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Random Shadow attacks?



  • Peanut22 (US1)Peanut22 (US1) Posts: 98
    edited 21.05.2014
    we are still getting more inbound. at least 476 troops and full tools, and as large as over 1200 with full ruby tools. This makes 9 in about 1 1/2 hours.....very strange.
  • sick duck (DE1)sick duck (DE1) DE1 Posts: 714
    edited 21.05.2014
    We defended ~15 shadow attacks today, too.
  • omasteromaster Posts: 72
    edited 21.05.2014
    Has to be GGE because no way anyone could afford or coordinate this over sooo many servers and alliances on both sides of the spectrum
  • IamLegend5IamLegend5 Posts: 4
    edited 21.05.2014
    Has started happening to me and my alliance today as well on INT1
  • qoeqoe Posts: 75
    edited 21.05.2014
    nice try GGE,

    should try to be more subtle next time.

    Please everyone spread around the words to your server not be provoked by GGE fail attempt to make alliance war with each other over RVs
  • NerijusbielskisNerijusbielskis Posts: 7
    edited 21.05.2014
    it can not be other player who want to take rv. use 1000 attackers for stone rv in ice?? and same with all alliances?
  • Graylen (AU1)Graylen (AU1) Posts: 154
    edited 21.05.2014
    8asterds here. We have just defended against 2 significant shadow attacks on RVs. 1200 with 500 tools and 550 with 400 tools.
  • Diggy DogDiggy Dog Posts: 25
    edited 21.05.2014
    4 happening on rv's right at this moment
  • tumeke (AU1)tumeke (AU1) Posts: 55
    edited 21.05.2014
    1280 shadows, with full iron mantlets on the flanks and ruby siege at the gate... For a food rv...in glaciers..?
    Either there's a really eager lv25, or a gge prank
  • jasper22 (INT1)jasper22 (INT1) Posts: 277
    edited 21.05.2014
    CM Malreyn wrote: »
    Well, this is certainly one of the stranger theories I have heard on the forum............

    If your RV's get attacked by shadow troops then it's simply another player probably looking to move in on your RV, or get rid of your troops some someone else could take it (or just for fun).


    Ethan I is very likely that it is a multi-server coordinated action of a bored gamer but considering this is happening to multiple alliances in int 1 and as reported on this thread is happening in other servers all at the same time it is a bit suspicions.
  • Peanut22 (US1)Peanut22 (US1) Posts: 98
    edited 21.05.2014
    It does seem to be focused on players that are not online at the time the attack is sent.
  • zeque (SKN1)zeque (SKN1) Posts: 97
    edited 21.05.2014
    We had a pair of shadows hitting to the second ie both hit times were excactly the same.

    And oddly enough the hit time was something like 12.35.37. So why would two players time their shadows to the sec and then time them like that instead of lets say 12.30.00

  • Sheogorath4Sheogorath4 Posts: 7
    edited 21.05.2014
    hahah really you guys are trying 2 tell us you guys are not doing this hahahahaha
  • EelcoNoblemanEelcoNobleman Posts: 44
    edited 21.05.2014
    GGE, stop these shadow attacks, it is not other lords it is you. you know that as well ethan. Don't wreck the game like this. This is by far the worst thing you can do. Robber barons ok, you can attack and they can attack, but attacking a shadow troop is not fair, we never had any and all of a sudden all people are having these, doesn't make sense hence it is GGE.

    STOP it
  • EelcoNoblemanEelcoNobleman Posts: 44
    edited 21.05.2014
    Ethan, Don't lie you know the truth, to many posts all of a sudden, this is GGE . is this revenge vbecause of the war complains GGE received???
  • DannyG (INT1)DannyG (INT1) Posts: 12
    edited 21.05.2014
    GGS sure do like to keep their customers angry and upset, so funny to see a company act like this
  • Seraph (ASIA1)Seraph (ASIA1) Posts: 55
    edited 21.05.2014
    We've had 7 shadow attack on rv's in the last 2 hours, this is getting silly!!!
  • SabeFurtive7 (FR1)SabeFurtive7 (FR1) Posts: 424
    edited 21.05.2014
    Hello people,

    I would just like to inform you that the same thing is going on for the french server. Therefore, it cannot be a player doing all of it.

    Screenies of the french server:


    (My team on the server, but much more people are being victims of it)

    Some people (not me) have noticed (from the french server) that it is happening on other servers as well:

  • OTG (AU1)OTG (AU1) AU1 Posts: 49
    edited 21.05.2014
    Is it possible you could check with the deveolpment team and see if they are not 'testing' these RV attacks as a sort of new RBC hit?

    It would be good if these random shadow attacks on RV's could be looked into. Our alliance has never had any of these before and now two within two hours. Just too much of a co-incidence I think.
  • Dompa (SKN1)Dompa (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 29
    edited 21.05.2014
    Now we're getting multiple attacks on same rv :/ This is really getting ridiculous!

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