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Nobility Contest Bug

sky03sky03 Posts: 3
edited 17.02.2014 in Technical Assistance
This morning when I logged on I had completed the requirements for the nobility contest to get the park. I clicked the check box and the window popped up to ask where I wanted it placed. I made my selection and clicked the check box. Then an error popped up saying invalid object. My park is no where to be found. Please get this fixed and make it right. LOTS of bugs lately which is NOT good!
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  • Elspeth6Elspeth6 Posts: 4
    edited 16.02.2014
    I don't know if I'm reading it correctly or not but the first park is 10 points and I received that one. the next park comes at 30 points, I have 46 no park. If I read it correctly I should have gotten a second park but didn't
    Elspeth @ usa 1
  • deepfriedcat (GB1)deepfriedcat (GB1) Posts: 250
    edited 16.02.2014
    Have you checked the decoration storage at all castles?
    deepfriedcat @ EPICNESS en1

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  • Elspeth6Elspeth6 Posts: 4
    edited 16.02.2014
    ok Thanks!! I went to my castle in EW and it wasn't in the storage but tucked in between buildings and only a bit was showing and I didn't see it thanks again
    Elspeth @ usa 1
  • cairngormcairngorm Posts: 2
    edited 16.02.2014
    I had the same problem. no garden and I have over 50 points. Same thing happened to me as it the first post. The garden is not showing in any of my castles/outposts nor in the storage area.
    How can I get the resolved?
    cairngorm @ en 1
  • Steven1724Steven1724 Posts: 175
    edited 17.02.2014
    My Nobility Contest won't even open up!!! Thanks to all these bugs!!!
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