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new biuldings

ganam2ganam2 Posts: 2
i like the biuldings that you have:).
but no new ones would be;(.
what is my suggestion??(.
new biuldings:
new keep
new wall
new level
new estate,store house
and my favourite 8)
giuld house,pet house (decorate item shop). new unts dog elite soldier cannonner
mage (maybe) i:love: new things for good game i will have new ideas later.
signed goodgame lover (not real name) THESE ARE ONLY IDEAS.
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ganam @ usa 1


  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 26.09.2013
    You need to expand on that. What would make the new keep,wall,estate and storage different from the old ones?
    What would be the dimensions of the new buildings? What would be the stats of the new units,and how would they be recruited,meaning how would you be able to get them?
  • therealsporer (US1)therealsporer (US1) Posts: 2,266
    edited 26.09.2013
    since you're lvl 28, you should expect a lot of these things to happen in your next 42 lvls.
    therealsporer @ usa 1
    the realerest.

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  • edwardromoruleredwardromoruler Posts: 189
    edited 26.09.2013
    We do not need those new levels on buildings. There needs to be reasons to add those new units.
  • jasdragonjasdragon Posts: 86
    edited 26.09.2013
    If you have ideas on pet house and guild house say how much decorative power you get from each and how big is it. Also for your units you may need to say their attack power and defensive power and their looting ability and distance they can travel. Already they have made a new building a hunting lodge and put in veterean swordsman. They also put in castle gardens as a decorative item.
    Name: jasdragon Alliance: The Godz Title: Landgrave Level: 53
  • deathoaterdeathoater Posts: 89
    edited 26.09.2013
    definitely needs more detail. But it would be kind of cool to select different types of walls, keeps and castles. Like stronghold, fortress, castle,Wall made out of steel, iron slight variations.
    deathoater @ usa 1
  • jasdragonjasdragon Posts: 86
    edited 26.09.2013
    You have quite a good imagination, it would be a good idea to make some steel keeps or strongholds and I hope GGS increases the level size so that level 70s can unlock more worlds, levels and buildings.
    Name: jasdragon Alliance: The Godz Title: Landgrave Level: 53
  • Eric768 (US1)Eric768 (US1) US1 Posts: 7,183
    edited 26.09.2013
    Keep, wall, gate, etc.. Was all just expanded a while ago. They need to wait a long while before touching that again.

    Not so sure about the deco's. I would say they should add a few, just for fun, because they never seem to add any, other than the castle park which was a great add on. And the troops I don't really like the idea.
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