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Incorrectly spawned Metropolises / Missing Metropolis



  • risesheena (GB1)risesheena (GB1) Posts: 524
    edited 23.10.2013
    tomkippax wrote: »
    Didn't you all get the circular released when GGS realised their error?
    On the day the extra metros spawned:
    'the metros released today were due to a coding error and will be withdrawn during maintenance tomorrow. please do not attack or capture'

    seriously tom? if that was the case why would people go for it.. why was there 3 ruby sales ? why was the merchant camp available? all accident or inadvertant chain of events which gge didnt had any control. when was the last time we had multiple ruby sales offers on the 12 hr stretch.
  • Xtrail_AJ2005Xtrail_AJ2005 Posts: 16
    edited 23.10.2013
    no wonder players are leaving the game with the number of "fixes" required from update mistakes......
  • legoman693651legoman693651 Posts: 400
    edited 23.10.2013
    take a look at the GGS thats a damn long list that you better get fixing
  • edited 23.10.2013
    Baldrick wrote: »
    What about everyone else who donated/supplied/supported/attacked/tried to capture? What do they get?

    I have asked the questions. Will post here with the information i get.

  • mightyady (AU1)mightyady (AU1) Posts: 48
    edited 23.10.2013
    CM Malreyn wrote: »
    Hi guys,

    There has already been an announcement about this made on the forums. If you were the owner of one of the removed metropolis then you will be compensated.


    well ethan when will we be contacted cause i blew through all my rubies for that metro and its gone and rubies are not all we lost the men in there are gone and all the resourses that were waisted not just mine but my alliance members aswell and the men i lost capturing the damn thing what about them
  • john7703 (INT2)john7703 (INT2) Posts: 4
    edited 23.10.2013
    my thought are fantastic until you guys strip people metros from thm tht they have spent good time and money on. im done with gge
  • legoman693651legoman693651 Posts: 400
    edited 23.10.2013
    Hey GGS perhaps you would care to explain this:

  • HeavyGhost (INT3)HeavyGhost (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3
    edited 23.10.2013
    we got one and gone after maintenance
    were is compensation for res and rubys spent on this . get your act togeather goodgame or change your name
  • Arbitrator (AU1)Arbitrator (AU1) Posts: 13
    edited 23.10.2013
    Before you removed each metro, did GGE calculate the value of what was built in each metro? I expect to be compensated for rubies I spent building things faster, actual ruby buildings built (ruby moat, watch tower level 2, bakery level 4, master builder etc) soldiers that were produced there - which I no longer have.. Coin spent on this metro.

    If I'm compensated anything less than what I spend I will be quite upset. I can understand you need to balance the game, and that is fine. But this bug wasn't rectified until 48 hrs after. You had 4 prime times over this entire period, that is the most I've ever seen in the time I've played this game.

    I'm very annoyed at how GGE handled this situation - there was no prior warning at all.
  • BBmart60 (US1)BBmart60 (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    edited 23.10.2013
    BondedbyBlood lost our Metro after the update. Any idea why? What happens now?
  • vd Boschvd Bosch Posts: 7
    edited 23.10.2013

    It seemed a little bit of a nochalance this. I know you will compensate everything ( I hope I think ), but what everybody had to say: So much soldiers had involved in the attacks. Som much wood/stone by the whole alliance

    And much more do you give money back or rubies? Because rubies voor the Metropool ; yes I liked the investment, but if I get now 200.000 rubies back in account, where do I need that kind of for?

    How do you contact? hopefully with email and if not, there must be a topic where owners can reply or can talk to support

    vd Bosch
    de Ratten
  • rulernbrown2rulernbrown2 Posts: 1,009
    edited 23.10.2013
    I think they should Refund all the rubies and resores put in them
  • Gula AnsiktetGula Ansiktet Posts: 26
    edited 23.10.2013
    Please be carful and ask nicely, or your post is removed. So funny.
  • zeque (SKN1)zeque (SKN1) Posts: 97
    edited 23.10.2013
    Hey GGS perhaps you would care to explain this:

    Heh, we operate on "need to know basis" and clearly we don't need to know...


    Edit: removed the screencap
  • Theta Sigma (GB1)Theta Sigma (GB1) Posts: 68
    edited 23.10.2013
    Baldrick wrote: »
    It did seem a bit odd to be honest that so many arrived when they did, and where they did.

    If this was an accident then it is a major one. Maybe they saw the amount of fighting and spending that went on last week and thought adding a bunch more would be good. On EN1, the original update added 12 to the map. We got another 18 or so on Sunday (estimate). I captured one literally in the middle of nowhere with no castles for miles, not what we had expected at all.

    The alliance of my main account captured two miles away from anywhere, and spotted probably another 4 we didn't have the manpower to capture.
  • Peanut22 (US1)Peanut22 (US1) Posts: 98
    edited 23.10.2013
    The Syndicate also lost 2 metro's. What is to be the compensation? For the huge expense of rubies, and resources by the entire alliance.....Why was no one informed that this would happen? There are a lot of really upset players right now, poor organization on the part of GGE...
  • edited 23.10.2013
    also castellan equipment lost - lol

    anything else gge????
  • gecko13662 (INT1)gecko13662 (INT1) Posts: 100
    edited 23.10.2013
    there trying to cover it up lol I will post 20 more time
  • sHaNs02sHaNs02 Posts: 4
    edited 23.10.2013
    5 Metro's from Frankenstein (Aus1) All Gone!

    What happens to the rubies spent by their respective owners?

    What happens to the resources spent by the entire alliance just to build that overpriced Imporioum????!!

    and oh by the way, thanks for sending back our support troops.. At least for the first time ever, you made a right instead of a wrong this time..

    Well Done GGE!! Well Done!

    Expecting more players to leave now..
  • tumeke (AU1)tumeke (AU1) Posts: 55
    edited 23.10.2013
    A scam by GGE, all the ruby sales that so conveniently occured during the time that these Met's spawned and were captured.
    GGE are skipping happily to the bank with their wallets fat as anything just from Aus server, let alone the rest of the servers, and will "compensate" players with inanimate objects in the form of rubies. When players have spent hundreds of dollars in some cases dedicated to getting these Met's up to a defendable standard.
    Top form as per usual GGE. You've really outdone yourself.

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