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Greek empire , the lil guys.

UltimateJhonUltimateJhon Posts: 767
edited 14.06.2013 in Alliance News & Diplomacy
Hello all , i joined this alliance [13 members] because ithink its about time we all stop tryin join the ''number 1 alliance'' or the one with the big guys and about time we start playing the game and enjoying ourselves , time to give the little guys a shot . Dont you think these big alliances ruin the game abit? isnt it about time to start building up these little alliances , they are full of good players , full of worthy players and full of fun . the big alliances do nothing but stare at screens all day . the little alliances fight each other non-stop . i have seen many of them level 6-10 with just 5-15 members.There effort and determination is far greater then the average big alliance - they may be little but they are worth playing with.

A tree falls the way it leans , we fall the way we lean . these big allianes push little people around to much , why dont we stop the constant pathetic trolling and bullying . i know its a fukin war game but thats no exscuse to make someone quit it either.i know all alliances get big some time but thats no reason to make the game boring and un-balanced , how often does a low level message you and ask questions and you just ignore them? very often . whats a gamer for? the opposite of this game.time for some lolz and less **** pathetic sluts tryin own everythin.death riders have 2 capitals , thats sad.

anyone wanting to join message me in game.
thanks 8)
General of Greek empire.

I own the fire sparta league , to join ask me , we stick together we die together.
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  • UltimateJhonUltimateJhon Posts: 767
    edited 09.06.2013
    give the little guys a shot , for once.
    General of Greek empire.

    I own the fire sparta league , to join ask me , we stick together we die together.
  • NCswaagaBeastNCswaagaBeast Posts: 202
    edited 09.06.2013
    well a lot of alliances started off as the little guys then got bigger. whats the point of regressing after you've made so much progress?
  • ShadowSlayer (US1)ShadowSlayer (US1) Posts: 525
    edited 09.06.2013
    Nah, it's a war game, you wanna be at the top? Fight for it.

    ShadowSlayer, leader of Dark Conquerors, usa1.

    "We are Conquerors shrouded in Darkness, whose hands are stained with the Blood from our adversaries. Whenever an enemy issues a challenge we march forth, fighting a war as we carve a path of death and misery into this land with our devastating weapons and strategy. We walk on a path, bringing doom to our enemies and power and fortune to our allies. We are Dark Conquerors."
  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 09.06.2013
    You're forgetting that every big alliance started as a "little guy",so with lots of hard work and rubies,you'll get to the top ;)
  • Warrior_Lord (US1)Warrior_Lord (US1) US1 Posts: 2,225
    edited 09.06.2013
    fukin **** pathetic sluts

    Can you not use this language some kids play this game
    Proud member of Good Company
    Cheat on your girlfriends, not your workouts.

  • Despotic (US1)Despotic (US1) US1 Posts: 158
    edited 10.06.2013
    Now its been a long time since I've had a drink but that read like drunken typing to me..I'll forgive it. But still no excuse for the foul stuff friend!

    And I do like the philosophy of stepping out of the big leagues and throwing a wrench in the works just for fun. There are plenty of mid and low level alliances with high level players who get to duke it out without having to deal with a whine-fest in the forums...

    Its really up to you and what you like!
  • Grim SqueakerGrim Squeaker Posts: 18
    edited 14.06.2013
    Hey ime a general in this alliance ( Second most experienced) we have got up 150 in the rankings in the last week or so . Basically we are growing a lot if anyone wants to join just message me in game.
    Grim Squeaker @ en 1

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