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Resource Transport via Overview screen

MrBumpMrBump Posts: 1
edited 03.12.2013 in Technical Assistance
Since the update earlier today, seems to be a problem with Resource Transport via the 'Overview' screen.

Click 'Economy' icon in bottom right of screen, then click 'Overview' icon. This gives you the 'Castle Overview' box, which lists all your castles and outposts.
On the right hand side of each castle/outpost there are green 'Resource Transport' icons.
Regardless of which icon is clicked the resource transport is always from my castle to my outpost (I currently only have 1 of each). Previously it would take into account which icon was clicked and set the 'from' and 'to' locations accordingly.
I guess if you have more than 2 castles/outpost it should at least set the 'to' location correctly.

Still works OK when going to world map and selecting the castle/outpost to send resources to... but I find it a much slower method.

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MrBump @ en 1


  • solveig (SKN1)solveig (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 25
    edited 03.12.2013
    You are Lucky, that you can send at all. I bought exstra carrige Space, and now I have an error code 109, missing carrige, when I try to send ressources, and I checked, that I only loaded the carriges I have.
    solveig @ skn 1
  • Peter John (US1)Peter John (US1) US1 Posts: 837
    edited 03.12.2013
    It's was a bug that BEFORE you can transport correctly in the economy overview windows (and shame on you all that exploit the bugs), so now they "fix" it. Nice job GGS, that on every update you ALWAYS "fix" the "bug", super-sarcasm-:thumbsup:.gif
  • FighterCalinda (US1)FighterCalinda (US1) US1 Posts: 29
    edited 03.12.2013
    same problem with me bought the extra carts and now i cant transport gives me error 109 missing carriage
    FighterCalinda @ usa 1
  • red-attack (NL1)red-attack (NL1) Posts: 8
    edited 03.12.2013
    I can not stranport carriage , the go alway's to the same kastel
    red-attack @ nl 1

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