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Incorrectly spawned Metropolises / Missing Metropolis



  • Honda1Honda1 Posts: 20
    edited 23.10.2013
    I too lost resources and lost rubies as well in attempting to capture one of these metros. The one I tried for is on the list that i posted but which someone in GGE removed without any explanation to me. That post did not break forum rules and whoever removed it has not explained to me why my posts were removed.

    I too expect to be compensated for this with real money or rubies that equate to the exact amount you guys took off me.

    If you remove this post then GGE can expect a formal complaint.
  • Xtrail_AJ2005Xtrail_AJ2005 Posts: 16
    edited 23.10.2013
    With the number of updates Empire has undergone, GGS should be able to complete an update WITHOUT errors/mistakes that need fixing by now. This is getting absolutely absurd as to your intentions and ability to manage the balance in Empire - Each of these errors creates a bigger imbalance due to the intangibles that cannot be compensated & the imbalance that players are now in place - down Troops, rubies, resources, etc. This imbalance currently is likely worse than the removal of the Metropolises due to the number of players affected and the troops removed.
  • zeque (SKN1)zeque (SKN1) Posts: 97
    edited 23.10.2013
    Giselle3 wrote: »
    I'm absolutely shattered... I've stuck by GGS and their 80 million problems for years... I've seen attempted games be developed and then saw them crash and burn... I survived numerous ragey periods where I felt like fighting the good fight against asinine decisions against developers who didin't know and understand their own customers.... but this..... this I feel a dullness in me.....

    .....I am numb.

    I can't even rage.

    Know why?

    You aren't worth it.

    That my friend is one of the most accurate description of this situation I have read yet.

  • wonderwoman2451 (AU1)wonderwoman2451 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 19
    edited 23.10.2013
    Our alliance has lost one too, and at a cost of rubies and resources and our lot are NOT HAPPY either.
    How about you contact my alliance (Honoured Titans) and we can all complain together rather than separately (you know what they say about the squeeky wheel....)

    There was a glitch. The spawn fairy did the wrong thing and spawned too many of them in the wrong place, and instead of moving them for free, they deleted them and are saying that they will compensate.
  • philippe 1 (NL1)philippe 1 (NL1) NL1 Posts: 73
    edited 23.10.2013
    why are they gone all the resources the army and the expensive def tools are gone more than 100.000 rubies gone
  • snehal123snehal123 Posts: 2
    edited 23.10.2013
    I am writting this reply to your last HOTFIX 23.10.2013..

    i am a non ruby player , but was excited to hear about metro.. 1st round i couldn't capture due that my stable lvl was 1 , as i got the info to the coordinates about the new metro , i baught 32k rubies(INR 1000 rupees)without prime time just to upgrade my stables to lvl3 so that i could capture a tradining metropoils..
    CM MALREYN just tell what money r u willing to compentiate for the day,nigth and money spent on a game...

    OUR alliance Chakravyuh of indian server caught 14 capitols , most of them paid heavy tolls of rubies offcource baught by money..(to upgrade it)

    if ur willing to regenerate things like they were, or refund us for the time and money spent on it , that would really be nice of u all , otherwise many people will sue GGE in a court offcource..

    I hope to hear a reply from the Community Managers..
  • tailorkingtailorking Posts: 4
    edited 23.10.2013
    yeh but what about all the ones that bought rubies to chase down one and otherwise would have not bought rubies and all the reso all the alliances have sent to these tottally wrong if not compensated for buying rubies there will be alot of loyal players leave
  • legoman693651legoman693651 Posts: 400
    edited 23.10.2013
    I agree with giselle I have never ever seen so many players on the verge of quitting.

    I myself formally quit several weeks ago but when I heard of the new update I came back to help my alliances build and capture them, and now I don't have any reason to stay. wish I hadn't bought rubies to get my coin levels back up. Just when I thought the game could be interesting once more this happens
  • dougkillerdougkiller Posts: 106
    edited 23.10.2013
    ficher that wont work ppl who got metros first time will still buy and buy tones 100ks and stuth to build well
  • Ghostking (IN1)Ghostking (IN1) IN1 Posts: 35
    edited 23.10.2013
    we spend our hard core earned money for these bugs?

    we will say no to ruby untill and unless our removed metros will be restored to us back

    CHV- IN
  • Aulus MariusAulus Marius Posts: 17
    edited 23.10.2013
    What an absolute shambolic joke you are at GGE, you have stolen from the people who pay your wages, and have the audacity to put a message on forum after the you corrected your mistake to warn us. But hats off to you, you have pulled one of the best scams going I hope your all very proud of yourselves, because you make me sick.
  • adwait6 (IN1)adwait6 (IN1) Posts: 8
    edited 23.10.2013
    We want principal as well as interest on money spent.
    Also all those who tried to get the BUG METROPOLIS must get back their rubies, coins as well as they must get interest on it...
  • Hrishi3Hrishi3 Posts: 1
    edited 23.10.2013
    Even I lost my precious time and money on this Metro
    see the proof of it http://prntscr.com/1z63uh
    my army returning
    I also sent thousands of resources to Zack and GhostKing's Metros
    how are you going to compensate me
    looking forward for your early reply.

    India server
  • tailorkingtailorking Posts: 4
    edited 23.10.2013
    and a near divorce as i bought rubies just to try get one and all the reso to send to them how to they do this this is major we are talking thousands of dollars here
  • tailorkingtailorking Posts: 4
    edited 23.10.2013
    and a near divorce as i bought rubies just to try get one and all the reso to send to them how to they do this this is major we are talking thousands of dollars here

    How do you compensate the alliance members who used the merchant to buy res to send to the Metro!!??
    How do you compensate the alliance members who sent thousands of res to the metro!!??
    How do you compensate the players who dedicated all their time to upgrading the metro at the expense of everything else in the game!!??
    How do you compensate the players for taking away the newly found interest in this game!!??

    Do you guys have any idea what you have just done????

    That's a rhetorical question by the way...

    I can't imagine how you can fix this, but if you don't you will not get 1 more cent from me and I am sure I speak on behalf of many many players when i say that!!!!![/QUOTE]
  • risesheena (GB1)risesheena (GB1) Posts: 524
    edited 23.10.2013
    tomkippax wrote: »
    Hi Sheena, this was, you may not be surprised, an ironic comment.

    looking back .. i understood the irony in it, :-) pretty worked up for the moment :D:D .. how can they say it as a mistake when they put up 3 ruby sales and then merchant tent for everyone to just buy and spend... it is sham
  • SnakeTCSnakeTC Posts: 27
    edited 23.10.2013
    They simply cannot compensate for this... either put it back like it was or LOSE lots of paying customers!!! That is the choice...
  • Ollie2220Ollie2220 Posts: 78
    edited 23.10.2013
    The numbness is so true Giselle, it's set it. I don't even feel like caring? It's almost like I expected it, like I was never really on a high from capturing those metropolisis, it was all just a sham anyway. How does GGE mess up so badly. Seriously. And why remove them... I mean sure they messed up, but the removal of them is unnecessary surely.

    Why! Why remove them! It was a mistake, but oh well, it was almost a good one. The mistake was removing them. Certainly.

    I feel like they knew this.
  • tproy (IN1)tproy (IN1) Posts: 4
    edited 23.10.2013
    You better answer all our grief GGS or end up being sued in a court for this absolute blatant cyber crime
  • gecko13662 (INT1)gecko13662 (INT1) Posts: 100
    edited 23.10.2013
    We will contact the owners of the metropolises directly for compensation.
    so when will gge be contacting playes as I know 4 others in my alliance have not got messages from gge

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