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Player Trading?

appleglassappleglass Posts: 4
Forgive me if this exists but I cant seem to find it in the game nor on the forums. Would it be possible to have an page in game where people can post items eg. 2000 wood in exchange for 2000 food, or 1000 stone for 600 gold or however much it's worth? The exchange would have to be equal ( probably some in game calculator to produce it) and no Rubies would be exchanged so that the game would not become unbalanced. The Icon attached to the Market place, and with any player being able to offer up or post a wnted on it.
As I say sorry if this already exists and if it does where is it?
appleglass @ en 1
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  • Colt442Colt442 Posts: 2,168
    edited 08.10.2013
    I doubt that GGE would ever do that, they like to get their cut too & they do have the barterer already.
    A list of players wanting to trade would probably be overwhelming & you didn't mention about how it would be transported, would it still use the market carts?
    Probably the best thing for you to do would be to trade with members of your alliance or other players close by.
  • fazza27fazza27 Posts: 384
    edited 08.10.2013
    Nothing on the game, but I have seen suggestions on forum. There are a few problems...

    It could get very busy and complicated, and need a lot of coding and maintenance...

    This could effectively result in coin transfer (I buy 9000 wood of you for 5000 coins, then send back the wood) which GGE guys don't want.

    Would it be instant?
    If it was, this would mean there would be no resource transport.
    If it wasn't, would this also apply to coins??? Seems unlikely... But that would just be an easy way off getting coins instantly.

    This would mean it could replace barterer, which is meant to be a one off event.

    Furthermore, what are the costs of this transfer??? Resource transport costs a decent amount of coins, especially over long distances. Making this free would mean no-one would use resource transport.

    Sorry, but I really don't see this working.
    fazza27 @ en 1 Non-Ruby-Buyer

    If you are complaining about ruby advantages, remember who funds the game for you...

    What do you guys think about a new kingdom...
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