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Aod crew exclusive thread



  • NCswaagaBeastNCswaagaBeast Posts: 202
    edited 19.05.2013
    Did i mention were 7th in the tourney?

  • Jamie WhiteJamie White Posts: 471
    edited 14.09.2013
    Level 22 now.
    Proud Friend of Hanzolo/Molson Beer

    Nob pls.

  • umairs762umairs762 Posts: 7
    edited 14.09.2013
    This is a good way to get someones attention, smart thinking
    umairs76 @ usa 1
  • NCswaagaBeastNCswaagaBeast Posts: 202
    edited 15.09.2013
    who bumped this 6 month old thread?
  • Mrs CannabisMrs Cannabis Posts: 194
    edited 15.09.2013
    exclusive eh? teeehee :P im special though
    Its not, " Hi, how are you?" its " How high are you?"
    "It's lonely at the top, I'm tired of having company
    So while you busy tyrna fit in, I'm a stand out"

  • rajduttrajdutt Posts: 1
    edited 15.09.2013
  • agustus6 (US1)agustus6 (US1) Posts: 14
    edited 22.09.2013
    i cant log in sorry swag
    agustus6 @ usa 1
  • NCswaagaBeastNCswaagaBeast Posts: 202
    edited 22.09.2013
    srsly.....stop bumping this
  • Dun Gon (INT2)Dun Gon (INT2) Posts: 3,656
    edited 26.09.2013
    Nope, thread hasn't closed yet. You guys owe me $20 each ;)
    Dun Gon @ WWW 2
    Retired from duties in September 2015.

    Once Leader of Phoenix Sword and the once prominent alliance empire, Phoenix. Proud member of now collapsed OU. All organizations mentioned above have collapsed or merged into other prominent alliances since. Co-founder of the Force family.

    "I have seen many wars fought through my four years on this server. I have seen families rise and fall. I have been members of prominent organizations in International 1 and International 2, and have played in United States 1 with my forum buddies as well. It has shown me many things, but mainly that every action that is partaken in this game and in the world can only be deemed right or wrong depending upon your perspective. Never pass the blame, fight hard to succeed. As a non-ruby player, I managed to create and nurture not one but two of the most successful alliance families in International 2. Believe, there is always another path. Success is determined by the amount of effort you are willing to put in"
  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 26.09.2013
    We all took a vote. They made me bump this :P But really, they did.


    (Mix of ruby/armorer tools)


    GGE is always trying to get players to buy rubies, and to do that, comes up with horrible updates. Put this in your siggy if you agree.
    Billy, I will crack you.

    R.I.P. in peace Billy962, King of the forums ;_;

  • Jamie WhiteJamie White Posts: 471
    edited 26.09.2013
    Lvl 23 Now.

    WOOT WOOT!!!!!

    Proud Friend of Hanzolo/Molson Beer

    Nob pls.

  • NCswaagaBeastNCswaagaBeast Posts: 202
    edited 26.09.2013
    can a mod close this.....pls


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