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Petition To Stop Update



  • Punknown3Punknown3 Posts: 2
    edited 19.05.2014
    Auto war declarations X(

    I sign this petition as well.
    Punknown @ WWW 1
  • jimmytaylorjimmytaylor Posts: 2
    edited 19.05.2014
    This new upgrade will make many leave

    It will never work as no one in the game wants endless wars
    GG already brings in a fortune this is a way of making players buy more often as conflicts are expensive

    Dont Fix what isnt Broken
    jimmytaylor @ usa 1
  • DylrobDylrob Posts: 20
    edited 19.05.2014
    2 away from Terrible but I ceased attacking others as soon as the update was announced, the decision for going to war is not a frivolous matter and a big part of diplomacy and interaction between all alliances concerned.
    Taking that out of our hands and instead creating auto-war is ridiculous and will be time consuming to extricate ourselves from, we do have lives/jobs, this is a game it should not be another job.

    Good to see rubies removed from update but it's not enough, bin the damn thing.
    Do not support it and will not be buying rubies, attacking/sabotaging others till it's gone.
    Hitching wooden tools up to my tractor and off to visit robber barons.

    Don't appreciate the sheer number of ruby offers you've been ramming down our throats since this joke of an update was announced either.
    Dylrob @ en 1
  • Lenzabi (US1)Lenzabi (US1) Posts: 2,517
    edited 19.05.2014
    The auto-wars = fate out of our hands
    Lenzabi @ usa 1

    No longer liking GGS games.

    To Captain Dunsel!
  • Domina EquitiDomina Equiti Posts: 15
    edited 19.05.2014
    I sign this to say NO to the Update.
    Domina Equiti @ au 1
  • Boris BlankBoris Blank Posts: 2
    edited 19.05.2014
    I sign this to say I am against the War Declarations and Tribute Demands Update.
    Boris Blank @ au 1
  • Xtrail_AJ2005Xtrail_AJ2005 Posts: 16
    edited 19.05.2014
    I sign as this removes the FREEDOM of the players to determine the action to be taken by an attack or Sabotage.
    Xtrail_AJ2005 @ au 1
  • ed eagleed eagle Posts: 1
    edited 19.05.2014
    I sign chuck it out
    ed eagle @ au 1
  • Ando1228Ando1228 Posts: 2
    edited 19.05.2014
    SageKey2 wrote: »
    Please sign the petition to revoke the upcoming update. Do not leave spam. Thank You

    I speak on behalf of Uknighted and we oppose the changes. Some will leave the game.
    My yearly ran out today. I won't spend cash till I know what is happening.
    Ando1228 @ au 1
  • Annicatten2Annicatten2 Posts: 1
    edited 19.05.2014
    I vote no to this updat!
    Annicatten @ skn 1
  • RulerTazzy (AU1)RulerTazzy (AU1) Posts: 1
    edited 19.05.2014
    I sign the petition to stop the update.
    RulerTazzy @ au 1
  • cwpjr (US1)cwpjr (US1) Posts: 20
    edited 19.05.2014
    sorry ethan not good enough auto war will do no more then cause headaches and mass confusion no thanks. you want more attacks to happen which can turn into war make it against the rules to have subs do away with allies and naas there are 10,000 plus castles out there you dare not attack because they are friends of the alliance or under "protection" as an independent alliance its hard to find someone to attack hit the wrong one and you have 500 attacks against you and your alliance
    cwpjr @ usa 1
  • Lord FallLord Fall Posts: 326
    edited 19.05.2014
    I already got an alliance bullying my alliance, this update will actually let them have more of a benefit. I don't know if I signed it already but I will sign it again.
    Proud Non Ruby Buyer and Leader of BRAVE IMPERIAL
    Lord Fall @ WWW 1
  • edited 19.05.2014
    As a member of Royal alliance I sign the petition to stop the upcoming update, I will not purchase rubies until the update has been prosponed, and will be livid with goodgame studios.
    Liam the great1, Treasurer of Royal alliance of au 1 server
  • spudgunspudgun Posts: 6
    edited 19.05.2014
    I am against the new updates as I believe it will cause people to leave the game.
    spudgun @ en 1
  • Daniel R (AU1)Daniel R (AU1) Posts: 12
    edited 19.05.2014
    I'm against an update which promotes bullying and takes away the freedom of players.

    Daniel R @ au 1
  • devstey2devstey2 Posts: 96
    edited 19.05.2014
    I sign for myself and for The Immortals on aus1
    devstey @ au 1
  • kirdnem (AU1)kirdnem (AU1) AU1 Posts: 20
    edited 19.05.2014
    I vote no update
    kirdnem @ au 1
  • angelena (AU1)angelena (AU1) Posts: 2
    edited 19.05.2014
    I am against this update.
    angelena @ au 1
  • KatieLMG (AU1)KatieLMG (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11
    edited 19.05.2014
    I sign for myself and my alliance. I continue to refuse buying rubies while GGE go on disrespecting players.
    KatieLMG @ au 1
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