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mozzie (AU1)mozzie (AU1) Posts: 2
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When upgrading buildings at outpost do they count towards your quests?
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  • MollyChandlerMollyChandler Posts: 57
    edited 08.03.2014
    No, recruitment & building quest can only be completed in your main castle.
    MollyChandler @ WWW 2
  • coli3coli3 Posts: 3
    edited 08.03.2014
    once u capture an outpost is it yours, can u start upgrades, do u start to get resources
    coli @ usa 1
  • cat402cat402 Posts: 830
    edited 08.03.2014
    Yes, you can start to get resources and build in outposts, but you have to caputre them first. Get a food outpost first. As for the buildings:

    Attachment not found.
    And once you get to kingdoms:
    Attachment not found.

    Sorry about the attached thumnails, I uploaded the wrong pitues the first time and it somehow made then thumnials and I can't figure out how to get rid of them.
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