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Discussion Thread: War Declarations and Tribute Demands



  • FakeyBFakeyB Posts: 19
    edited 17.05.2014
    The most active thread I have ever read on this forum, and indeed, still no CM or mods...

    I, and my alliance are against the War Declarations and Tribute Demands Update. Please see sense GG!
    JioCash wrote: »
    Give out a big round of applause for all our supportive protesters.

    Arch Angel777,
    + 7 guests
  • dragonking777dragonking777 Posts: 11
    edited 17.05.2014
    i don't like the update
  • TallestTallest Posts: 10
    edited 17.05.2014
    You people are idiots. Go ahead with this upgrade and enjoy your new lower membership. I for one will boycott everything that has anything to do with GGS.
  • tmm777tmm777 Posts: 70
    edited 17.05.2014
    Yeah that's it my boys left comments here in protest of this update!! We don't support it, we never will and come Sunday we all are no longer playing this game. GGS open your eyes, wake and smell the coffee, get a clue would you!! No one wants this update, NO ONE!!!
  • contrilioncontrilion Posts: 328
    edited 17.05.2014
    wtf 74 pages ok no one wants this update it would seem lol i understand they are trying to add realism but its a game sometimes too much realism spoils the fun
  • WiglemaWiglema Posts: 205
    edited 17.05.2014
    When creating a peace offering, Diplomats of an alliance (those with the rights) will now demand or offer a Tribute.
    The leaders are the ones who decide whether the alliance is willing to pay the Tribute.
    (Underlines added by me.)

    Are both statements correct? If so, how does that work?
  • beansrgoodbeansrgood Posts: 5
    edited 17.05.2014
    amazing with all these real comments you are still going to apply update gge, are you all dense of just plain ignorant? updates are to better the gaming experience and please your many customers. have you not seen the reaction and what your about to do? its obvious your greed has taken control of your ability for reason
  • Emporer Hagi (GB1)Emporer Hagi (GB1) Posts: 77
    edited 17.05.2014
    I must say all the people saying be more constructive?

    I get the sentiment but really we are talking about something that is absolutely not in need of changing.
    If anything its in need of tweaking (I think its fine how it is, but im not against trying minor changes) but im afraid the most constructive I can be is if its not broken....don't fix it

    The tribute without ruby and a cap? fine no worries...good Idea
    auto war? and ruby tribute to end war, at the same time????, well im afraid they give the game away as to the true intention of the update, which is fine, its a business at the end of the day.

    Well I have a way that everyone wins, GGS DONT CHANGE THE GAME
    consult properly
    allow us to vote on aspects
    give us what we want...then I will be spending the same , probably more

    and regardless of constructive criticism, rubys ARE money as they cost money so I don't like the idea of them being bullied out of people.
    if you could take a large amount of resource? something that would have an impact, but does not cost real money? that's different.

    But AS SOON as you bring that "fantasy" war Idea and couple it with money, you make it tangible to the rest of peoples lives, and it actually becomes physically (im convinced you could make a case in a court of law in the UK) extortion.
    I personally find that promotion of "mafia" protection racquet mentality very sinister to say the least.
    oh sorry it IS a WAR game...yeh well whilst extortion/tribute clearly happened in medieval period so did torture, sexual crimes, massacres, murdering of first born, witch burning etc are you gonna put those in for the benefits of "realism"?? of course not, its repugnant.............. and so is this!
  • dawn20023dawn20023 Posts: 1
    edited 17.05.2014
    Yes this is a very bad idea. or is this just your way of cutting down the number of ppl that play on here.. cause it will work
  • bobblethoughtbobblethought Posts: 7
    edited 17.05.2014
    i hope this doesn't happen it will be extremely annoying while trading rvs and ops
  • beansrgoodbeansrgood Posts: 5
    edited 17.05.2014
    maybe you can just ban us all for insulting your update before we all quit
  • MeetyMeety Posts: 12
    edited 17.05.2014
    I think there should be more working examples of how this will work. I am not a big spender of rubies & I tolerate the fact that the game is designed for ruby buyers, GGE have to make money.

    I am loathe to just quit, as I have spent money on this game & dont wwant to waste it.

    "....Tribute is a percentage of the Alliance Funds, i.e. raw materials, coins and rubies, which one demands or offers in order to officially end the war...."

    Does it have to include rubies? I mean can you just offer a 1% tribute of wood? (nothing else)

    I dont particularly like the new inclusions, but in some ways - there is scope for white peace to bring relief to smaller alliances should the bigger alliance be willing to accept. There are fair play policies that big alliances adhere to - i.e dont attack burning castles, attack with 10 levels of your own ranking etc, is GGE banking on big alliances not extorting smaller alliances? I mean what stops any alliance saying we will steal RVs, we will capture active Outposts, we will attack burning castles???
    Interesting - if it goes the way some folk are saying - I will lose interest (not before I get to lvl 70 anyway) - lol
  • beansrgoodbeansrgood Posts: 5
    edited 17.05.2014
    emporer hagi hit the nail on the head well put my friend
  • ncrebel8ncrebel8 Posts: 2
    edited 17.05.2014
    this update will kill the majority of your customers off.
  • arcee62arcee62 Posts: 485
    edited 17.05.2014
    we got 2 days to stop this update any ideas
  • Prime JulesPrime Jules Posts: 7
    edited 17.05.2014
    I wish to join my voice to say this update is horrible. I can find NO redeeming factor here.

    I will add I find it hypocritical as well. GGE has a censor against "bad words." This was good until I found what they are. KILL is a "bad war" - in a war game they dont want you to say KILL. But you can blackmail people now. You can have someone - accidentally or on purpose - start a war by doing the GGE "nobility" contest that requires you to sabotage players. It is OK in GGE to sabotage. In fact, it is a daily task. But you cant say "KILL". you must find a better way to describe the troops that are gone - poof.

    How is "threat" for a word? "Blackmail"? "Abusive behaviour" you like that set of words? This new update promotes all those things - and then pretends to be a civil game because you cant say "kill".

    I will be joining those who are not buying rubies anymore - at least until this new "enhancement" is REMOVED. I challenge GGE to give a good reason these enhancments will NOT be abusive. I would love to know what your Producer was thinking.
  • TovenaarTovenaar Posts: 4
    edited 17.05.2014
    Insane. If the tribute and automatic declaration of war features are installed, then we are done. And once we've moved onto something else, we won't be back. Suicide, not matter how hard you try to rationalize it.

    Gameplay is a delicate thing - hard to get right - easily destroyed. Let history be my judge. In the meantime, I won't be buying rubies until I see the direction this takes.
  • Rashawn2 (US1)Rashawn2 (US1) US1 Posts: 3
    edited 17.05.2014
    i will never buy rubies again thanks for screwing up the game so bad i hope you all go broke quick fast and in a hurry
  • arcee62arcee62 Posts: 485
    edited 17.05.2014
    why do we need this update it so insane
  • Prime JulesPrime Jules Posts: 7
    edited 17.05.2014
    I suggest all players - NOT PLAY this weekend. Let GGE look at their numbers on Monday. And perhaps ask themselves why. Then possibly they will see this thread. And take us seriously.
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