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Goodbye from Baldrick.



  • lionidas2lionidas2 Posts: 576
    edited 21.08.2013
    we will never find someone like u.hope that u will returne back
  • derkaderderkader Posts: 765
    edited 21.08.2013
    and GGE losses yet another player
  • rulernbrown2rulernbrown2 Posts: 1,009
    edited 21.08.2013
    i just made a thread on forum games called goodgame empire hall of fame
  • edited 22.08.2013
    GhjHero wrote: »
    That is a great idea! We should totally make it!

    Thanks the greats need have there legend to still be in the forum for the icons the game changers and respected!
  • PJboiPJboi Posts: 675
    edited 22.08.2013
    i just made a thread on forum games called goodgame empire hall of fame

    yh thou it should only b people who hav 1000+ posts
  • Whale SharkWhale Shark Posts: 835
    edited 23.08.2013
    Baldrick wrote: »
    Good day,
    This is NOT a good day.
    After much deliberation I have decided to leave the Empire forum.

    Recently my posts have lost their constructive edge and I feel every word I type is a flaming arrow of disappointment aimed directly at Goodgame Studios. This is not good for me or for the game.

    After nearly 4,000 posts I have come to realise nothing we say really matters. GGS have plans for this game and that's that. They would be as well to remove the suggestions, praise and criticism section as nothing said there is ever acted upon. Shame really, as some of the best ideas on how to improve this game are in there, if only they cared.

    Anyways, It's been nice chatting to you all.


    Please don't leave. :(
  • WiglemaWiglema Posts: 205
    edited 23.08.2013
    It's a shame.

    The real Baldrick (oh, well, the one in the picture) would never give up and endlessly provide new ideas, suggestions, and chit-chat, no matter how often ignored or ridiculed.

    Baldrick, whatever you've said may well have been ignored by GGS, but has been an inspiration for many readers.

    Do keep the turnips rolling.
  • swag like ohio3swag like ohio3 Posts: 1,853
    edited 24.08.2013
    c u ingame dude. No one on this forum will ever be has helpful. Now that jade is gone, bobfighter doesnt post as much, and YOUR leaving, theres no huge forum people. :P my posts are mostly enertainment and randomness...
  • BulwyBulwy Posts: 219
    edited 24.08.2013
    He left the forum so any comments here he won't read most probably (just some food for thought)

    Regardless, toodle-pip old chap
  • sfarmsfarm Posts: 921
    edited 24.08.2013
    well i guess i should say that i too am leaving since its the subject of this thread so goodbye baldrick i cant say my reasons r the same as urs but i must also leave all day 2day i am staying on the forums 2 read the goodbye messages so goodbye baldrick happy gaming and everybody else....*holds back tears* goodbye and farewell
  • BlueScreenDeathBlueScreenDeath Posts: 132
    edited 05.09.2013
    So you are leaving too? I guess I shall do the same..
    You were awesome on the forums and always knew how to construct your posts well. Goodbye mate! Gonna miss you!
  • WisefireWisefire Posts: 2,941
    edited 06.09.2013
    Bye Baldrick :(
  • Barnacleez (US1)Barnacleez (US1) Posts: 2,833
    edited 08.09.2013
    He's great in game.
  • Ian68Ian68 Posts: 34
    edited 08.09.2013
    baldrick, you leaving the forum or the game? lol
  • Barnacleez (US1)Barnacleez (US1) Posts: 2,833
    edited 09.09.2013
    Players, this is for someone named Baldrick. If you are not Baldrick, don't even bother reading it. Attachment not found.
    That is the message they sent me.
  • 123guy123guy Posts: 2,956
    edited 09.09.2013
    Barnacleez wrote: »
    Players, this is for someone named Baldrick. If you are not Baldrick, don't even bother reading it. Attachment not found.
    That is the message they sent me.

    Yes, sent by baldrick2
  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 09.09.2013
    Ian68 wrote: »
    baldrick, you leaving the forum or the game? lol

    Just the forum.
    paul3448 wrote: »
    I will miss you

    Sorry mate.
    But he wont answer your question
    But that was his last post when he said that he was leaving

    Double post

    Don't double post.
  • UrbaneCrib0UrbaneCrib0 Posts: 494
    edited 09.09.2013
    Goodbye Chum! (That's not an insult(I hope))
  • matt112392matt112392 Posts: 25
    edited 09.09.2013
    With you leaving the forum will be a very slow place. All I say is farewell and good luck.
  • chinesepineapplchinesepineappl Posts: 207
    edited 16.09.2013
    How have you left if you were posting yesterday?
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