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Discussion Thread: War Declarations and Tribute Demands



  • edited 18.05.2014
    Well I am done. As are a lot of players I know. Thank You for turning a fun game into a lesson in extortion. I hope it all comes crashing down in the next few months.
    NefariousBEC @ usa 1
  • BudHed (US1)BudHed (US1) Posts: 16
    edited 18.05.2014
    I for one, will never, ever, submit to a blackmail attempt(tribute) to any other player. I will quit playing before that happens. At least concerning rubies. I'm not giving my hard earned money away to anyone. I agree with a boycott on ruby buying, until GGS comes to thier senses.
    BudHed @ usa 1
  • edited 18.05.2014
    I started playing this game after seeing the commercials on TV. Never in the commercials did it mention that it was a pay to play game. I do not care how they try and explain it, that is what it makes this game. It benefits the strong and hurts the weak. Rubies (that cost actual money) to end a war. Better change your commercials to pay to play because if you do not then it is false advertising which is illegal.
    NefariousBEC @ usa 1
  • edited 18.05.2014
    They say that some alliances demand rubies as a donation. So what if they do and you can afford it then do it. If not then do not join that is solely your decision. With this update you will be required to donate rubies to any alliance. Rubies to pay off strong attacking alliances. Rubies that cost real money. So if you really get down to it GGE is extorting real money from players which is highly illegal.
    NefariousBEC @ usa 1
  • gentailgiantgentailgiant Posts: 9
    edited 18.05.2014
    I have been playing this new game called Forge of Empires today. I will be joining that game full time and I encourage everyone here to check it out. So far a lot more fun. It let's you control your troops during battle and instead of outposts/RV's you can take over whole sectors.
    gentailgiant @ usa 1
  • KeldorKeldor Posts: 9
    edited 18.05.2014
    You came up with an excellent idea with the strength numbers while setting up an attack. a couple of days later you take it away. Now we have no way to see what the strength of the indians are in Storm Islands. Bad decision
    Now you tell us we are automatically in war if we attack someone or fail a sabotage. Bad decision.
    You have a boatload of folks telling you reasons why your proposed update on Monday is not desired and will probably cause them to leave the game...yes, a game... I do not need this. I want this and would like to continue, but I have almost a 100% agreement to boycott buying rubies, and if you implement this on Monday, then they want to quit the game. While battles are a part of the game, you initially said this was a game of strategy. No strategy when we get a new player who makes a mistake and attacks a higher level player of a 65 person alliance only one or two of which are less than level 70 players. That will kill any alliance except for the big 4, bullies alliances. They order the rest of us around or else. And when we don't do what they say, they attack us and cause us to just about start the game over or spend all of our coins/rubies/whatever to rebuild. After weeks of rebuilding (since we cannot be on the game always since some have jobs or are in school), we get hit again and have to do it all over again. That doesn't make a game fun at all. But you know that. I am just another one trying to get your attention to let you know that I don't want you to make another bad decision. I have had enough of them. I will recommend to all my members to boycott the purchases until you fix your minds and get your thinking straight. It has been said enough and said well enough for you to get the picture. Now, what are you going to do on Monday again???????
    Keldor @ usa 1
  • KeldorKeldor Posts: 9
    edited 18.05.2014
    And one more thing. My member sub alliance member Johnboy7 contacted you over 2 weeks ago about a glitch which did not give him the `100% or 200% ruby bonus when he purchased them. He still has not heard from you regarding not getting what was offered. He spent the money and didn't get what was offered. He is ready to quit for that. This monday update will be it for him and others as well.
    Keldor @ usa 1
  • haukonhaukon Posts: 62
    edited 18.05.2014
    My prediction....there will be no more neutral, might as well remove the status from the game...everyone will be red except the true NAAs and if a simple little mistake is made between two NAA alliances....they will be red too. Who would agree to pay rubies to another alliance to stop them from abusing them...I agree, players will quit long before that would happen.

    This is a pro bully scheme. Imagine what the super power alliances that promote chaos(no need to name) will be doing. I am preparing my alliance right now to be at war with everyone within a few weeks.......
    haukon @ usa 1
  • kirdnem (AU1)kirdnem (AU1) AU1 Posts: 20
    edited 18.05.2014
    Amazing the way GGE does not listen to negative feedback - arrogant fools

    Many alliances have already left and are playing Alliance Warfare.
    A huge jump in membership there and they don't make changes for the profit bottom line and listen to player feedback
    Will be looking at joining the others there and saying goodbye to a once great game ruined by greed and idiots that think they are too far above there customers to listen
    Wonder how long this will remain before being deleted :-)
    kirdnem @ au 1
  • Caitlynn14Caitlynn14 Posts: 3
    edited 18.05.2014
    We are at 1807 posts - at post #900 was a Sociological interesting reply of” Don't worry it can only go up to 50%” - Does anybody remember the "sorry I need to Shock you for the wrong Answer"? Well I'll be curious on who will push the Tribute Button - I'm going to be DARN curious who is the first Alliance to Demand it And why they thought they would deserve it...And the oooh we will treat you to a free non-ruby 60 sec completion - sorry folks lining up in second grade taught me a 5 min patience rule. But in their own words “You Don’t Have to”
    Caitlynn14 @ usa 1
  • edited 18.05.2014
    A who has heard from GGS?
  • edited 18.05.2014
    GamerKufun wrote: »
    A who has heard from GGS?

    Posts: 20,407
  • KleisKleis Posts: 1
    edited 18.05.2014
    Bad idea, every ally will be at war with eachother, and the game will die
    hope it dosn't be realized
    Kleis @ skn 1
  • mj4jesusmj4jesus Posts: 12
    edited 18.05.2014
    what! automatic war just for attacking one person that's not right . I'll have to make sure that my aliance can take the aliance of the person I'm attacking. Glory hits will be unfeasible . it will be way hard making sure we don't take a downfall .
    this thing aboutother aliance being able to force you to give them rubies and gold. If this update goes through i don't know if I'llbe playing anymore!

    mj4jesus @ usa 1
  • fresh8fresh8 Posts: 101
    edited 18.05.2014
    i think there is a very simple way that we should all as players should do .

    very simply stop buying rubies full stop for 1 month no matter what is offered off the back of that take to face book and twitter and any other social media site broadcasting about the following

    wheel of not so fortunate - advocating gambling for under age children - i am sure it is illegal !!

    and then now the pay to play, pay to attack, pay to get out of attacks, pay to war pay to get out of war,PAY PAY PAY -

    where is the fun in that?

    if it is put in place Monday that will be it for me i think i will not be buying any more rubies and once the rubies i have run out i will see where we are and what to do from there if nothing has changed i will bid a fond farewell!!!
    fresh8 @ en 1
  • Orbolus (US1)Orbolus (US1) Posts: 26
    edited 18.05.2014
    As this update merely formalises the historical concept that an attack or deliberate sabotage against one's castle is an act of war, I welcome the enhanced atmosphere of competitive realism, of a submissive tribute from the subjugated swine who has caused offence. A few splinters are bound to fly in a time of war, and as a King, I see that few dare to do what I dare to do, as most are weak and content to follower, or worse : republicans.
    Well done GGS to enlighten the unimaginative and historically illiterate.
    King Harald salutes you . . . +{:~)}

    I think I agree. I think it fantasy to believe that attacks and sabotage are not acts of war. I am also quite interested to see how this affects the play of the game.
    Orbolus @ usa 1
  • mimikwlmimikwl Posts: 2
    edited 18.05.2014
    I think that the automatic declaration or war idea is stupid. Because when you ask to go for a non aggression agreement you lose some of the alliance funds, which people have invested in and it will be annoying to lose those earnings.
    This is my opinion if you don't like it i am OK with that but if you agree be sure to reply with your opinion. I am ready to read.
    mimikwl @ au 1
  • mimikwlmimikwl Posts: 2
    edited 18.05.2014
    apparently the update goes up tomorrow.
    mimikwl @ au 1
  • edited 18.05.2014
    it's crazy to GGS do not care about their customers :/

    it's pretty fun to see the GGS make the game SO expensive. I'd like to know why NOT make it cheaper to play so they can get more customers :) I can not understand the people behind the GGS

    In short,

    GGS pissing on us

    money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money is ONLY WHAT GGS will GARDEN: (
  • ArthusXArthusX Posts: 48
    edited 18.05.2014
    91 pages later, it should be painfully obvious that if this update go through, staggering number of players will quit the game for good.

    Updates go live soon, Goy!

    GGE, if you really care about money, you will not go through with this. I doubt you're even reading the negative feedbacks in this thread, but by chance if you do, you will not let this update go through.

    As a side note, please consider future changes based on opinions belonging to someone who ACTUALLY PLAY the game, and not from someone who's (most likely) happen to be a higher-up in the company and is only there because (s)he has connections and never played the game. <--- I've seen so many big firms failing because of people like these
    ArthusX @ en 1

    Good Defense
    Bad Defense

    Learn the difference, it could...it will save your life!
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