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Discussion Thread: War Declarations and Tribute Demands



  • erik93erik93 Posts: 1
    edited 20.05.2014
    this war update is the worst ever happend in the game
    when it stays i wil , after 3 years of fun, stop with the game

  • kiddy1kiddy1 Posts: 2
    edited 20.05.2014
    I'm not happy with this update,
    I do have a alliance with my family, but now we're forced to join another alliance, we don't want this!!!
    This is no fun if you're always in a war!!!
    I hope you'll change it back to normal!!!!!
  • Akhil50 (IN1)Akhil50 (IN1) Posts: 4,347
    edited 20.05.2014
    GGE ,What are you Blind or Deaf, more than 126 pages of complaints and still you are hearing not a thing??
  • ghost61ghost61 Posts: 4
    edited 20.05.2014
    Well Thanks a pant load GGE this is just going to make everyone life much more enjoyable. so far today twice at war. Want to do a RV swap?? ITS WAR. Fail a sabotage. WAR. Attack another Aliance WAR. Seems to be a pattern here but I just can't quite figured it out DANG it. Oh well mabey GGE will and let us know there intentions. Then mabey we can all go to WAR.
  • tmm777tmm777 Posts: 70
    edited 20.05.2014
    GGE's intentions are MONEY and LOTS OF IT!!! NOT COOL!!!
  • SepticusSepticus Posts: 4
    edited 20.05.2014
    Well said!
  • pugsley37 (ASIA1)pugsley37 (ASIA1) Posts: 51
    edited 20.05.2014
    Thank you GGE for helping me to save money.... I have spent hundreds on this game but now there is no way i will spend another dime. I cant because all i am going to do is lose what i spend with war so good luck everyone i am done until it is fixed.....
  • Red Dragon9Red Dragon9 Posts: 60
    edited 20.05.2014
    OK, so some one at GGE is too arrogant to admit they've made a big mistake. Someone's pride is more important than the customers. That is when companies begin to fail.

    How are people getting round this?

    Do we have a full time "war-ender"? A big alliance told me they've had to end 20 wars in the last few hours. All without tribute being paid.

    Or do we just accept that we'll be at war with everyone. How then do we know who we're really at war with?

    I assume no one is paying tributes because of GGE arrogance? Especially, big alliances, please don't demand tribute from small alliances. (Having noticed that most players, and almost all alliances, operate fairly, I can't see this happening.)
  • inMiscAnnus (US1)inMiscAnnus (US1) Posts: 575
    edited 20.05.2014
    No no no!!!

    The update I don't care! It's cool high five gge!

    But get these stupid war declare peace blah blah out of my mail box and keep it in that aliance thing.

    You have just broken the In game msgs. Unless u expand the inbox to 500.
  • Suscl1 (US1)Suscl1 (US1) US1 Posts: 18
    edited 20.05.2014
    I will not spend another dime on this game and I have spent a lot of money up until now..........this is greed, pure greed.
  • wingnutwingnut Posts: 25
    edited 20.05.2014
    If you had thought of better trigger point for auto war declaration like RV theft or multiple attacks on same person from one alliance may of been good idea.
    But you picked things than come with daily tasks and collecting honor and glory points not things we want to wage war over.
    Makes goodgame seem out of touch with what players want and how we play.
    If you cared what players think you would give us list of possible updates and let us vote on them first.
  • edited 20.05.2014
    With this update i wonder if GGE want players to quit the game.
    If you want players to quit the game and after that close it, this is the best update ever.
    But if you don't want players quit this game, the only way is to revoke the update.
  • R3DHE4D (NL1)R3DHE4D (NL1) Posts: 18
    edited 20.05.2014
    The number of wars and peace offerings are overwhelming, this update sucks.

    I hope GGE will remove this auto war nightmare ASAP!
  • sesslesessle Posts: 2
    edited 20.05.2014
    th new update is rubbish and this will game will become very corrupt
    i aint buying rubies agsinill leave this game if the new update is not called off
    no one can attack we'll lose honour and glory!
  • Imtheone2Imtheone2 Posts: 1
    edited 20.05.2014
    You are totaly right, the worst update ever, amen.
  • northernhawkowlnorthernhawkowl Posts: 10
    edited 20.05.2014
    How are you supposed to do daily tasks?? The updates before were pretty bad but this is just ridiculous.
  • Thy MotherThy Mother Posts: 14
    edited 20.05.2014
    I am just curious who in their right mind thought automatic war declarations from one off attacks was a good idea?

    Our alliance has 65 members and is very active. We have started at least 10 wars this morning and have pretty much stopped attacking for now (i.e. not spending as many rubies) because it creates such a hassle. Honestly, I don't care in the least about Tribute demands but at least let alliances decide who to declare on and when.

    Please fix this update as soon as possible so we can all get back to playing the game the way it should be played.
  • QuelanaQuelana Posts: 1
    edited 20.05.2014
    The game is dying, and then you release an update like this? Ive seen so horrible updates, but this one takes the cake. This update has pushed the game to two extremes: 1. A constant state of war, or 2. Farmville simulator, in which nobody attacks anyone.
  • kajacro (GB1)kajacro (GB1) GB1 Posts: 218
    edited 20.05.2014
    Surely it is up to the Alliance leaders when and against whom to declare war. Enough said.
    Please revoke this ill-considered update.
  • joost321 (NL1)joost321 (NL1) Posts: 52
    edited 20.05.2014
    GGE you succeeded . More wars????
    WW 3 is whats going on right now.

    We will not attack other players, spend rubies, buy rubies till this update is gone.
    within a few hours our warscreen is filled, without any attack of our alliance...nicely done and very realistic
    before the day is over we probably are in war with everybody.

    I seguest to plan another hotfix tomorrow morning and do with this update what it is good for from the beginning trash it and burry it so deep it can never surface again.
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