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thanks for the tax chnge!

DenmanDenman Posts: 428
Thank you gge for the tax system change it is so much easier to do now and is a lot easier to use with my life. good bye the dred of the mussel memorised 10 minute taxes that I would have to wait till the time ran out to leave. this new system is so much easier though I would like to be able to double click on the keep to collect taxes as another way!
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  • Eric768 (US1)Eric768 (US1) US1 Posts: 7,183
    edited 13.11.2013
    It is nice they freshened things up, the only part I don't like is how you can collect taxes on the keep. It really serves no purpose to me, and I am used to clicking on the keep for defense setup.
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  • Urúvion (US1)Urúvion (US1) Posts: 13,858
    edited 13.11.2013
    Ya same here, half the people in the alliance I am in could not find the defense settings LOL.
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  • Emperor Scott 1Emperor Scott 1 Posts: 532
    edited 13.11.2013
    I find the new system a lot more useful, Well done GGS you guys have outdone your self. I hope this has the same effect on you as it has me: more and more beautiful profit. *Drools about money*
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