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Desert fortress bug

BadgameBadgame Posts: 399
edited 18.07.2013 in Technical Assistance
Why doesnt the fortress have any castle gate defense?

No such castle does not have a gate
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Badgame From the World 2

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  • Potangina namanPotangina naman Posts: 95
    edited 15.07.2013
    evidence pls
    Potangina naman @ usa 1
  • chridan12chridan12 Posts: 3
    edited 15.07.2013
    Who cares if it doesn't show up, its there
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    chridan12 @ usa 1
  • edited 15.07.2013
    Never noticed that, but i don't think it shows for any fortress
  • Ante55Ante55 Posts: 1,156
    edited 15.07.2013
    It is there for me, and I am pretty sure it is a display bug
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  • DClucasDClucas Posts: 159
    edited 17.07.2013
    Maybe you had a commander that reduced the castle gate's defence to 0? if it had, say 40% bonus and you had 40% reduction on castle gate, it would appear as "castle gate: 0%".

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  • jema3 (US1)jema3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,110
    edited 18.07.2013
    Mine have no gates either. And other displays show 0% gate if my commander takes it down.
    jema3 @ usa 1

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