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Origin recruiting - new alliance (English)

VwanVwan Posts: 1
I'm looking for active members to be the first to join my alliance - Origin

I spawned in a fairly awkward place so I may be moving to 0:0 lol. I'm not too sure but I would have thought that alliance members should be fairly close to each other? :/

Anyway it's an open alliance for the time being - my in game name is Vwan :D
Vwan @ en 1
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  • edited 19.04.2014
    Hi Vwan

    I have sent you a proposal in-game to your inbox.
    If you are interested in my idea, I would be more than happy to help you progress in the game.
    My alliance ( The Orcs and our new feeder The Orcs 2 ) are already situated at the edge of the map and there is plenty of space to expand peacefully.

    Message me in game if you are interested

    S J P G
    Orcs Alliance - War Marshall
  • Lori24Lori24 Posts: 10
    edited 10.05.2014
    Hi S J P G I'm ready to join you now I think I have pretty much everything covered. I'm still using Lori24
    so if you could sent me an invite.
    Lori24 @ usa 1
  • TattooguyTattooguy Posts: 6
    edited 11.05.2014
    Am I and Shufflers 2 being played Lori? You tell us your accounts have been locked out and you needed to start new accounts but under the forum your working deals to move your Lori24 castle to another alliance.
    Tattooguy @ usa 1
  • edited 11.05.2014
    Lori24 you are NOT on my server still. Are you joining or not
  • polecat1 (US1)polecat1 (US1) Posts: 1
    edited 12.05.2014
    yea lori whats the deal
    polecat1   DL:  REVELATION

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