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Send support with 1 commander or divide ur support over more commanders???

Vinny4 (NL1)Vinny4 (NL1) Posts: 5
edited 11.04.2014 in Players ask Players
hey everyone ,

i have a question.. first off all forgive my english from time to time :))

When you are attacked by a player , you're percentage of fighting power of you're guardian of that castle, does it count for the wall and in the courtyard ??

OR when you get support from you're alliance members , do their commanders percentage help you out in the courtyard??

So if their fighting power also helps you in the courtyard , is it better to send for example 3 times 300 soldiers then when you send 1 full support of 900 soldiers??

personally i think it is ONLY youre guardians fighting power that will count towards wall and courtyard , and ur support commander doesn't help you at all , but i heard from some people that they would also help you out.

Looking forward to everyones input in this !
Vinny4 @ nl 1
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  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 11.04.2014
    The castellan (guardian as you call it) in your castle give strength bonuses to your units, through ALL the battle, it means they get castellan bonuses in the courtyard the same way they do in the walls.
    Of course they do not get wall, gate or moat bonuses in the courtyard, only the extra power bonuses (melee and ranged)

    Commanders DO NOT give bonuses if the units are supporting another castle, only the castellan from the defender does, the commanders do make the units arrive faster and cheaper (if applicable).

    In your example, it is the same sending 900 soldiers in one or 3 armies when supporting, but you will waste 2 extra commanders you might need. After all, the castellan of the defender is what gives power bonuses.
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  • hamonryehamonrye Posts: 124
    edited 11.04.2014
    Your castellan only counts for your battles. When someone sends support there commanders don;t matter and no percentage is added onto the fight. You do get the upper hand with possibly more soldiers when you get support but thats about it.
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  • Vinny4 (NL1)Vinny4 (NL1) Posts: 5
    edited 11.04.2014
    thank you for you're quick reply's , that is what i thought , but i wanted to make sure !
    also thanks for the word castellan haha, i've been poundering on how i had to call it in english , guardian was the best i could come up with! thanks again.
    Vinny4 @ nl 1

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