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Petition To Stop Update



  • Delirious Delo (AU1)Delirious Delo (AU1) Posts: 4AU1
    edited 17.05.2014
    If this update goes through I will not continue to buy rubies. I just may decide to leave this game all together. I know a few people are already going to leave this game just for the consideration of this update. Add me to the list to stop this update
    WarriorDelores @ usa 1
  • LadycharLadychar Posts: 150
    edited 17.05.2014
    If this update goes through I will not continue to buy rubies. I would also consider quitting this game.
    Lady Char ,always a lady :)

  • Hadosrocks22Hadosrocks22 Posts: 6
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign this petition for myself and all members of the Midnight Crows
    Hadosrocks22 @ au 1
  • deadly soulsdeadly souls Posts: 16
    edited 17.05.2014
    i sign for myself and ill try to get my alliance to sign also:)
    deadly souls @ usa 1
  • rocknrobin (US1)rocknrobin (US1) Posts: 2
    edited 17.05.2014
    I am signing this petition for The .Untouchables. , Untouchables2 and Untouchables3. I am personally boycotting. I will no longer buy rubies. This game is getting too expensive, no one can afford to play.
    rocknrobin @ usa 1
  • olaff (US1)olaff (US1) Posts: 4
    edited 17.05.2014
    I dont support this update!!! I think its bad for the game,bad for the player and the players alliance...PLEASE dont go through with the update or i might forget how to buy rubies....till the end a-w
    olaff @ usa 1
  • Dreyfus (US1)Dreyfus (US1) Posts: 5US1
    edited 17.05.2014
    Count me in on the petition
    Dreyfus @ usa 1
  • Hagar4Hagar4 Posts: 1
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign this petition along with my alliance Royal Guards sub of Elite Guards. We do not support this update. Why would GGE want to take from those that buy rubies with MONEY. Stop the UPDATE!
    Hagar @ usa 1
  • alan462alan462 Posts: 4
    edited 17.05.2014
    as leader of orion we will not buy rubies if this crap update is put in place, and most if not all members will quit the game
    alan46 @ au 1
  • Crusader9 (GB1)Crusader9 (GB1) Posts: 1
    edited 17.05.2014
    This petition has my total support and no further rubies will be bought until this update has been cancelled indefinitely
    Crusader9 @ en 1
  • mill3mill3 Posts: 1
    edited 17.05.2014
    On behalf of myself, I vote no to the proposed change. I buy rubies to spend as I see fit. An auto withdrawal would not be acceptable.
    mill3 @ usa 1
  • ARSLAN13ARSLAN13 Posts: 178
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign also

    Prince Level 50 Honor 2473

    Proud to be a General of Team Dark Legion
  • BlueDog2BlueDog2 Posts: 10
    edited 17.05.2014
    Signing on behalf of myself only.

    going into immediate ruby buy out strike, that autowar update is just pure nonsense, not enough with having lost my armor tools while moving them from realm to realm then you announce this.

    seriously GGS what is wrong with you? who told you this was a good idea? I see my days on this game numbered
    BlueDog @ en 1
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign this petition on behalf of me and Royal kings,

    I also request all of you to put the hash-tag #Reverse the Update! on your signatures
    Adventurer King

    High Kings deputy.


    A level 1 on the world map, seriously?

    I reached a 100 posts!
  • Shrock2Shrock2 Posts: 182
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign this petition.
    Shrock @ in 1

    Eternal lurker of this forum.
  • Kyle Ludwig WuKyle Ludwig Wu Posts: 1,053
    edited 17.05.2014
    This Update will ruin one of the main aspects that constituted our community - the Diversification of alliances and collectives.

    BSK-75 @ en 1

    We are the Battle Sacred Kittens :D
    (for whom who really want to know the exact meaning of BSK, PM me ingame :P)
  • ninja352ninja352 Posts: 5
    edited 17.05.2014
    i sign this update and will no longer buy rubies or ATTACK anyone. :huh:
    ninja35 @ au 1
  • Lord Aln (AU1)Lord Aln (AU1) Posts: 32
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign this petition

    Cancel this update now!
    Alan Venamore
  • boe 5 (NL1)boe 5 (NL1) Posts: 1
    edited 17.05.2014
    i dont like the update
    boe 5 @ nl 1
  • Beryll (GB1)Beryll (GB1) Posts: 17
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign this petition it will totally ruin this game. please listen to us.
    Lady Beryll, Velocity
    Beryll @ en 1

    The day may dawn when fair play, love for one's fellow men, respect for justice and freedom, 

    will enable tormented generations to march forth, serene and triumphant from the hideous epoch in which we have to dwell.

     Meanwhile, never flinch, never weary, never despair.

    "There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds."

    G. K. Chesterton

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