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Everwinter Glacier-Burning Sands - Fire Peaks

ColdetColdet Posts: 4
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My list of Daily tasks has only 3 items left, Namely the Everwinter Glacier-Burning Sands - Fire Peaks tasks.

How or what must I do to unlock these quests?
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  • jollyjack82jollyjack82 Posts: 6,105
    edited 21.05.2014
    be lvl 25 to go to ice 35 for storms burnin is 40 and 50 is peaks
    jollyjack8 @ en1 - Recruiter of New Vision
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  • Muqsit (INT1)Muqsit (INT1) Posts: 1,433
    edited 21.05.2014
    Hey! Coldet, This daily challenge is not actually unlocked. But you will be able to do these once you unlock the corresponding kingdoms.

    For eg. when you reach level 25 and unlock Everwinter Glacier and defeat the Barbarian Tower with the required level in THAT kingdom then you will be able to complete that task. :)

    Ask me if you need anymore help!
  • ColdetColdet Posts: 4
    edited 22.05.2014
    Thanks Guys - Strange that I could not find that informationm
    Coldet @ WWW 1
  • ImmortusImmortus Posts: 48
    edited 22.05.2014
    In the bottom right corner of your screen you have a horizontal list of tabs, the icon on the far left is a small circle divided into 3 triangles; red white and blue. If you hover over it, it will say 'Map of the Kingdom'. Click that and you will see a map with continents locked up in chains and each will be labelled with a level you need to be to unlock it. Once you reach that level you must donate the requested amount of resources/coins to unlock it fully (which is also a quest for each one)
    Only then will you be able to start a new castle in that kingdom and attack that kingdom's version of a robber baron castle
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