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ways to speak shortly

jntmhujntmhu Posts: 355
afk = away from keabord
bbl = be back later
brb = be right back
lol = laughing out loud [did you really not know this??]
rbc= robber baron castles
OP = outpost
btw = by the way
atm = at the moment
rv = resource village
bfn = bye for now
gl = good luck
gn = good night
gm = good morning
gj = great job
ggs = goodgame studios
gge = goodgame empire
np = no problem
goml = get on my level
prtscr = print screen
omg = oh my god
thx = thanks
ASAP = as soon as possible
AFAP = as far as possible
AAP = always a pleasure
ABD = already been done
AGW = All Going Well
OT = off topic
ty = thank you
yw = you are welcome
wb = welcome back
ttyl = talk to you later
otw = on the way
gtg = got to go
gg = good game [i'm not sure how relevant this is to gge, but ill put it on anyway]
<wtf is not on the list, ask your friends :L>

if I missed anything I will update.
Post edited by jntmhu on


    edited 19.06.2013
    ok thanks i didnt knew any of those lol , bbl i am going to attack some rbs , and why not capture some rvs , then mail gge for an new bug that i found on my op , so btw i love attacking so atm , 2 attacks will reach their destination gl to me , any ways ill be afk so bfn.
  • jntmhujntmhu Posts: 355
    edited 19.06.2013
    i will add more so you will have to change your sentence :P

    and you, some people did not know these.
  • NyanthanNyanthan Posts: 826
    edited 19.06.2013
    I got a new one -
    ty - thank you
  • jntmhujntmhu Posts: 355
    edited 19.06.2013
    added. thanks :D
  • cooldude20cooldude20 Posts: 128
    edited 19.06.2013
    i have another

    gtg=got to go
  • jamdogjamdog Posts: 304
    edited 19.06.2013
    gg=good game
  • jntmhujntmhu Posts: 355
    edited 20.06.2013
    k added.........

    keep it going
  • NyanthanNyanthan Posts: 826
    edited 20.06.2013
    NPA = Not paying attention (me and my alliance buddies made that up :))
  • edited 20.06.2013
    here's one - try to learn how to use the English language properly with correct spelling and grammar so when it is time to leave the house and find a job you have the ability to communicate.
  • ChampionJan8ChampionJan8 Posts: 294
    edited 22.06.2013
    ttlhtutelpwcsagswiittlthafajyhtatc - thats kinda long can you shorten it
  • ehopets2ehopets2 Posts: 37
    edited 24.06.2013
  • TheMrNarekTheMrNarek Posts: 94
    edited 24.06.2013
    before the internet LOL ment Lots Of Love :D
  • DenmanDenman Posts: 428
    edited 22.11.2013
    you should add ewg ew, ge, bs, fp, main, cap, rv, vet, kings,
  • smothjatrasmothjatra Posts: 18
    edited 24.11.2013
    n/m = never mind
  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 25.11.2013
    here's one - try to learn how to use the English language properly with correct spelling and grammar so when it is time to leave the house and find a job you have the ability to communicate.

    You do realize this is the internet right? We all know how to communicate. Some of us might have some spelling errors, but again, it's the internet. We can abbreviate all we want. This is supposed to be casual which is why most of us play it.
    smothjatra wrote: »
    n/m = never mind

    The more popular one is nvm.
  • gandalf612gandalf612 Posts: 154
    edited 03.12.2013
    You forgot some capital letters.
  • DenmanDenman Posts: 428
    edited 15.02.2014
    JK just kidding!

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