantage over an enemy using ruby tools, it has officially become impossible. Even none ruby buyers can afford some ruby tools, and now that they are the equivalent of "win one battle against a resource player free" card, they will become much, much more common. But attacks my none ruby buyers will basically go to zero.

    Concerning the new world map, I feel that it's mostly up to your aesthetic preferences. Personally, I don't much like it. However, perhaps once people get used to it it might be quite nice. That said, there is one definite problem I see.
    That is, the fact that the new map puts emphasis on the type of keep, and nothing else. In the old map, one could see two things instantaneously. The flag, and the type of outpost (food, stone wood, shiny etc). These where the important facts, as they allowed you to see both to what use an OP was being put to, and whom it belonged to. The new map, shoves the type of keep an OP has (of all things) in your face, while reducing all else to background junk. The type of keep an OP has is IRRELEVANT! Irrelevant. What does matter, and what one must understand INTUITIVELY, without even having to look at it for more than a fraction of a second, is whom the OP belongs to, and what resources does it give. And that is a definite and irrefutable downside to the new aesthetic, that has nothing to do with your visual preferences.

    Lastly, I'd like to put out a complaint to the MCs concerning this thread (if this should be discussed somewhere else, please only delete this paragraph, instead of the whole post, thanks). The discussion thread was launched only a few hours before the update was introduced, meaning that many people didn't have time to read the update announcement or comment on it, before it was launched. If you want useful out feedback, then please give us time to compose it.
    I don't know if there where any specific circumstances that forced this short notice on this particular update, but it's instances such as this that really make players such as myself, who really want to help GGS with useful feedback, feel unwanted and unappreciated for the work we put into composing this feedback. Please convey my deepest disappointment to GGS, and my hope that this sort of thing shall not repeat in the future. Thank you.
    My Thoughts:
    Two years of Playing GGE: Independent Alliance and None Ruby Players
    How GGS handles our Feedback

    Why I decided to Leave
    Thoughts on the Legendary Update

    Achieved title of "the terrible", on the 8th of August 2014, without buying rubies, and while playing in an independent alliance.
  • RW1982RW1982 Posts: 70
    edited 04.06.2014
    max2323 wrote: »
    I love the new map graphic. Looks very nice :D
    Good update
    Also why does everyone hate the new map?

    Trying to distinguish features is much more difficult. While I think they look nice, the way they are set up is awful. I cant locate my own castle and ops from others, I am having a hard time distinguishing other players ops and castles from rb difficult.
    One person suggested adjusting the size of the features. I think this would make the map more agreeable.
    What I hate...no, absolutely detest is what they did with the espo reports. Clearly, anyone who thinks this is an improvement doesn't loot that frequently and by admitting to such, you'd make yourself an easy mark for attacks.
    RW1982 @ usa 1
  • thetrooper22thetrooper22 Posts: 2
    edited 04.06.2014
    Generally a really good update but it would be good to be able to see what tools robber barons have and how many are in each slot. This would also be helpful in regards to players in your own alliance. Many of us have defensive set up rules and our support in defence is dependant on players abiding by that set up, not being able to see how many tools your players have compromises an alliances ability to defend.
    thetrooper22 @ en 1
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