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Save inter1

bobbysbrobobbysbro Posts: 1,265
Make International 1 Default Server Again!

Many of you may know this thread as Ghj (Thanks in advance mate) made it, then I made it, then I made it again and now its back again. I wanted to bring it back as I feel times are getting worse and we need more players as me are down to around less than 9000 players, so here it is:

In the past when Goodgame Empire started International 1 was the default server. Gradually other serves were introduced to the game and people began to play on those since they were for their own country. We still had a decent amount of people come to play on Int 1, but gradually our population has been declining as people quit the game for whatever reason and there aren't enough people to fill their places. At one point in time our population was as high as 60,000 like international 2 however it has sunk all the way to like 9,000.

This is incredibly obvious if you look at alliances that used to be strong. Ill give you some examples. Invictus was an old strong family that collapsed due to members leaving. Their main alliance is able to hold as many as 49 members, but before they regrouped all their players into it, they only had about 25 players. HW KnightsofNi is another example. FF Elite can hold 43 players, but now only holds 24. If this keeps us then the remaining players will be playing on a ghost server. It will be impossible to start a new alliance and grow strong for newer players, all the players will already have an alliance. Another alliance is MARI, they got so small they were forced to merge.

It is obviously a not a matter of people, USA server has 60,000 players. So here's what i propose; for a month (or more) at least International 1 should be made the default serve again. It should be enough to restore the population of International 1.

For the (Hopefully) last time, please GGS, save International 1
Level 70
Bobbysbro @ world 1



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  • 123guy123guy Posts: 2,956
    edited 02.06.2014
    How many of these threads have you made? As for saving int1, I would rather be on a server for my own country.
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  • NuriWarrior (INT1)NuriWarrior (INT1) Posts: 577
    edited 02.06.2014
    Can you stop making these threads? This is like the 5th time i've seen this.
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