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Units gradual promotion based on experiance.

BambusarBambusar Posts: 7
It would be if macemen and crossbowmen would automatically get promoted after certain number of battles they survive. Lets say 30 or 50.

Maceman->Vet Maceman
Crosbowman->Vet Cosboman

But i guess this is not possible or easy to implement since i think game doesnt store stats for each unit. I noticed that for commanders you have stat how many battles they won or loose, but game doesnt keep those for individual units.
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  • Whale SharkWhale Shark Posts: 835
    edited 08.09.2013
    Terrible idea. If this were added, I could just build a ton of maceman and crossbowman, hit rbc, and then get them promoted. If you want vets, you have to earn them.
  • alexeptionalalexeptional Posts: 498
    edited 08.09.2013
    upgrading them to a different unit is a bad idea, but perhaps improving them slightly, maybe, but as you point out, there aren't really indiviual soldiers, so it would be difficult to separate them, you might have 100 macemen on slightly different stats, and then they wouldn't all be in one "block" and therefore impossible to attack with them. nice idea (apart from the fact the upgrade was massive) but not really possible.
  • Whale SharkWhale Shark Posts: 835
    edited 08.09.2013
    but perhaps improving them slightly
    That's what equipment is for.
  • sbm123456789sbm123456789 Posts: 51
    edited 08.09.2013
    Bad Idea. This means that if you found 30 easy rbcs you send your whole army to get them improved, and buy cheaply. Also, if people can get vets so early, it decreases the advantage of long term, dedicated players.
  • alexeptionalalexeptional Posts: 498
    edited 08.09.2013
    That's what equipment is for.

    oh dear, I'm not on form today, I'd usually point that out like a shot ;-) what you said then... :D

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