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Suggestions for Update to Travel Log

Giselle3Giselle3 Posts: 243
I am writing this as a capital owner as we are the most impacted by this, but it can be also a pain if you have a lot of support at one of your castles or villages. This was brought up off and on over many months, but I figured I would make it's own topic.

When a blue-horn goes off, you click on it and it brings you to tab 5 "Alliance Troops"

For many people this isn't a problem, however in the instances listed above, you may be scanning through 15-20 pages of "support" just to try and find a red incoming line.

My suggestion is the addition of a new tab:
- one tab just for Alliance Incomings
- one tab for Alliance Support

An alternative would be just to re-sort the Alliance Troops tab to have all incomings on your alliance members automatically go above all support data.

However one caveat to all suggestions is that the top level set of data "All" needs to remain sorted by time, because often we need to compare our support times to the actual incomings on that tab to ensure we are making it somewhere before an attack actually lands.

A subset of this request would be a slight modification to the support information by adding the player's name and not just castle name to the support information, as every time I try and do a capital inventory, I have to go through a mind-numbing volume of steps. This request is minor comparatively to the main part of this topic.


I know that it is a very small percentage of players who are heavily impacted by this issue, but they also tend to be very active and dedicated players who provide a critical role to their alliances, so it would be appreciative if this could be considered on the list of stuff to do... and I also ask if anyone in the community has a better method please post and I will update this top post thread with the various suggested methods.

And I ask anyone who is in an alliance with a capital, please forward this on to them, I have spoken to many capital owners over the months and this is the one bane of our existence that we all moan about, and the one thing all new capital owners are shocked by.

But I also think at various points it does also affect other players if there is a lot of war activity going on and support flying everywhere.

Thank you :)
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  • 123guy123guy Posts: 2,956
    edited 10.08.2013
    Good idea!
  • muneer4433muneer4433 Posts: 213
    edited 11.08.2013
    nice idea

    i face many problem and all time i see my alliance members sport in travel overview
    so its hard for me look who is attacking where he attacking

    and in mass attack on capital will be more problem so its good idea
  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 15.08.2013
    This can affect all players. Trailing through lots of unimportant information to get to the one singe thing you actually want to see if incredibly frustrating. I can't imagine how bad it is for capital holders.

    It's simple really, we want to have all alliance incoming attacks from other players listed on one tab in chronological order and be able to open that tab by clicking the blue horn.
  • shapantshapant Posts: 5
    edited 15.08.2013
    as a past capital owner and the first one to have a capital in uk1 I know how hard it is and would be very disappointed if there was nothing done to improve the problems this is causing not just for the owner but how it affects the whole alliance it makes it very hard to find incoming and send support etc etc please ggs reply and change this problem for the better
  • Humpers2Humpers2 Posts: 166
    edited 15.08.2013
    Excellent idea. 5 stars to a top suggestion...

    For GGS who naturally care most about rubies and income this will also have an increase in ruby expenditure effect since capital owners and indeed all players in the alliance will be able to find incoming attacks quicker and be able to make it in time to support people... as we all know supporting is the main ruby drain.
  • Sumanwarrior2Sumanwarrior2 Posts: 21
    edited 15.08.2013
    I completely agree with this - scrawling through pages of attacks, support, incomings, outgoings lol it surely makes sense to make this more player friendly and efficient. As it is it is time wasting all being jumbled altogether, and only gets worse the bigger the alliance let alone having a capital on top.
    I think what does not make sense is to keep it the way it is...
  • daniel freeddaniel freed Posts: 135
    edited 15.08.2013
    Its not just capital owners who face this problem. Anoter problem is that once an attack has been detected the blue horn alerts you to the attack. However if another attack is launched on a member you will not know unless you happen to check the travel log. My suggestion would be to have a number next to the blue horn to indicate the number of incoming attacks. And as was suggested before support should be on a different tab.

    Sometimes on a crazy night we will have incoming, i will click on the blue horn and i will have to go through spies on route, attacks on route, support on route and in some cases right at the bottom will be the incoming attack. Very annoying as you only have limited time to send support. Good thread, good point
  • edited 15.08.2013
    Hey all,

    I've forwarded the details though to the team to consider.

  • suleymand (GB1)suleymand (GB1) GB1 Posts: 5
    edited 15.08.2013
    I must admit that is the worst part for Capitol owners and hard to keep truck on everything all the time!
    Completely agree what's been said :)
    support in comings / out goings / attacks on any members etc hard to trace as mentioned above !
    so it would help greatly :)
    might worth having horn on screen blue/ the dark brown isn't a problem as you know its attack on individual !
    so might pay to get a third color in to help with this issue?
    SuleymanD New Leader of the Uknighted ( after Shapant and Tom ash )
  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 17.08.2013
    paul3448 wrote: »
    I hate this idea

    Do you even know what this idea is?

    Just because there's a thread, it does not mean you need to comment. And if you do feel the need to comment, please at least give us the courtesy of being constructive and offering us your reasons for liking/disliking things.

    So, come on Paul, give us your views on how this suggestion would impact the game, I dare you.
  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 17.08.2013
    paul3448 wrote: »
    I hate this idea

    Tell us why. Don't just say you hate it and leave. (P.S. Your custom user title is wrong. Last time I checked you weren't a professional.)

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