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ModeratorWe are always on the lookout for talented people to join the team. That means you! If you think you could help us organise and inform the community while entertaining everyone then apply. We need people to help out on the forum, behind the scenes with announcements, on Discord and on our other Social Media channels.

If this is something you think might be of interest to you, HERE

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  • superturbo4superturbo4 Posts: 424
    edited 01.02.2014
    Okay, so why did I just put that in my signature?

    He's trying to get a Canada server
    Superturbo4 @ Usa1 level 61. #Thedreamliveson

    ''How'd I get over there?''
  • DemonSage (US1)DemonSage (US1) Posts: 1,392
    edited 01.02.2014
    But the Cms denied a new server, so in order to support him we put "#TheDreamLivesOn" in our sigs.
    Proud leader of:

    #1 Anti-Forum Fan of Aidan952 and voted best Arc-Nemesis for 2013-2014. Yeah, you can call me awesome.
    Please help expand our free GGE Encyclopedia by editing or adding a few pages, it's a privilege really:
    #TheDreamLivesOn @ Canada 1
  • Eric768 (US1)Eric768 (US1) US1 Posts: 7,183
    edited 02.02.2014
    hanzolo5 wrote: »
    I did it...for the children

    *gazes at sky*

    For the children..........

    Beautiful, tears.
    Proud to have been one of the longest serving members on USA1
    Advocate of speaking up regarding mental health and seeking help
    ***Currently Retired from playing GGE***

    Rest well Jason; a fantastic player and an even greater person. Gone but not forgotten.

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