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My mouse is slow

Zelle2Zelle2 Posts: 2
edited 09.10.2013 in Technical Assistance
Why is my mouse being so slow???;)
Zelle @ skn 1
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  • Colt442Colt442 Posts: 2,168
    edited 08.10.2013
    Get a cat to chase it!
  • EmpyEmpy Posts: 171
    edited 08.10.2013
    Zelle2 wrote: »
    Why is my mouse being so slow???;)

    Try updating flash and clearing your browser cache. Doing so regularly should improve your mouse problems as well as the overall performance of Empire.
  • Eric768 (US1)Eric768 (US1) Posts: 7,183US1
    edited 09.10.2013
    I turn off my animations, go to the top right hand corner, go to settings, then options, and then turn off animations. That usually works for me, and do as Empy suggested and clear your cache. Both of those together should help, and if they don't, it is your computer.

    Have you had any issues with any other program?
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