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Reason behind your username.



  • NameNobleman1NameNobleman1 Posts: 371
    edited 26.06.2013
    well they asked for my player name... i said "name"... and namenobleman1 was their best suggestion!
    that should speak for itself...
    If somehow u dont get the drift and attk me, then lets just say ur the orc under gimli. 8)
    smiley-sw024.gif<-- the ONLY way to travel... credits to hanzolo5 and lego lotr
  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 26.06.2013

    Here's my wikipedia page:

    It's been a while.....

  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 26.06.2013
    Baldrick wrote: »

    Here's my wikipedia page:


    Oh my..you're a celebrity!!!
  • RulerAsdasdaRulerAsdasda Posts: 434
    edited 27.06.2013
    I was really bored one day and typed in Asd, that's really easy to type, then that was taken, so I added another asd, then I had to do that again, and then GG suggested "Ruler".
  • edited 27.06.2013
    this ain't a bad thread
    In another life many decades ago I drove the company/work's van to get the men to work (go figure). Everyday I picked up the most notorious drunken mean Irishmen you could meet and it was no easy task getting them to work each day - they called me the wheelman and then one day one of 'em says "hey Tan your name rhymes with wheel so you're nealthewheel" and all my life (30 years in heavy construction) that nickname stuck! true story
    note: Tan is the name Irish call the English as in we call them paddy
    nealthewheel @ WWW 2
  • famous nadinfamous nadin Posts: 335
    edited 27.06.2013
    i thought 1 day i will be famous for being rank 1 with out buying rubies and defeating many people
    so i thought my name would make me eager to go ahead and ahead
    counting on my fingers no one beats me till now,waiting for a true warrior that will fight me8):D;):(
    I need an alliance please help me and see my thread - http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?64697-need-an-alliance&p=719436#post719436
  • WisefireWisefire Posts: 2,941
    edited 27.06.2013
    I tried to combine two meaningful words to get this meaningless one.Atleast it has a meaning!

    Level:64 Alliance:EASTERN EMPIRE Title:Elector
    "If love is BLIND then what is love at first SIGHT?"
  • royal1royal1 Posts: 186
    edited 27.06.2013
    ehh... pretty sure I was stoned because I have no idea
    royal1 @usa1, proud Recruiter of LegionOfTheFree.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited 29.06.2013
    Mine is one of my two favourite sports combined with my lucky number when I made my account.
  • Whale SharkWhale Shark Posts: 835
    edited 30.06.2013
    my first choice was GreatWhiteShark, but that didn't work. I tried Tiger Shark and some other names until i got to whale shark. that worked.
    Whale Shark @ usa1


    JJ-5792 wrote: »
    hopefully you will be as inspirational as the late KasYOLO.
  • cam170 (US1)cam170 (US1) Posts: 248
    edited 30.06.2013
    mines boring
    my name is Cameron
    i like 17 and it was already taken so
    General of Anon Origin, Level 70 L.31
  • thuggthugg Posts: 3
    edited 30.06.2013
    I came up with thugg in the 4th grade playing dragon warrior on the NES and just stuck with it for some reason. I use it any time a game asks for a name.
    thugg @ usa 1
  • 459killerbee459killerbee Posts: 846
    edited 01.07.2013
    Mine, is from a show i watch, and the numbers, were lucky numbers from fortune cookies.

    Canada Server!!


    Broke 2,000 honor points, without even trying. What about you?
  • Manatee (US1)Manatee (US1) Posts: 2,711
    edited 01.07.2013
    I'm actually a big sea cow with special talents: namely the ability to understand English, use a computer and type. I don't like bragging though, so I just kept the name simple.

    Eventually, when I conquer usa1, all of my vassals will be named "Manatee-Men." They will be the most fearsome herbivores this world has ever seen.

    Manatee @ usa 1
    My ideal method of suicide: climbing Ultimo's ego and jumping to his IQ
  • IFAc2IFAc2 Posts: 677
    edited 03.07.2013
    I used IFAc in 1st grade for some little kid website and now I always use it.
    Proud leader of the Kitten Ninjas. Level 23 and counting.
    Also a NON-RUBY BUYER.
    IFAc at usa1 :DNotice there is NO 2!!!!!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] this is a picture of my cat, who is really cute, and in this picture looks like a kitten. Tell me which is better8). This, or my profile picture.
  • g man4g man4 Posts: 1,936
    edited 04.07.2013
    Manatee wrote: »
    I'm actually a big sea cow with special talents: namely the ability to understand English, use a computer and type. I don't like bragging though, so I just kept the name simple.

    Eventually, when I conquer usa1, all of my vassals will be named "Manatee-Men." They will be the most fearsome herbivores this world has ever seen.

    It's a good thing I have 2 other accounts on different servers. after you have taken over USA 1 I will unite Int 1 and Aus 1 to over throw your reign of terror.
    g man4 @ Canada 1 #TheDreamLivesOn



    (psst, wanna see something cool? go to youtube and search , do the harlem shake. when you do, the page itself will do the harlem shake...)
  • Jas9824Jas9824 Posts: 1,111
    edited 04.07.2013
    my name is Jason and Jas is a nickname for me
    9 is my fav number
    824 is a date that is the 8th month and the 24th day, or in simple words, August 24th

    Despite the fact that Brazil conceded the most goals in the World Cup, 3 of the 4 defenders on the World Cup Dream Team are Brazillan......

    [email protected]
  • edited 04.07.2013
    KOMEAUX-TOSE = comatose... ergo braindead...
  • lime_yogurtlime_yogurt Posts: 1,045
    edited 04.07.2013
    1 l1k3 y0gurt!!!1!111!!!!
    And l1|\/|3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maker of RPGs. Check 'em out!

    Wizard and Leader of JMDnO, not taking applications.

    lime_yogurt @ usa 1
  • master ninja 2master ninja 2 Posts: 560
    edited 05.07.2013
    I have absolutely no idea how i came up with this name

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