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missing troops

winter131winter131 Posts: 1
edited 21.04.2014 in Technical Assistance
:( I lost troops when the server went down April 20 2014 at5:30 est. What can I do about it.
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winter131 @ usa 1


  • Capn JackCapn Jack Posts: 2
    edited 21.04.2014
    I lost over 3000 from 2 castles as well
    Capn Jack @ usa 1
  • martha quinteromartha quintero Posts: 3
    edited 21.04.2014
    i lost troops progress on castle and rubies
    martha quintero @ usa 1
  • martha quinteromartha quintero Posts: 3
    edited 21.04.2014
    and ispent money on the rubies what is going to be done
    martha quintero @ usa 1
  • KeenanxboxKeenanxbox Posts: 1,640
    edited 21.04.2014
    im missing 86 glory which would turn me to baron:S
    Keenanxbox- War Marshall @ Free Kingdoms

  • LordJacob2006LordJacob2006 Posts: 2
    edited 21.04.2014
    I emailed tech support, but have not received a response. I had just won an attack, but none of the troops on their return path returned. Lost men and the loot. Please tell me they'll make this right?!
    LordJacob2006 @ usa 1
  • Daniel DegudeDaniel Degude Posts: 1,645
    edited 21.04.2014
    probably not.
    i contacted support over some issues over a month ago.
    still no response...
    edited 21.04.2014
    I lost 441 troops that were out on a support mission. Who knows what else was lost... If they do not make this right there would be some pretty valid arguments for charging back ruby purchases...
    FASTEDDYFELL @ usa 1
  • RedBone5RedBone5 Posts: 6
    edited 21.04.2014
    I had 900 troops at a members main and outpost for support. When the server restarted they were gone all the troops were not at his castles and not traveling and not back at my castle. They just vanished but I did not see a magician out in front of the castle.
  • BGOCKBGOCK Posts: 5
    edited 21.04.2014
    Yup, i lost several hundred during a support mission as well. :(
    Emailed tech... but... :huh:
    BGOCK @ usa 1
  • Colossus (US1)Colossus (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    edited 21.04.2014
    I am missing the troops from several attacks and the food from a transport. Although my food consumtion has dropped by about 1500 I am unable to gather in stocks now, what will happen if 300+ troops are returned while I am AFK and there is insuficent food left?
    Colossus @ usa 1
  • SimcityDestroyr (US1)SimcityDestroyr (US1) US1 Posts: 11
    edited 21.04.2014
    I lost troops also, sent 1500 vets to help defend lost 100 at the most but now the troops are nowhere to be found. Yes this happened when the server was down
    aoenoodle @ usa 1
  • curlbrah (US1)curlbrah (US1) Posts: 1,358
    edited 21.04.2014
    way to ruin easter sunday gge!
    curlbrah @ usa 1
  • mentula207mentula207 Posts: 31
    edited 21.04.2014
    same here. i lost everything that would have returned from an attack on a cultist tower. all my troops and the loot. but i was playing and they did retur, the loot gave me enough for an extension of the wall, so i did it. and that is gone too. for me only the peaks was effected, as far as i could tell. oh, and i sent food to the peaks too. that's gone.all of which i saw arrivve at the castle.
    mentula207 @ usa 1
  • mentula207mentula207 Posts: 31
    edited 21.04.2014
    colossus, this happenned to me once before. when support finally was ready to make good on it, they sent a msg that food was my problem. since it took so long for them to offer to fix it , i had already recruit the troops back and had to decline the offer. i suggest u waste the coin to get the troops out and put food into the black, or their help whenever it might come will be a disaster. or just send troops to attack for food and try and get support to send new troops to a different castle.

    my problem is that mine were king's guard that i had been building up for a month. they cannot be replaced.
    mentula207 @ usa 1
  • edited 21.04.2014
    i lost about 800 troops that were out on support or returning from attacks.
    playing4food @ usa 1
  • Corvus AlbusCorvus Albus Posts: 5
    edited 21.04.2014
    I have lost my travelling knights and a lot of other premium troops. They were out just returning from a victory.
    Corvus Albus @ usa 1
  • D1237 (US1)D1237 (US1) Posts: 193
    edited 21.04.2014
    I have lost my travelling knights and a lot of other premium troops. They were out just returning from a victory.

    I lost 1k macemen (regular ones luckily hehe) returning from a victory around that same time 5 or 6 pm Eastern Time on 4/20 - USA 1 server. X(

    Its weird they are just gone and my alliance mate lost 400 troops in a similar situation where the report just plain disappeared (I still have my report and sent in pics etc to support). Well see what happens, I hope I can at least get the coin value back or maybe even the troops! :huh:

    I feel sorry for those who lost good troops like tks or KG. That would be aweful . ;(

    My report pic even shows my alliance friend complaining about how he lost troops. Now thats hard to fabricate!
    D1237 @ usa 1

  • dreamtree (US1)dreamtree (US1) US1 Posts: 1,366
    edited 21.04.2014
    curlbrah wrote: »
    way to ruin easter sunday gge!

    If the Grinch steals Christmas does GGS steal Easter?! .... GGS is uglier than the Grinch though :P
    Lv 70 dreamtree @ usa 1! This account is best described as a tree in a large forest...
    @ international 1! @ international 2! @ English 1! Those accounts are retired.
    500k might points. I know. A lot of people have higher. Wow, now I have have over 700k... 

    Yay! A nice reward!

  • nightienightie Posts: 6
    edited 21.04.2014
    well I am just going to add to this thread.

    I lost about 70 kings guard troops as well as some other random troops (singles and small groups that were left over from a couple of events) that were traveling from one castle to another when the server went down. I hope they will be replaced soon.

    I lost some vet swordsmen another time when the same thing happened, server went down while I was stationing them at a different castle, and they were replaced in a short time.
    nightie @ usa 1
  • NickycaloochNickycalooch Posts: 7
    edited 21.04.2014
    i lose 265 melee defenders that i send as a support troops.I need my solders back
    Nickycalooch @ WWW 1

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