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RyKoZRyKoZ Posts: 27

Hey guys welcome to the reign of High Kings. Feel free to post nanything here other than insulting and making others bored
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  • RyKoZRyKoZ Posts: 27
    edited 08.03.2014
    Hey guys i am just the treasurer but in behalf of my alliance i want to say we are recruiting.

    Above lvl 10
    Honor 1000+
    Active looter & must donate every week
    Experienced and ruby players welcome

    If interested contact /king Govind or any deputy if you msg anyone else u will be directed to do the same.
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 08.03.2014
    This is ::HIGH KINGS:: We have fought wars against alliances better than us and worse, but we've won all.
    A high king is a king who holds a position of seniority over a group of other kings, without the title of Emperor; compare Great King and King of Kings. A high king is a king superior to other kings.
    We are ::HIGH KINGS::
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 08.03.2014
    Hi guys I'm the war marshal and all I want to say is that if you want to join ::HIGH KINGS:: be prepared for war cause we don't stand anyone's nuisance.
  • RyKoZRyKoZ Posts: 27
    edited 08.03.2014
    Ya and here are some simple attack steps
    1. Spy on the castle you are about to attack and also see if his alliance member castles are close to him.
    2. Ih his alliance members are close automatically assume they will defend him.
    3.After this see the number of melee troops he has, say 50 mace men then send about 55 minimum melee macemen. And say 50 crossbowman then send minimum 55 crossbowmen.
    4. After this see his wall if his defence is 100-0-0 then on your first wave send 1 troop in that flank and in second wave send a strong attack on those soilders.
    5. Then assess his tools and wall like in level 4 walls there is automatic plus 80 defence without tools so u need minimum 8x ladders to overcome it same way see the strength of his tools and assume he will put a few more and then use your tools.
    6.Dont bite your fingernails while waiting for the attack to land.

    :P enjoy
  • dvajasviedvajasvie Posts: 1
    edited 08.03.2014
    well i think every one knows how to attck i mean most of the player except new player but new players visit forum very rarely
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 09.03.2014
    We will post new info. soon...
  • RyKoZRyKoZ Posts: 27
    edited 09.03.2014
    OK well if you know attacking then here is a few tips on defending too
    1. Always when you are online keep your walls at 0-0-100 or vice versa. And keep changinf it every half an hour so if ny1 espionages you there report will expire.
    2. Depending on the attack manage you defences.
    3. Remember melee kills ranged easily and ranged kills melee easily so manage the melee ranged ratios likewise.
    4. If it is a weak attack then take on the frontal and flanks so that you will get the 30% copurtyard bonus and if it is strong then target and take out only one flank.
    5. Have some popcorn while you wait for the attack to land.

    :) enjoy
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 09.03.2014
    Developing Your castle

    Now resources are very important in this game, that's why before you reach level 10 make sure you pass this checklist

    5 Woodcutters
    5 Stone Quarry
    5 Farmhouses
    5 Dwellings

    Public Order-More than 50

    In military, another checklist
    1 Hideout
    1 Stronghold
    3 Guardhouses
    2 Taverns
  • RyKoZRyKoZ Posts: 27
    edited 09.03.2014
    i would say increase farmhouses to minimum 8.
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 10.03.2014
    The wars, ::HIGH KINGS:: fought
    Order Phoenix War
    [IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Ila\Desktop[/IMG]
    Look at what we did of that coward Deatheater and of his alliance.
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 10.03.2014
    Recruitment for ::high kings:: Is closed for now.
    We are only taking ruby players and players with very high honors.
    Once recruitment opens, we will take only level 25+ players with level 5 barracks.
  • RyKoZRyKoZ Posts: 27
    edited 14.03.2014
    guys recruitment is clsed for now we only accept people who we invite and if u r level 30 or a ruby player contact our leader or deputies and no one else and then we will let you know
  • RyKoZRyKoZ Posts: 27
    edited 15.03.2014
    Well latest here order pheonix asked us to stop the war and the leader has sworn his allegiance to us and joined his sword with ours
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 27.03.2014
    Guys, here are a few attack tricks;)

    1) Make enough defensive troops, and then send attack, or the next day, you'll see your castle burning like hell!
    2)Use tools to your advantage, not disadvantage-Use tools only to reduce the defensive power of the defense tools!
    3)If there are no defenders, DONT USE TOOLS!
    4)Have an ice cream while waiting for your attack to land.
    5)Keep lots of coins before you send an attack, so if you lose lots of troops,you can always make more, make 50 50 defensive and attacking army, melee AND range.
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 05.04.2014
    make only 50% meal and 50% range defensive army and don't make any attacking army in castle
    only make attacking army if you don't have any outpost

    make only attacking army of meal or range and try to not making defensive army
    because very less players will try to attack on outposts for honers

    make 70% or more % of defensive army and if you want you can make attack
  • edited 05.04.2014
    Wow, you guys seem strong. Can you help me? The is a Robber Baron Castles next to me that has been attacking me without stop. Can you defeat him so he will leave me alone!
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 06.04.2014
    Well, David the Greek, if Robber Barons keep attacking you, you should attack them continuously
    And the advantages of attacking King of Robber Barons is that -
    1)You get good loot(1k-10k coins)(or even more...)
    2)You get 7 days protection from Robber Barons.
    And before those seven days are over a new king rises, defeat him.

    Pleased to clear your difficulty.
  • abhiyonabhiyon Posts: 803
    edited 07.04.2014
    You kings are high ?
  • Adventurer KingAdventurer King Posts: 222
    edited 08.04.2014
    Yes, we are ::HIGH KINGS:: so we are High!

    And I can see you are a bad boy!
  • edited 13.04.2014
    Hey dude, what about space?

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