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Ian's Day



  • Ginger SnapsGinger Snaps Posts: 32
    edited 01.12.2013
    Bumped up for Ian.
  • VampirejunkyVampirejunky Posts: 111
    edited 01.12.2013
    Ian, I never knew you but I send my deepest sympathy to Helmania Musks and moreso your friends and family in this difficult time.

    Rest in Peace Ian x x x x

    This is me in my Halloween Costume ^_^
  • Wesker3Wesker3 Posts: 1
    edited 01.12.2013
    I personally never crossed paths with Ian but from what I’ve read I wish I had of. I sincerely hope this game brought him some happiness, I hope it helped brighten, if only a little, his remaining days.

    I and my fellow alliance members at Tranquil Tears will be honoring the temporary armistice.

    By the sounds of it, this game has lost one of its finest and most decent players. Above all, thoughts are with Ian’s friends and family.

    RIP Ian.
    Wesker @ en 1
  • Vastan (INT3)Vastan (INT3) Posts: 550
    edited 01.12.2013
    Guys.. all of you are amazing. Let's make today a day of celebration.. Ian would have wanted people to celebrate, he would have wanted everyone to realise what matters. We love you all.. thank you so much.
    White Hayes @ en 1
  • CiderjarCiderjar Posts: 28
    edited 01.12.2013
    If you would like to donate and give Ian a mention then please do, I will be donating 10p for every pound donated because Ian was worth it.....
    Ciderjar wrote: »
    This may be cheeky but I played alongside Ian and would be honoured if you donated to my Movember appeal in his name.


    All proceeds will go directly to Movember


    Your donation will support world class men’s health programmes that combat prostate and testicular cancer. These programmes, directed by the Movember Foundation, are focused on awareness and education, living with and beyond cancer, and research to achieve our vision of an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.
    Movember Europe is a registered charity in England and Wales (registration number 1137948 ) and Scotland (registration number SC041981)

    CJ (Ian Ho's Treasurer)
    Ciderjar @ en 1
  • PETE 2PETE 2 Posts: 4
    edited 01.12.2013
    Going on up to the Great Castle in the Sky

    Rest in peace buddy
    PETE 2 @ en 1
  • Sir KimmallottSir Kimmallott Posts: 1
    edited 01.12.2013
    Ian's brother Cole (Cole15player) is in the survival bros alliance. We are honoured to participate in the Ian's Day Ceasefire. We would like to extend our prayers and condolences to Cole and his family. God bless you.
    Sir Kimmallott @ usa 1
  • CiderjarCiderjar Posts: 28
    edited 01.12.2013
    bump-diddly-bum-bum bump bump
    Ciderjar @ en 1
  • NigelMolesworthNigelMolesworth Posts: 3
    edited 01.12.2013
    Ian would NOT have wanted less attacks. He would have wanted MORE.

    He'd hate for people to be quitting the game for a while "because of him."

    You want to honor him - play harder!
    NigelMolesworth @ en 1
  • TheEddTheEdd Posts: 4
    edited 01.12.2013
    R.I.P Ian Ho from the lads and ladies at Bemrose UK
    its me its me its.... E....D....D

    Don't be a lemon, be a rosebud
  • thomasthetankthomasthetank Posts: 1,024
    edited 01.12.2013
    R.i.p ian very greatly missed to bad grizzly6 did not get the messaeg and is attacking
  • masterplanmasterplan Posts: 2
    edited 01.12.2013
    R.I.P Ian

    HonorVictory will be sending no attacks today
    masterplan @ en 1
  • masterplanmasterplan Posts: 2
    edited 01.12.2013
    Just a thought but we get hold of ethan or someone who could have an input on the next update. To include an Ian Ho memorial p/o item for their castle. We could even purchase it with rubies and the donations going to canceruk. Just an idea
    masterplan @ en 1
  • FighterThehopsoFighterThehopso Posts: 157
    edited 01.12.2013
    See you when i'm dead
    FighterThehopso @usa 1

    I am the fight so join it
    The fight is not necessarily battle the fight can be for good or for the worse either way I WILL CHOSE WHICH FIGHT IS THE RIGHT ONE
    my profile lol

    Cool idea
  • Emperor Scott 1Emperor Scott 1 Posts: 532
    edited 01.12.2013
    masterplan wrote: »
    Just a thought but we get hold of ethan or someone who could have an input on the next update. To include an Ian Ho memorial p/o item for their castle. We could even purchase it with rubies and the donations going to canceruk. Just an idea

    I like it
    See you when i'm dead

    not funny
    Proud Leader Of The Imperial, again.

    Level 42

    The Gold Wheel on my Coat of Arms represents the state's value of the lower class workers who are the power behind the economy. The red back ground is of survival and courage of the New Kievan people.

    Emperor Scott 1 @ EN1
    Emperor Scott 1 @ USA1

    Canada1 #The Dream Lives On

    If you have suffered a loss at an point. clickHERE

    And if your idea is trading coins or rubies, click HERE
  • martincy (GB1)martincy (GB1) GB1 Posts: 135
    edited 01.12.2013
    BEMROSEUK is supporting this. i spoke to iam a few times about F1 racing. a very nice man. our thought are with his family.
    must add, GRIZZLY6 sent attack this morning on us, he lost of course. WE WONT HIT HIM BACK TODAY.
    out of respect to ian.
    full respect to all that have joined this ceasefire.

    all the best. R.I.P. ian theve took another great man to the skys.
    martincy @ en 1 proud founder of The Bemrose HQ.  Leader of Musketeers UK SERV. fair play guild founder.

  • Watto (GB1)Watto (GB1) GB1 Posts: 15
    edited 01.12.2013
    Grizzly 6 also attacked BSK AF overnight . .this guy needs removing from the game . .he also followed it with some pretty poor messages.

    markhalman of reapers is also on the list and will be dealt with.

    I have also been made aware of a player (unnamed as yet) from OF who not only attacked another player but also made derogatory comments re Ian!!

    We do not need players such as this on the server . .this is a game??!!

    BSK AF
    mrpwatto48user @ en 1
  • momikmomik Posts: 9
    edited 01.12.2013
    the 10th Legion misses you greatly, Ian Ho. even cancer couldnt stop you from being one of the greatest gamers!
    my condolences to the family and the alliance.

    M Khan
    momik - 10th Legion
  • Ieuan HopkinIeuan Hopkin Posts: 1
    edited 01.12.2013
    Rest in Peace Ian

    Midget are also taking pert in cease fire.
    Our condolences are with his family, friends and alliance

    You will be sadly missed.
    Ieuan Hopkin @ en 1
  • CiderjarCiderjar Posts: 28
    edited 01.12.2013
    Another lovely gesture from the 11th placed alliance - who are/were they anyone? ... of course THANK YOU MUSKETEERS!!

    Ciderjar @ en 1

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