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move outpost

Haider AliHaider Ali Posts: 26
i just came up with an idea that goodgame empire should let us relocate 1 outpost along with castle so what do u think guys?
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  • Lenzabi (US1)Lenzabi (US1) Posts: 2,517
    edited 05.06.2013
    It's not as new an idea as you think, it was suggested in the forum section regarding tips, suggestions, praise.
  • edited 05.06.2013
    I think that you really need to learn how to spell "alliance".

    and no, this is a game of risk/reward - either stay where you are at and deal, or risk moving and having your op's farmed.
  • FR0Z3NT1M32FR0Z3NT1M32 Posts: 176
    edited 05.06.2013
    I'm gonna say no, because the original castle move thing was created so you could move closer to friends. Moving ops too would just make GGE lose money, as people wouldn't rebuild ops and just keep the ones they started with. It's not a bad idea to move them but the consequences outweigh the positives here.

    Relocated before and did better with my ops afterward. One last thought, alliances would just group their food ops together to create an unbeatable support system.
  • Whale SharkWhale Shark Posts: 835
    edited 05.06.2013
    you didn't come up with this idea
  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 06.06.2013
    Terrible idea,than everyone would move their far-away shiny food ops right beside them.
  • Parcoria22Parcoria22 Posts: 233
    edited 06.06.2013
    the consequences outweigh the positives here. alliances would just group their food ops together to create an unbeatable support system.

    2nd'd. This would ruin any chance of winning an attack in green.

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