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My email to suport

edited 16.05.2014 in Off Topic
Please describe the problem.

Im here to convinse you not to get this new up[date uploaded.

Here is what the proplem of the update is there are no other problems apart from this:
Automatic Declaration of War

If a member of an Alliance attacks a member of another Alliance, or fails a
sabotage attempt, a state of war will automatically be triggered between the two

This is not going to help GGS and GGE improve its going to make them become one of the
worst gaming companies.

There are too man wars as there are and a CM on fourm said "We are trying to get more
wars". That is ridiculous. There are already too many as it is with anoth players
leaving the game because of wars. And this is just gonna get tons of people leaving.

People on fourm have said that if this is added they will quit the game. My alliance
have said the same.

Im not saying that you should takje wars out of the game im saying more wars would be
a problem with even more players qutting making your company a failure.

Please aprove my idea and i would like a reply as soon as possible. And as we are at
it, ill quit if i dont get a reply and if this is not took away from the update!


Look at the reply: Hello,

A new ticket has been created and will be processed as soon as possible.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 10 to 18 CET.

In order to help us resolve your issue on first contact, please ensure that you provide the name of the game, your player name and the site you play on in your mail. In addition please provide us with the game world/instance that you play on. This information can be found on your login screen. It is possible to enter this information after you have sent your ticket by replying to this mail.

If you have a new request and/or new information regarding this case, please always put the
ticket number in your email subject.

In case you don't want to wait for an answer, team up with other players, check the newest updates
and discuss our games on our official forums:

Then my reply back: This has NOTHING to do with that! I want an answer to do with my message. Im and angry GGE customer.

this is a LOL GGS
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  • tmm777tmm777 Posts: 70
    edited 16.05.2014
    Go get'em those robotic auto generated email replies! Wow!!! Can't even get a real live breathing human to respond! Sad Just sad! sniff sniff
    edited 16.05.2014
    tmm777 wrote: »
    Go get'em those robotic auto generated email replies! Wow!!! Can't even get a real live breathing human to respond! Sad Just sad! sniff sniff

    LOL i know complete idiots.

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