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fortresses and dragons- tips and tricks



  • jntmhujntmhu Posts: 355
    edited 30.06.2013
    370 rubies, 30,000 coins off a dragon.
  • legend.killerlegend.killer Posts: 329
    edited 01.07.2013
    Baldrick wrote: »
    I could probably beat that -46 if I was willing to send more tools and more troops, but using 624 ranged and 35 mantlets enables me to sustain a dragon only army and still maintain a regular tower army too, which means if I do miss out on a dragon by someone else getting there first, I can still loot without having to wait for the dragon army to return to my castle. So for dragons, it's not to do with troops losses it's to do with logistics and the overall ability to loot.

    True but unlike you i defeat minimum 4 dragon fortress per day so i have to look for best possible way of losing less troops and with these four dragon fortress i loot enough coins and food for my troops. I also agree with a fact that sending more troops result in less casualties
  • jema3 (US1)jema3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,115
    edited 15.07.2013
    Hey, I was about to hit my first sand fortress and I did a spy report to check my commander and there is no gate. Not 0 for the gate but no gate. Is there a gate at the fortress or a problem with the spy report.

    And it is a level 45, so does that not work with the level 40 fortress? Are there more than one kind in the desert?
  • bnabna Posts: 3
    edited 13.09.2013
    I attacked a dragon with this formula:

    dragons(level 50 - fire kingdom):
    0-MR+35 manlets-0

    and i lost it all (commander where 87% ranged)
    what did i do wrong
  • pajeg2 (GB1)pajeg2 (GB1) Posts: 510
    edited 13.09.2013
    easy, you used an old setup that no longer work

    this one no longer work too
  • risesheena (GB1)risesheena (GB1) Posts: 524
    edited 13.09.2013
    did you spy it? spy it and see where you went wrong.
  • bnabna Posts: 3
    edited 13.09.2013
    ahhhh well another legion must be build :-)

    thx for answer
  • bnabna Posts: 3
    edited 13.09.2013
    risesheena wrote: »
    did you spy it? spy it and see where you went wrong.

    well i spied a few times before and just wanted to try this
    im going to see (spy) now
    i never attacked a drong before
  • DenmanDenman Posts: 428
    edited 13.10.2013
    along side the suggested method for desert fortresses, you should have a 90 range commander with wall bonuses! having an extra bonus for the commander of 20% wall reduction can reduce losses by 10 troops! and its best to use crossbow of the kings guard it will save 2k of coins in reduction of losses!
  • NationConquerorNationConqueror Posts: 2,273
    edited 13.10.2013
    Wow this is helpful. How many rubies do you get off a dragon? How many coins do you get?
    I think it was 40K coins and 370 rubies, but I'm not sure...
  • GagaponGGagaponG Posts: 1
    edited 17.11.2013
    I attacked desert fortress with the same set-up as posted by TS

    I used the following

    Martyr waves
    Martyr waves
    Martyr waves
    L: Max Range +20 mantlets, M: Max Range with 20 mantlets + 5 ladder + 5 rams, R: Max Range with 20 mantlets

    I have a +90 range cmdr and my loss was ~50 (including 9 martyrs)

    What did I do wrong?

    I tried to replace 20 mantlets with 13 mantlets + 7 ladder for left and right flank, with slightly better result (4 less loss)

    Can anyone give pointers for me to reduce loss?

  • DenmanDenman Posts: 428
    edited 18.11.2013
    the best commander to use for desert forts is one with not just 90 range but with wall and gate bonuses as well! wall being the more effective of the two I use your tactic with my commander with 24 gate and 43 wall I loose around 33 troops!
  • marcel747marcel747 Posts: 4
    edited 18.11.2013
    how can i devide a attack in left, right and front attack? name: marcel747. Thank you for the answers everybody

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