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Bullies on au1 server

death halkdeath halk Posts: 8
Bully alliances of Aus1 server
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30.09.2013, 10:52
Bully alliances of Aus1 server
Call to Arms - Stop this Corruption in our Game
Time to stand and be counted against Bully's, Account Sharers ,Multi Accounts and Hacking
Make the Game fairer again and bring players to the Game instead of having them driven away
It is time for all Alliances to draw together and face down the Alliances who are determined to make the Game a Dictatorship.
GGE wants to keep me quiet but there are things that need to be said
People playing this game for sometime know that there are things happening that are not meant to be or even intended to be a part of this game
A few people only are doing everything possible to dictate how we all play and it has to stop
This game is never about becoming a Dictatorship and everything should be done by all of us to stop it happening.
The Top Alliances ( The Separatists,EASTERN EMPIRE,JUSTICE and OVERLORDS) and players(sean7777,malaboo2009,Aaron.i.Douglas,Black Drgn,Nuwan,Ebag,baby_linda) tell each other they are "bored" well when they systematically destroy everyone in their path what do they expect?
Long ago the game was all about helping smaller Alliances grow and become worthy adversary's. This no longer happens and players are leaving so fast a 2nd Capital seems very unlikely.
Even now the Top 10 Alliances meet and chat about inter-Alliance Wars to try and stem the boredom - Why? Just stop the bully behaviors, nurture the smaller Alliances and play fairer and you will have plenty of Battles.

I know this thread will be shutdown/deleted quickly

just adding few real Screenshots of these bullies
GGE can delete these thread but they can not delete FB page and Website,
there will be a webpage and FB page too along with more proofs against GGE and these bullies (The Separatists, EASTERN EMPIRE, Justice and OVERLORDS).
( We sent so many emails to GGE against these bullies/Multi accounters/ along with proofs but GGE didn't do anything )
This is the reality of GGE and Bullies.
30.09.2013, 11:03
Hunz in USA1 are hackers... also MISC are bullies also
30.09.2013, 11:28
death halk
when someone attacks you goodgame empire expects you to buy rubies and fix everything right away or spend the rubies you already have, all some people care about is money and that's why the goodgame empire staff didn't do anything about it so you'll keep getting attacked and so you buy more rubies, and I'm going to make a back-up of this thread
30.09.2013, 11:36
Lord Porky
Hacking? Bullies?

Gooby, please.
30.09.2013, 11:57
30.09.2013, 11:57
30.09.2013, 11:59
More coming soon:)
30.09.2013, 12:08
Well in en1 we have a hacker and a bullie.
some heard about this
Stargamer69 Ask for my password and said if you dont tell ill attack you so i said a lie
And he upgarded things that costed rubies and i only had 89 rubies left then he put war on really strong alliance i threw him out and he then said that i was a f***er
30.09.2013, 12:56

Originally Posted by stromgarde

Once again you guys PUBLISH select material that you maliciously and FALSELY present as proof of account sharing - inference taken from JustaName's previous thread that GGE has since removed.

The rest of that chat would show standard practice, i.e., that spys were sent to check the defences and set up NOT account sharing.

Were you account sharing STROMGARDE to get that screen shot from inside of seps chat? You were never a seps member.
30.09.2013, 13:16
Really Honda ? Need more proofs ? GGE will remove this thread but they can not remove our website and FB page against GGE and 4Bullies.
We will send you our links along with all the proofs we have against seps,ee,justice and ol very soon. just wait for a day or two .
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this is a back up thread i created and the goodgame empire staff has deleted the original thread and i will keep posting until the empire staff does something about it
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  • AkustoAkusto Posts: 259
    edited 03.10.2013
    send them to goodgame support.

  • legoman693651legoman693651 Posts: 400
    edited 04.10.2013
    Really death halk? for somebody who isn't even on the aus1 server you sure seem to think you know exactly whats going on based off the words of one multi-account.

    I mean after all, I could come on here and spout off about a 5 man alliance and call them the biggest bullies in the game and you would probably believe me as you wouldn't know a thing about that alliance except that one person called them a bully.

    Also what you have to remember is that LEGIONOFHONOR actually has more members than EASTERN EMPIRE, seperatists, justic and Overlords. Only difference is the last 4 alliances care about quality not quantity. while all LOH wants are numbers which is why they are trying to get other alliances to fight the battles they aren't willing to
  • malabo2009malabo2009 Posts: 3
    edited 04.10.2013
    this has gone too far. too many baseless accusations. you guys know who are the biggest multi accounters in this game. and you know very well they are not in our alliance.
    you guys spend a lot of time crying in this forum instead of trying to figure out how to defend attacks other than opening gates.
    who is inside mattnobleman5 account? who is inside 3kids account? who is inside mark09 account? how bout fallingman and kymbo accounts???
    IM CHALLENGING YOUR STRONGEST PLAYER OUTSIDE THE ALLIANCE. ONE ON ONE. your choice. no opening of gates. too much talk. people are already laughing at you.
    i maybe a female but it seems that i got more guts than all of yours combined. grow up and fight.
  • tumeke (AU1)tumeke (AU1) Posts: 55
    edited 04.10.2013
    I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
  • tumeke (AU1)tumeke (AU1) Posts: 55
    edited 04.10.2013
    i love lamp
  • Asteria (AU1)Asteria (AU1) AU1 Posts: 520
    edited 04.10.2013
    I agree with Malabo, this has gone on for a very long time and by the way your on the usa server so how would you know what's happening in aus1? oh that's right you read that tread started by a multi account and assumed you knew everything that was going on
  • Aritaleres2Aritaleres2 Posts: 1
    edited 09.11.2013
    Why did you call malabo2009, malaboo2009? boo?
  • EasternAri333EasternAri333 Posts: 7
    edited 28.12.2013
    Highly Unlikely. So, I chose the closest one.
  • bubala999bubala999 Posts: 136
    edited 28.12.2013
    Paul3448 is nothing but trouble. He joined my alliance, asked for big promotion. I said no and he goes and multiattacks renegades. I kicked him pretty quick. He currently leads an alliance of 6
  • williamandarbelwilliamandarbel Posts: 2,816
    edited 28.12.2013
    tumeke wrote: »
    i love lamp
    don't dobly post
  • Jas9824Jas9824 Posts: 1,111
    edited 29.12.2013
    this guy is nominated for making the weirdest thread in 2013
  • blabbyblabby Posts: 564
    edited 29.12.2013
    multi accounting only counts if you have 2 or more accounts on a SINGLE Server.

    By making an account on USA he is in no way multi accounting if he also plays on AU.
  • Jas9824Jas9824 Posts: 1,111
    edited 30.12.2013
    i know what you are saying but.....
    here are some of my feelings
    1. the game is growing, usa1 alone went from 60000 to 28000(thats not growth), then to 40000. thats growth. Unlike your post says its declining
    2.you want bulies to stop bullying you? Well, bullying is not GGS concern. Its not an actual rule,just an unwritten one.
    3.you want them to catch the hackers, mutli accounters and account sharers? Perhaps your evidence wasnt enough. They do take this crimes very harshly.
    4. War Game= conquering= ruler over many servants=dictatorship. It was always ment to be this way. One domiantion, one big dog, one king.
    5. devolping alliances is the meaning of the game but,sometimes there has to be an extent to power.
    6. many battles are fought already.
    7.those screenshots dont prove anything. and how did you get them anyway? it just them talking war.
    8.just building stuff is boring. war is fun.
    9.rubies are here becuase it feeds GGS pockets, which it uses to feed its employess pockets.
    and you can repair buildings with resources you know
  • Good Knighty (US1)Good Knighty (US1) US1 Posts: 14
    edited 02.01.2014
    4. War Game= conquering= ruler over many servants=dictatorship. It was always ment to be this way. One domiantion, one big dog, one king.

    He who has the gold makes the rules, the key is to become the person with the gold otherwise go play Farmville if your looking for fairness8)
  • Jas9824Jas9824 Posts: 1,111
    edited 04.01.2014
    4. War Game= conquering= ruler over many servants=dictatorship. It was always ment to be this way. One domiantion, one big dog, one king.

    He who has the gold makes the rules, the key is to become the person with the gold otherwise go play Farmville if your looking for fairness8)

    did you just copy me?
  • God of War33God of War33 Posts: 5
    edited 23.02.2014
    Tell me, what do you know? You don't even play on aus 1. If you are a regular player that is victimised by your so called 'bullying' then you have some claim. Even if you see it first hand, you have some claim. But with other people's leaked photos. You have no claim. You need more proof.
  • InsaneDuckling (GB1)InsaneDuckling (GB1) Posts: 19,271
    edited 23.02.2014
    I know baby_linda, she was in my alliance once, and sent me rescources. As for the bullying stuff, don't care. I don't care, some people bully me, I just send them rescources and get it over and done with. Hey, hang on... Candekmlefq... You're the guy who declared war on my alliance... What?
  • Tux (AU1)Tux (AU1) Posts: 5,237
    edited 23.02.2014
    I know how you feel. My alliance was bullied. But we survived. We massed up our armies attacking the leader. We are so awesome we are the smallest sister alliance to Eastern Empire. What to do if you are bullied. Nothing. In this game to me bullying is just people mass attacking people
  • InsaneDuckling (GB1)InsaneDuckling (GB1) Posts: 19,271
    edited 23.02.2014
    What I do when someone bullies me or someone in my alliance. Send them resources, then sabotage, then attack them. :p Don't worry death halk, this happens all the time, and is people's way of teasing people online (cyber bullying) Or they just want to get honour. I kept attacking someone because he attacked an alliance member, never replied back. :D

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