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Petition To Stop Update

SageKey2SageKey2 Posts: 92
Please sign the petition to revoke the upcoming update. Do not leave spam. Thank You
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  • dylan42 (US1)dylan42 (US1) US1 Posts: 158
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign for the entire LOF: Front Line as none of us will be buying.
  • coolman1012coolman1012 Posts: 257
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign for myself.
  • tmm777tmm777 Posts: 70
    edited 17.05.2014
    I am signing on behalf of my alliance City On a Hill!! We do not support this update and will not buy rubies.
  • Nightengale8 (US1)Nightengale8 (US1) Posts: 11
    edited 17.05.2014
    MB Alliance does not support this update. Do not ruin the game we all love.

  • SinistereSinistere Posts: 2
    edited 17.05.2014
    As leader of AoD Eradication we also find this new update to be a step in the wrong direction. My members are upset and there will be boycotting of ruby purchases.
  • bobblethoughtbobblethought Posts: 7
    edited 17.05.2014
    i sign up and i'll try to get my alliance in too
  • arcee62arcee62 Posts: 485
    edited 17.05.2014
    im signing up name arcee62
  • ktreenbean13ktreenbean13 Posts: 276
    edited 17.05.2014
    ktreenbean13 signs this petition
  • edited 17.05.2014
    I sign this petition along with my entire alliance. We have agreed that this is going kill the entire game.
  • MoldFloMoldFlo Posts: 65
    edited 17.05.2014
    MoldFlo agrees and signs this petition.
  • FakeyBFakeyB Posts: 19
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign this for myself and my Alliance. This is going to kill the game.
  • rulernbrown2rulernbrown2 Posts: 1,009
    edited 17.05.2014
    Rulernbrown II signs your petition
  • icequeen8000icequeen8000 Posts: 25
    edited 17.05.2014
    I sign this for my self a ruby buyer if they do the update i will not buy anymore ruby's , it is the new update is wrong !!
  • shazoo2shazoo2 Posts: 133
    edited 17.05.2014
    on behalf of Heavenly Hosts, we too sign this petition, and pledge to declare war on GGE the moment this "update" hits the game, no more rubies will be bought, and most of us will have our accounts deleted.
  • Twin Flush (US1)Twin Flush (US1) Posts: 1
    edited 17.05.2014
    Add me to the list.
  • edited 17.05.2014
    I am opposed to this update and will not play a game that encourages extortion.
  • Leo LordLeo Lord Posts: 2
    edited 17.05.2014
    stop this update !!!
  • TheBeav088TheBeav088 Posts: 13
    edited 17.05.2014
    On behalf of The Nantuckets, I too am signing this petition. This is a ploy to strong arm your loyal customers into purchasing rubies. It is immoral and unethical. I, along with my entire team will not buy a single ruby if this update goes through. I have also heard much talk of people leaving the game if it goes through. Think it through GGE. You stand to lose much more than you will ever gain from this. For those of you working at GGE, I would suggest touching up your resume's. You may find need of them very soon.
  • AvatarreAvatarre Posts: 2
    edited 17.05.2014
    If this update is to go through, it will make a lot of people very unhappy, and I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to quit the game if this happens. Add me to the list to stop the update.
  • WarriorDiamond7WarriorDiamond7 Posts: 3
    edited 17.05.2014
    i would also like to sign this petition to stop this upgrade. it is wrong and is intended to encourage ruby buying and spending. i will not play a game that encourages extortion so will be leaving the game if this goes through .
    warriorDiamond deputy The Nantuckets
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