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Attacking from Ally Castles

DrIonDrIon Posts: 144
I am not sure if this one has ever been suggested before, but shouldn't players in an alliance be allowed to send attacks from their allies' castles? What possible reason is there for not being able to do this?
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  • Sigma RageSigma Rage Posts: 212
    edited 25.07.2013
    Well, I suppose if you had someone join your alliance really close to an enemy then you could launch massive assaults without them having much time to prepare or defend. It seems like it might skew the game allowing the advantage to fall heavily in the attacker's favor.
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  • Cornet6 (US1)Cornet6 (US1) Posts: 1,740
    edited 25.07.2013
    Just like how you can't attack from your main castle if all your soldiers are in your outpost, you can't attack from someone else's castle if you don't have soldiers stationed there.
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  • DrIonDrIon Posts: 144
    edited 25.07.2013
    well the point is to station troops there, just like you do in your rvs, then send them off
    Server: en1
    Title: General
    Alliance: Disciples
  • Redhawk (US1)Redhawk (US1) Posts: 62
    edited 25.07.2013
    That would add a new dimension...

    I think there would be tons of Mass-Attacks...

    Then again, it would take just as much coordination as having attacks land at the same time from different locations.

    I dunno. It would be a balance issue.
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