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Petition To Stop Update



  • DragonriderdanDragonriderdan Posts: 126
    edited 17.05.2014
    Add me to the list, along with the rest of AoD.
    Dear GGS,
    It's too little too soon. We don't want any of this update. Thank you for having the decency to get rid of auto declarations, but we don't want tributes either.
  • Lord Redfox (US1)Lord Redfox (US1) Posts: 127
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign on behalf of Glory Reapers.

    We have already had two players leave because of this dumb update.
    Glory Reapers Head Diplomat
  • edited 17.05.2014
    LOL...bookmarked the site that is posted above. Competition entering the market to get a share of it. Gotta love capitalism!
    Kathleen Brough @ usa 1
  • cloakedgolum (GB1)cloakedgolum (GB1) Posts: 23
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign on behalf of myself, an occasional ruby buyer, but soon to be a NEVER buy rubies player.
    cloakedgolum @ en 1
  • moomoo12moomoo12 Posts: 1
    edited 17.05.2014
    Stop the update!!!
    moomoo12 @ usa 1
  • Gorzo (US1)Gorzo (US1) Posts: 2
    edited 17.05.2014
    Please stop he update.
    Gorzo @ usa 1
  • DgagneDgagne Posts: 1
    edited 17.05.2014
    Not interested in the update. Stop the update
    Dgagne @ usa 1
  • RicoSuave4RicoSuave4 Posts: 2
    edited 17.05.2014
    This update will ruin the fun of the game. Please reconsider.
    RicoSuave @ usa 1
  • mb73992mb73992 Posts: 790
    edited 17.05.2014
    well i am a ruby buyer at times and i will stop altogether and my alliance and i feel this is the worst update in history!!!!!! if it goes through i will just hit deserted castles with no alliances
    mb7399 @ en 1
    1st of december is ian ho day dont attack any1 for the day and spread the word
    leader of templars
    Proud to b irish
    You'll never beat the irish
  • SoC-DSCAT0 (US1)SoC-DSCAT0 (US1) Posts: 19
    edited 17.05.2014
    Stop the update
  • ARSLAN13ARSLAN13 Posts: 178
    edited 17.05.2014
    Stop the update

    Prince Level 50 Honor 2473

    Proud to be a General of Team Dark Legion
  • GeoteraGeotera Posts: 5
    edited 17.05.2014
    AoD S.G.S. adamantly opposes new updates. GGE needs new heads in their 'Think-Tank'
    Geotera @ usa 1
  • GeoteraGeotera Posts: 5
    edited 17.05.2014
    Nay to the updates !
    Geotera @ usa 1
  • Melanie40 (US1)Melanie40 (US1) Posts: 57
    edited 17.05.2014
    I have spent too much time and money on this game to watch this kind of garbage happen. This game is wrong and their greed is getting ridiculous. I will not purchase rubies or attack anything but rbc's and towers from this point on until this upgrade is vacated and stopped!
    Melanie40 @ usa 1
  • Melanie40 (US1)Melanie40 (US1) Posts: 57
    edited 17.05.2014
    petition signed by me
    Melanie40 @ usa 1
  • ghost61ghost61 Posts: 4
    edited 17.05.2014
    first time I EVER felt so strongly about something Such a stupid Update. Ruin the game for us. And yes I but Rubies. NO MORE till this is repealed.
    ghost61 @ usa 1
  • LegendarySamuel (SKN1)LegendarySamuel (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 3
    edited 17.05.2014
    I am against this new update.
    Many of the latest updates seems only be for Goodgame to draw more money from us players.
    LegendarySamuel @ skn 1
  • angie9400 (GB1)angie9400 (GB1) Posts: 8
    edited 17.05.2014
    On behalf of Dominion we stand united against the War Declarations and Tribute Demands, non of us will buy rubies until GGS revokes the update.
    angie9400 @ en 1
  • Axi2Axi2 Posts: 2
    edited 17.05.2014
    will quit too
    Axi @ usa 1
  • Kook9000Kook9000 Posts: 1
    edited 17.05.2014
    you put this in. I am out.
    Kook9000 @ usa 1
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